Pinkwater Podcast Archive

Webmaster Ed and Daniel collaborated on the Pinkwater Podcast between 2007 and 2017, producing over 500 episodes of recorded books, short stories, interviews, skits, and other random nonsense. We’ve collated all of the old Pinkwater Podcast episodes here for your listening enjoyment! Reruns and empty episodes have been removed for your convenience, so do not be alarmed if you see episodes missing. Use the search bar to search for specific episodes.

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1 The debut of the Pinkwater Podcast! Webmaster Ed presents readings from "Fish Whistle" and some smooth musical numbers. Please bear with us if the audio quality is less than optimal at points throughout the program -- we're still working on getting things all sorted out.
2 The second instalment of the Pinkwater Podcast! More recordings from Fish Whistle (including the infamous chili story), and great tunes to boot!
3 More Pinkwatery goodness with a hungry Webmaster Ed. Includes the (in)famous "Hassan's Joke" commentary!
4 More Fish Whistle, and Lafcadio Hearn to boot!
5 More from Fish Whistle, including the story of Eddie Mazzocchi, and "Free Kenya East Africa." There's even a picture of Eddie (Ed Lameka was apparently his real name) at (he's number 61).
6 Commentaries about Daniel's interesting relations and...what's this? A pickle?
7 Pipes, MAD, and Christmas, oh my!
8 Wait, there's a cow in the military school?
10 Webmaster Ed returns from his extended surgical break with malamute commentaries and Pinkwater news.Daniel was on NPR's Weekend Edition Saturday, reading a new book by Calef Brown. Listen to the segment at NPR's website.
14 Another exciting podcast chock full of Pinkwater essays and cool tunes. Plus, a special announcement about a new book in the Audio Archive!
16 Webmaster Ed has to go to court, but finds time to present commentaries from Fish Whistle as well as some cool Russian/Gaelic music.
9 Excitement is in the air as the Podcast returns for 2008! Webmaster Ed tracks down Daniel Pinkwater with some questions from readers.Plus, two commentaries from Fish Whistle and tunes to boot.Send your questions for Daniel Pinkwater to podcast -- at -- podcast: January 20)
11 Webmaster Ed presents Daniel Pinkwater reading poetry by Edward Lear. Plus, a visit with the surgeon who removed Ed's appendix! He sounds so familiar, yet so hard to place...Plus, the usual great tunes and more!
12 Webmaster Ed presents two recordings from "Fish Whistle" and some music that you really, really must listen to.
13 More commentaries from Fish Whistle, plus Webmaster Ed gets hungry and discovers a Zen temple above the local Chinese restaurant.
15 Joy to the world, the eclipse has come and gone! Webmaster Ed presents tales of poetry on the assembly line and Elvis Pudovkin, not to mention some consumer tips from Pinkwater himself.Daniel recommends Global Eyeglasses, and also LBW Eyewear. Webmaster Ed is partial to Zenni Optical.
17 Get out your Mozartkugeln! This show is dedicated to one curly-locked Austrian fella who wrote some pretty good tunes. Includes some more commentaries from Fish Whistle as well. There's a bit of skipping in the second one, our apologies.
18 Happy St. Pat's! Thus begins a slew of commentaries from "Chicago Days/Hoboken Nights," presented with the usual aplomb by Webmaster Ed.
20 Tales from the Nettlehorst school abound! Plus great tunes and more info about The Yggyssey.
21 More Chicago tales, and some weird news from the UK.
19 More from Chicago Days/Hoboken Night, plus some big news about an upcoming serialization. Plus, Webmaster Ed gets an interview at a local medical school.
22 Big news! The serialization of The Yggyssey has begun! Check it out at and enjoy this week's podcast.
23 Webmaster Ed has been busy downing copious quantities of unleavened bread, hence the late poscast. Don't forgot to check out The Yggyssey!
24 Webmaster Ed presents a challenge! Be the listener to answer the most questions right and potentially win a great prize! Also, the continuing serialization of The Yggyssey begins tomorrow, make sure to check it out.
25 The trivia challenge continues! Also more commentaries and great tunes.
26 The weather's pretty nasty, but that doesn't stop the Pinkwater Podcast! More of the trivia challenge, and well as the usual good stuff.
27 An exciting podcast! Webmaster Ed waits to hear if he's been accepted to medical school, getting only slightly frustrated in the process. Also, the continuation of the podcast trivia challenge.Don't forget to visit The Yggyssey -- Daniel's latest novel, being serialized online free of charge!
28 A continued exploration of the wonders of Hoboken, plus the trivia challenge!
30 Beat the summer heat with the Pinkwater Podcast! More commentaries, plus the weekly trivia challenge.
31 More about the joys of Hoboken, plus an extra tough Trivia Challenge question, and news about The Yggyssey
29 Exciting news! Chinwag Theater episodes to be podcasted in the near future, thanks to Charity Nebbe. Also, the trivia contest continues. Not too late to join! Don't forget to check out The Yggyssey -- Daniel's latest novel -- which is being serialized online at
33 Late is better than never, especially with all the cat commentaries around. Stay tuned for the winner of the trivia challenge!
34 Another cat commentary, plus the winner of the Podcast Trivia Challenge is announced!
35 Meet the winner of the Podcast Trivia Challenge!
36 Webmaster Ed announces a new trivia contest.
37 An ending and an exciting new beginning. Plus, the continuation of the Podcast Trivia Challenge! This week's question is pretty tough!
38 Exciting times at the Pinkwater Podcast! More "Slaves of Spiegel," as well as a bunch of new segments and the continuation of the Trivia Challenge.
39 More of 'Slaves of Spiegel,' along with a beat poem about blueberries, and the trivia challenge.
45 More Slaves of Spiegel, and an interview with Daniel Pinkwater.
47 What luck! This podcast includes an entire episode of Chinwag Theater, with Daniel reading his book, 'Wizard Crystal.'
40 A podcast chock-full of good stuff, just like a gefilte fish! More Slaves of Spiegel, a beat poem about doughnuts, and Webmaster Ed's Five-Minute Yiddish Lesson.
41 Get your fill of 'Slaves of Spiegel,' Webmaster Ed's Five-Minute Yiddish Lesson, and other such inanities. The podcast is on hiatus next week, so you'll have extra time to find the answer to this week's extra-tough trivia question.
43 The podcast returns with Slaves of Spiegel, an interview with the winner of the Trivia Challenge (round 2), and a Five Minute Yiddish Lesson on the topic of looooove.
44 More Slaves of Spiegel, as well as a visit to the anatomy lab.
46 The conclusion of Slaves of Spiegel, as well as an interview with a famous physician!
48 Webmaster Ed presents another episode of Chinwag Theater. Listen along as Daniel reads from "Ducks!"
49 A new round of podcasts with readings from "Return of the Moose" and "The Moosepire." Plus, we announce the winner of the Trivia Challenge. Hey, did you know it's Avocado of Death Week? Me neither! But go find out more at Riddleburger's place!
52 We finish up the reading of Return of the Moose with some quality moose music and a call for moose jokes.
54 More of The Moosepire, and a plea for more moose jokes!
51 The Pinkwater Podcast returns with a brand new episode! Webmaster Ed interviews the winner of the latest Trivia Challenge, and gets to talk to an Inuit shaman in the medical clinic. Plus, a big announcement!
53 Happy birthday, Daniel! Webmaster Ed presents the serialization of The Moosepire, along with moose jokes, and a narration of the Pinkwater Nativity Parade.
55 The conclusion of The Moospire. Also, Webmaster Ed visits a neighbor in the Great White North.
56 Readings from "Wolf Christmas" and "Big Bob and the Winter Holiday Potato," as well as moose jokes and new reindeer for Santa.
57 Come hear the terrifying tale of Wilbur, the Psychoneurotic Automobile! Webmaster Ed presents this timeless radio classic.
58 The conclusion of "Wilbur, the Psychoneurotic Automobile," avec post-game commentary by Daniel Pinkwater.
59 As 2008 draws to a close, enjoy the pastoral sounds of Borgel. Yes, Borgel.
60 More of Borgel, and the beginning of a new Podcast feature.
62 More of Borgel and a sick Webmaster Ed...
68 More of Borgel and some classic radio humour.
69 Borgel continues, along with a taste of Superman on the radio!
61 More of Borgel and the continuing radio adventures of Bugsy Schwartz, MD to be.
63 Excitement! Listen to Scott Simon and Daniel Pinkwater discuss DP's latest book, "The Yggyssey." Also, chapter 4 of Borgel, and the continuing adventures of Bugsy Schwartz, MD to be.
64 Another thrilling podcast, with more chapters of Borgel and the continuing adventures of Bugsy Schwartz, MD to be!
65 The lost chapters of Borgel commence! Plus, the continuing adventures of Bugsy Schwartz, MD to be.
67 The podcast returns with more of Borgel and the exciting conclusion of 'Bugsy Schwartz, MD to be'!
70 More Borgel! More Superman! More...everything?
71 The podcast welcomes the arrival spring with more of Borgel, a new old-time radio show, and exciting book news!
72 Borgel continues, and we have more of Moon Over Africa, too!
73 An entire podcast of Borgel! Enjoy!
74 Webmaster Ed presents more of Borgel and a megabyte mystery!
75 Borgel _and_ Moon Over Africa? Heavens to Betsy!
76 Two chapters of Borgel, plus an amazing opportunity to get some Pinkwater art -- check it out!
77 Will our intrepid explorers find the Great Popsicle? They're getting closer! Enjoy another chapter of Borgel and more of Moon Over Africa.
79 The Podcast returns with an all new chapter of Borgel, an exhortation for bagelana, and some wonderfully bad jokes.
80 Bagels, and lots of them! Listen to delightful submissions by podcast listeners, as well as the epic chapter 26 of Borgel.
81 A special surprise -- the first-ever audio version of "The Frankenbagel Monster." Also a new chapter of Borgel and a desperate plea for more bagelana.
82 The final chapter of Borgel -- what should we do next?
83 Presenting a brand new book serialization, and a brand new fun 'n' exciting weekly feature!
84 More of Young Adult Novel, and a tale of the appendix!
85 More of Young Adult Novel, and some cool kidney facts!
86 The Wild Dada Ducks meet Kevin Shapiro. What will happen next? Plus, exciting news, and more about navel lint than you ever wanted to know.Click here for the Kevin Shapiro card.
88 More of Young Adult Novel, and an interesting look at muscles.
89 Mmm, bacteria! And Grape-Nuts, too, courtesy of Kevin Shapiro.
87 The slow start of Kevin Shapiro's ascendancy, and tales of ear wax. Apologies to RSS subscribers who may have a had weird change in their feeds last week. We've now included all podcast episodes in the feed to better serve you.
90 A truly special show, with a sneak preview of Daniel Pinkwater's forthcoming novel, "Adentures of a Cat-Whiskered Girl," as well as research highlights in the Medical Marvel Moment.
91 An extended preview of "Adventures of a Cat-Whiskered Girl", and cool stuff about blood!
93 The podcast returns chock full of Edward Lear poems, and a Medical Marvel Moment on vampires!
94 We begin readings from "Dead End Dada," from the 1985 edition of Young Adult Novel. Also, cool stuff about parasites, and an important announcement.
95 [Fixed -- this podcast now includes Chapters 1-3 of "Dead End Dada"] The Dharma Ducks take the stage, also cool things about the pituitary.
96 More of "Dead End Dada," and a special segment on the tongue.
98 "Dead End Dada" continues, and wouldn't you like to hear about diseases with long names?
102 Back to the roots with some classic Fish Whistle essays, as well as a new essay about...soap?
103 Tales of Africa abound in this week's podcast. Don't miss the famous hot chile story!
97 The Dharma Ducks and Kevin Shapiro meet again! Horrors! Also, some weird tales of foreign bodies. No passport required.
99 The Dharma Ducks sink to an all-time low. Also, medical hoaxes and quackery!
100 100th podcast! We air the end of "Dead End Dada," as well as a special interview with Daniel Pinkwater and a timely segment of Webmaster Ed's Medical Marvel Moment.Here's the promised picture of Kee.
104 More tales of Africa, and a trip to Japan as well.
105 More essays from Fish Whistle, and birthday wishes for Daniel Pinkwater! You can see Ed Lameka at -- he's number 61.ed.
106 What's this? A new podcast contest? Indeed, listen up for the details following some classic Fish Whistle commentaries.
113 Witness the epic battle of the podcast jokesters, and enjoy the first few chapters of Daniel Pinkwater's "The Werewolf Club #1: The Magic Pretzel"
114 A treat! Magic pretzels and root beer floats a-plenty!
116 Happy Valentine's Day! You're going to loooove today's podcast; we finish up "The Magic Pretzel" with some cool tunes and borscht.
119 We begin serializing "Looking for Bobowicz," and Webmaster Ed reads a bunch of silly jokes.
107 What, no hamburger jokes? Tsk, tsk. Fish Whistle commentaries provided nonetheless.
108 The podcast returns, with hamburger and bagel jokes aplenty, as well as some fine commentaries from Fish Whistle.
109 Say hello the holidays with ice cream sandwich jokes and Fish Whistle commentaries!
110 Fish Whistle and pickle jokes! Really, could you ask for more?
111 The podcast returns with more commentaries from Fish Whistle as well as some fine and farinaceous noodle jokes!
112 The end of the bad food-joke contest is nigh! Also, savour the last of our Fish Whistle commentaries.
120 More chapters of "Looking for Bobowicz," and a new podcast contest!
121 More of "Looking for Bobowicz," and the first entries in the new Pinkwater Podcast Contest! Today: haiku about water creatures.
122 "Looking for Bobowicz" continues, and what's this about a chicken? Also, limericks about arthropods.
115 More chapters of "The Werewolf Club #1: The Magic Pretzel," as well as some silly Victorian medical songs.
117 We begin a new Werewolf Club book, and Webmaster Ed presents some more silly medical songs.
118 We continue The Werewolf Club #2 and take it to its thrilling and tasty conclusion!
123 C-H-I-C-K-E-N, that's the way you spell chicken. Plus sonnets about stick-bearing sports!
124 The chicken mystery continues, plus we crown the winner of the Pinkwater Podcast Poetry Challenge and Contest!
125 Pure Pinkwatery goodness -- more chapters of Looking for Bobowicz!
126 Our young heroes follow the clues and attempt to find out more about what lies in the deepest darkest depths of Hoboken!
127 Chicken chicken chicken! (And that's all there is to say.)
129 The thrilling conclusion of Looking for Bobowicz! Who is the phantom? What's the deal with Vic Trola? And what's this about a giant chicken?
130 We begin another Hoboken chicken story. Welcome to The Artsy Smartsy Club.
131 More of 'The Artsy Smartsy Club,' plus some big news, and a trip!
128 E - gettin' near the end. The thrilling semi-conclusion to Looking for Bobowicz!
132 Our brave 'Artsy Smartsy Club' protagonists venture to the isle of dreams! And Webmaster Ed finds himself in a very unusual place after being forcibly confined in a magician's trick box for a while.
133 The podcast returns! Join us for more of The Artsy Smartsy Club, as well as a kidney update from Webmaster Ed.
134 A special surprise follows some lovely chapters from The Artsy Smartsy Club.
135 More of The Artsy Smartsy Club, and...robots?
136 Art! Lots of Frickin' art! And a love story about flowers.
137 More art! And cheese!
140 Start the school year off right with our serialization of "The Education of Robert Nifkin." Plus, the continuation of Webmaster Ed's Mystery Poetry Challenge Contest
141 More of Robert Nifkin, and the Mystery Poetry Challenge Contest thing comes to a close.
142 Robert Nifkin continues, and we announce the winner of the Mystery Poetry Challenge Contest!
143 Back to school with Robert Nifkin!
138 Contests galore! The Artsy Smartsy Club prepares to enter the Hoboken Street Art Festival, and Webmaster Ed presents a brand new contest in which you can win valuable prizes!
139 Mysteries abound! Who's the mysterious Hoboken screever? And what languages is this week's Mystery Poem translated into? And why does Webmaster Ed think he can read a poem in a language he doesn't speak? All this and more!
144 Back to school with Robert Nifkin. Oy, the pleasures of homeroom! Plus, news about a neat optical illusion you can do at home.
145 Robert Nifkin rounds out his first day of school at Riverview High. Plus, check out an academic treatment of Robert Nifkin at Studies in the Novel.
146 Robert Nifkin, and Pinkwatery news about an award.
147 A special podcast -- Webmaster Ed interviews YA expert Dr. Michelle Robinson about "Robert Nifkin" and other delights. Plus, more chapters of the aforementioned Nifkin.
148 More of Robert Nifkin, plus the return of Bugsy Schwartz, MD to be!
150 School continues to take its toll on our brave protagonist, Robert Nifkin. Plus, another exciting installment of Bugsy Schwartz, MD to be!
151 We follow Robert Nifkin to his new school. Plus, another instalment of Bugsy Schwartz, MD to be.
152 Further adventures of Robert Nifkin, and the thrilling conclusion to Bugsy Schwartz's second misadventure!
149 Take some time this Halloween to listen to the podcast! More of Robert Nifkin and the second instalment of Bugsy Schwartz's new adventure.
153 The seasons change, and Robert Nifkin contemplates his plans at the Wheaton school.
154 Summer school with Robert Nifkin!
155 The conclusion of The Education of Robert Nifkin.
156 Ho ho potato! It's time for the winter holidays, and special guest Daniel Pinkwater joins us to read his book, Big Bob and the Winter Holiday Potato.
157 Spend your post-christmas decompression time with the Pinkwater Podcast! We present "Wolf Christmas," written and read by Daniel Pinkwater, as well as a trip to the emergency department, where Webmaster Ed meets a very special patient.
159 Dog lovers rejoice! We begin a serialization of Daniel Pinkwater's "Uncle Boris in the Yukon...and other shaggy dog stories"
161 More of Uncle Boris -- and the results of the Bugsy Schwartz auction!
162 More doggy tales from Uncle Boris in the Yukon.
163 More about the pets of the Pinkwater homestead.
160 More of Uncle Boris, plus an interview with Andy Finkle about a painting he's putting up for auction. Bid high and bid often! You can find the auction at eBay. Andy Finkle's website is at
164 Hear all about Bootsie the Boston terrier in this week's excerpt from "Uncle Boris in the Yukon"
165 An exciting podcast with lots of oomph and variety! Another chapter of Uncle Boris in the Yukon, a special tribute to Edward Lear, plus a new Bugsy Schwartz adventure.
166 Follow along with Daniel Pinkwater as a young adult in Hoboken as we continue "Uncle Boris in the Yukon." Also, another instalment of "Bugsy Schwartz, MD to be."
167 A special preview of Daniel's forthcoming novel, plus the next instalment of Bugsy Schwartz, MD to Be.
172 The podcast returns with more of Uncle Boris in the Yukon.
173 More of Uncle Boris, plus some classic Teutonic tunes!
174 Waaaaallllpaper from Spaaaaaaaace!
176 Into the malamute era with more of "Uncle Boris in the Yukon"
168 A special tribute to the beauty and wonder of Japan, with commentaries from Fish Whistle and lots of kodo drumming. Also a new instalment of Bugsy Schwartz, MD to Be.
170 Sandwiches and bagels, could there possibly be a theme? Enjoy a special reading by Daniel Pinkwater as well as the thrilling conclusion to our latest episode of Bugsy Schwartz, MD to Be.
175 Webmaster Ed is facing the wrath of the rhinovirus, but the show must go on! Tune in for the conclusion of "Wallpaper from Space"
177 Hear about a surefire way to housebreak your puppy! Plus, a lovely reminiscence about Juno.
178 Enter the malamute: hear about Arnold, the ferocious fighter and fabled fan of Big Macs. Warning: you may need tissues for this one.
179 A special Memorial Day show -- Daniel reminisces about his attempt to join the military back in the day.
180 Tales of historic Hoboken and the beginnings of a master dog training outfit.
181 Can't stop now, this is wolf country!
193 Happy Labor Day! Stop working and listen to these chapters from "Uncle Boris in the Yukon," as well as the final instalment of our rebroadcast of Bugsy Schwartz's first adventure.
186 Webmaster Ed returns from the medical dungeon with a new excerpt from a forthcoming Pinkwater novel as well as a new interview with the man himself.
188 Another exciting excerpt from "Bushman Lives," and a blast from the past as Bugsy Schwartz, MD to Be, relives his first adventure.
189 More chapters from "Uncle Boris in the Yukon," some nice guitar music, and an episode of Bugsy Schwartz, MD to Be.
190 More of "Uncle Boris in the Yukon" and another instalment of Bugsy Schwartz MD to Be. Canine commentaries on CD can be found at
191 Wolf! There's a wolf here! More from "Uncle Boris in the Yukon," plus another instalment of Bugsy Schwartz, MD to Be.
192 Enter...Lulu! More of "Uncle Boris" and another classic instalment of Bugsy Schwartz, MD to Be.
194 More from "Uncle Boris," plus a special announcement about a new online serialization! Visit for more details!
195 We conclude "Uncle Boris in the Yukon," and Daniel provides a timely update about the dogs in his life since the publication of the book.
199 The Snarkout Boys are mobile! Tune in for the latest chapters from "The Snarkout Boys and the Baconburg Horror"
196 We welcome fall with a brand new audio serialization of The Snarkout Boys and the Baconburg Horror.
197 Hello, October! More of "The Snarkout Boys and the Baconburg Horror" within.
198 Happy (Canadian) Turkey Day! Celebrate with more of The Snarkout Boys and the Baconburg Horror.
200 Rat, Walter, and Winston discover the wild wonders of the suburbs in the latest chapter from "The Snarkout Boys and the Baconburg Horror"
201 Have a hair-raising Halloween as we continue with The Snarkout Boys and the Baconburg Horror! Special Halloween music included.
202 How do you solve a problem like a werewolf? How does a lycanthrope get into town? How do you find a thing that scares off werewolves? A handful of garlic, a bullet of silver, or what?
204 The mystery of the Baconburg Horror deepens!
209 Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas from the Pinkwater Podcast! Enjoy a classic winter tale and an excerpt from an unpublished work.
222 Dogs! More dogs! Malamutes! In Hoboken!
203 Join us for more of "The Snarkout Boys and the Baconburg Horror" and news about a special occasion this week.
205 Egads! Might we have a lead as to who's behind the werewolf epidemic? Find out, as we continue "The Snarkout Boys and the Baconburg Horror."
206 Gadzooks, it's that horrendous Wallace Nussbaum! Will he stop at nothing to achieve total world domination, or at least find a nice pastrami sandwich? Stay tuned for this week's instalment of "The Snarkout Boys and the Baconburg Horror."
207 Crikey! Wallace Nussbaum has escaped? And has a robotic twin? Gadzooks! Find out more as we continue "The Snarkout Boys and the Baconburg Horror"
208 Zounds! Gadzooks! The game is afoot, as our brave crew of do-gooders takes on the evil Wallace Nussbaum. Will the identity of the Baconburg Horror finally be revealed? Stay tuned!
223 The conclusion of "The Magic Moscow."
224 We're very proud to bring you "The Muffin Fiend," in its entirety! Enjoy this classic tale of musical mayhem and missing snacks!
225 Join us for more Hoboken adventures as we start "Attila the Pun."
211 And, we're back! Join us as we reach closer and closer to the thrilling conclusion of "The Snarkout Boys and the Baconburg Horror."
212 The final showdown awaits, as Osgood Sigerson and the Snarkout gang get ready to confront the Baconburg Horror.
213 Eek! A werewolf! Two werewolves? And fires aplenty! Join us for the penultimate part of "The Snarkout Boys and the Baconbug Horror"!
214 Behold, the epic conclusion of "The Snarkout Boys and the Baconburg Horror!" The identity of the werewolf is revealed, and Wallce Nussbaum is finally given his just desserts...or is he?
215 Join us for the first instalment of "Wingman," Daniel Pinkwater's 1975 book about a young Chinese boy who finds a hero not too far from home.
216 More of "Wingman," and Webmaster Ed attemps to investigate the mysterious phenomenon known as 'lap cheung.'
227 Lamont Penumbra! What is this shadowy fellow up to? Stay tuned to find out as we continued with "Attila the Pun."
230 Hide granny and the kids, Attila the Pun is loose! More from "Attila the Pun: A Magic Moscow Story" on this week's podcast.
232 The thrilling finale of "Attila the Pun: A Magic Moscow Story"
217 Donald's adventures with Wingman take a new twist as the feathered hero shows up just in the nick of time.
218 More of Wingman, plus a trip to the local Asian supermarket with a knowledgeable insider.
219 The conclusion of "Wingman," plus some news about "Bushman Lives."
220 Off to Hoboken we go! Daniel reads from "The Magic Moscow" on this week's podcast.
221 A new dog arrives at the Magic Moscow! But is he as princely as his heritage would suggest?
226 More of "Attila the Pun," plus a special surprise. (Hint: it involves an edible plant and a lagomorph.)
233 We conclude the Magic Moscow triology with a vintage recording of "Slaves of Spiegel." Plus, a special announcement about an upcoming radio appearance!
234 More of Slaves of Spiegel. What are those nefarious fat men up to?
235 Holy alien abductions, Batman! What will happen to poor Norman when he discovers that the Magic Moscow has disappeared? Stay tuned!
228 The goings-on get more mysterious as Lamont Penumbra suggests casting a mysterious spell. Stay tuned for more of "Attila the Pun."
229 Happy mother's day! Join us for more spooky stylings as we find out just what effect Lamont Penumbra's magic spell had on poor Norman!
231 Regards from Europe! Webmaster Ed checks in from abroad, and presents another chapter of "Attila the Pun"
236 Join us as the space cruiser Cholesterol makes its triumphant return to the planet Spiegel!
237 The ultimate cooking contest is on! And, in honor of Spiegelian blue garlic, some hot blues numbers for your listening enjoyment.
238 The penultimate chapter of "Slaves of Spiegel," plus a special surprise! Listeners Diane and David Nosnik have sent us their recording of "Beautiful Yetta, the Yiddish Chicken." Enjoy!
239 The exciting finale of "Slaves of Spiegel!"
240 We begin a new equine adventure with readings from Jill Pinkwater's 1983 novel, Cloud Horse. Fluency in Icelandic not required.
241 Join us on the wild turf of Iceland for more of "Cloud Horse," plus some interesting news about a new film adaption of "The Neddiad."
242 More of Cloud Horse, plus a special reader tribute to The Big Orange Splot.
243 News about a new Pinkwater book, and more from "Cloud Horse."
244 Join us for more of "Cloud Horse," as Arnora ventures across the bitter winter snow to visit a distant friend.
245 Arnora struggles to make it through a fierce storm as we read more from "Cloud Horse."
246 Chapter 10 of Cloud Horse. Will Arnora survive the treacherous journey through the frosty storm? Stay tuned and find out.
247 We wrap up our reading of "Cloud Horse" with a special announcement by Jill Pinkwater. Something new next week comes!
248 An exciting preview of Daniel Pinkwater's forthcoming novel, Bushman Lives -- to be published October 9 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.
249 More exclusive snippets from "Bushman Lives," plus fun gorilla facts courtesy of Webmaster Ed.
250 Podcast number 250, hooray! Enjoy some more excerpts from "Bushman Lives," plus a special contest that you're sure to go ape over!
257 A brand new podcast, and a new serialization never before heard on air! Join us as Daniel Pinkwater reads "The Worms of Kukumlima."
258 The plot thickens as Sir Charles Pelicanstein reveals his knowledge of earthworms.
259 The expedition is a go -- or is it? Stay tuned and find out, as we bring you more from "The Worms of Kukumlima."
260 Off to Africa with Air Enterprise! Hear about the trip as we read more from "The Worms of Kukumlima."
261 The African adventure begins as our intrepid explorers arrive in Nairobi! More chapters from "The Worms of Kukumlima," plus Webmaster Ed makes a special visit to a worm expert.
262 The adventurers engage a driver and discover that finding the route to Kukumlima may not be as simple as they had thought!
263 The hunt for Kukumlima continues, as the exploring party goes on a desperate search for...a pinball machine?
264 The adventurers attempt to, literally, get lost and find Kukumlima! Plus, news about Bushman Lives.
265 Uh oh, elephants! What happens when our brave explorers find themselves ambushed by a pack of pachyderms? Find out!
266 Behold, Kukumlima? Join us for more from "The Worms of Kukumlima."
267 More from "The Worms of Kukumlima." Have they arrived at Kukumlima, at long last? Who's the mysterious stranger? Stay tuned and find out!
268 Bleeegh! Bleeghans! Elephant mice!
270 What will happen as our explorers finally meet the worms of Kukumlima? Find out! Plus, news about a new e-release of Fish Whistle.
271 Join us for more from "The Worms of Kukumlima" as our explorers discover some _very_ interesting things about the mysterious worms! Will they be able to escape the crater?
272 Tension mounts as an escape plan is hatched for leaving the crater of Kukumlima! Will they escape the giant worms? Stay tuned!
273 The finale of "The Worms of Kukumlima." Stay tuned for more Pinkwatery goodness next week!
274 Happy St. Paddy's day! We're off to Rochester, NY, as we being our serialization of Yobgorgle, Mystery Monster of Lake Ontario.
275 Join us for more of Yobgorgle: Eugene discovers the local library in Rochester, and sees an interesting movie...
276 More of Yobgorgle: Eugene attempts to make contact with the world-famous Professor McFwain. Will he succeed? Find out!
277 Eugene and Uncle Mel team up with Professor McFwain to hunt the mighty Yobgorgle!
278 Eugene and Professor McFwain attempt to purchase a research vehicle, all the better to track down Yobgorgle, mystery monster of Lake Ontario!
279 More from Yobgorgle.
280 Colonel Ken Krenwinkle calls upon our intrepid monster-seekers to dine with him. What could he possibly want? Find out!
281 What to make of Col. Ken Krenwinkle's taste in interior designer? And does he care so much about ducks?
282 Yobgorgle continues: the hunt is on for the mysterious creature!
283 The gang finally takes to the high seas, where they encounter...something!
284 Finally, face to face with Yobgorgle!
285 Welcome aboard the Flying Piggie! The gang finds out more about the mysterious ship and its equally mysterious captain.
286 What is Captain van Straaten up to? And why does everything smell like fish? Join us for more from "Yobgorgle."
287 Captain van Straaten shows his new crew around the ship. But why does everything smell like fish?
288 A plan is afoot to rid Captain van Straaten of his curse!
289 Onto the exciting conclusion of Yobgorgle! Will the curse be broken? Also, Webmaster Ed meets an expert on sea monsters!
290 The exciting finale of Yobgorgle! Plus, we start a new Pinkwater novel. Listen in to find out which one!
291 We continue "The Last Guru" -- what will Harold do with his newfound winnings?
292 More from "The Last Guru" - will Harold's investment in McTavish's pay off?
293 The media finds out about Harold's fortune in the next chapter of "The Last Guru."
294 The Blatzes and their trusty advisor hatch a plan to escape the madness of wealth. More from "The Last Guru."
295 The Blatzes visit Schloss Krokenstein, where they meet with none other than Hamish MacTavish.
296 The Blatz family settles into Schloss Krokenstein and speaks with Hamish MacTavish.
297 The Blatz family continues to ponder their situation while staying with Hamish MacTavish.
298 The Blatz family relocates to India after their sojourn at Schloss Krokenstein.
299 The Blatz family receive some mysterious visitors in their new home in remote India. Enjoy another chapter from "The Last Guru."
300 A group of mysterious men visit Harold. What do they want? And who, exactly, is Harold?
301 What will happen as Harold takes up with the monks of the Silly Hat sect?
302 Harold returns home! Hear more from "The Last Guru."
303 Happy October! Here's more from "The Last Guru." Find out what happened back home while Harold was away in Tibet. Also, exciting news about a new Pinkwater book.
304 More from "The Last Guru." Harold beings to execute his master plan.
305 Another chapter from "The Last Guru" plus a classic rendition of Borgel's fables.
306 We approach the exciting ending of "The Last Guru," plus a new commentary about Internet radio stations.
307 Harold prepares to address the nation as approach the grand finale of "The Last Guru."
308 The conclusion of "The Last Guru."
309 We start readings from "Alan Mendelsohn, the Boy from Mars." Grab your cup of fleegix and enjoy!
310 We follow Leonard Neeble through his first days of school at Bat Masterson in the next instalment of "Alan Mendelsohn."
311 Who is Alan Mendelsohn, and where exactly does he come from?
312 Leonard just can't catch a break at school. Now he has to see a shrink!
313 Alan Mendelsohn reveals something interesting about himself, and nearly causes a riot!
314 Leonard figures out how to use his psychiatrist appointments to his advantage.
315 Leonard and Alan meet the famous Samuel Klugarsh!
316 Leonard and Alan meet the infamous Samuel Klugarsh.
317 Samuel Klugarsh convinces the boys to purchase one of his Omega-meters in our latest chapter of "Alan Mendelsohn, the Boy from Mars"
318 Alan and Leonard discover their innate omega-wave talent in the latest chapter from "Alan Mendelsohn, the Boy from Mars."
319 Alan and Leonard begin to discover the range of their psychic abilities!
320 Alan and Leonard begin to experiment with their newfound abilities. Join us for more from "Alan Mendelsohn, the Boy from Mars."
321 Leonard and Alan discover something interesting about Samuel Klugarsh, and they try to take their mind control abilities to the next level.
322 Alan Mendelsohn and Leonard meet up once again with Samuel Klugarsh to discuss their progress in his Mind Control course. Also, we're still looking for entries in our Read a Chapter of Alan Mendelsohn contest!
323 A special double chapter of "Alan Mendelsohn" for this week's podcast!
324 The boys take their powers to school, and oh what fun they have!
325 The boys further develop their mental abilities and try out some hijinks at school.
326 Alan and Leonard have an interesting meeting at the Bermuda Triangle Chili Parlor..
327 The famed Venusian Clarence Yojimbo reveals himself to Leonard, Alan, Dr. Prince, and Samuel Klugarsh.
328 Clarence Yokimbo reveals some of his interplanetary wisdom.
329 More revealing information from Clarence Yojimbo in the latest instalment of "Alan Mendelsohn, the Boy from Mars."
330 Clarence Yojimbo reveals more about the powers of the mind and strikes a deal with our young mental explorers.
331 Leonard and Alan find out the true hidden meaning of Yojimbo's dictionary.
332 Leonard and Alan try to plan for interplanar travel as they decode Clarence Yojimbo's dictionary.
334 Leonard and Alan get a step closer to inter-planar travel as they find new clues about Hergeschleimer's Oriental Gardens!
335 The listeners are taking over! Join us as we hear the winners of the Pinkwater Podcast contest read chapters from "Alan Mendelsohn, the Boy from Mars."
336 Leonard and Alan find out more about the new place they've discovered - Waka-Waka.
337 The listeners take over the podcast again! Join us for more of "Alan Mendelsohn," read by Laura Brown.
338 Join us for more of "Alan Mendelsohn," plus music by the very talented Del Rey (
339 We're getting close to the thrilling conclusion of Alan Mendelsohn! Join us as Leonard and Alan confront the nefarious Manny, Moe, and Jack! With music by Del Rey.
340 We're getting close to the end of Alan Mendelsohn: join us as Leonard and Alan finally vanquish the Nafsulian pirates.
341 The exciting finale of "Alan Mendelsohn, the Boy From Mars." Alan heads home to "The Bronx" while Leonard finds a new role in school.
342 Join us for a special feline-friendly podcast! Daniel reads a new, unpublished story called "Kat Hats," plus we start a serialization of "Adventures of a Cat-Whiskered Girl."
343 Join us for more of "Adventures of a Cat Whiskered Girl." Big Audrey makes it to beautiful Poughkeepsie, where she meets many new and interesting people.
344 Audrey explores more of Poughkeepsie and meets some interesting characters in the latest from "Adventures of a Cat-Whiskered Girl"
345 The old stone barn beckons! Join us for more from "Adventures of a Cat-Whiskered Girl"
346 The UFOs arrive at the old stone barn.. but what are they exactly?
347 The girls consult Professor Tag about their sightings at Spookhuizen.
348 The gang seek out the wise woman Chicken Nancy, and Audrey discovers something mysteriously familiar about Spookhuizen.
349 Chicken Nancy reveals some intriguing information to the gang.
350 Join us for the 350th edition of the Pinkwater Podcast! More from "Adventures of a Cat-Whiskered Girl" -- who is the mysterious Muffin Man?
351 Eek, the Muffin Man! Look out!
352 Dwergs, wollufs, and muffin men - oh my!
353 Introducing Harold the giant. Can the girls trust him to get them to the island?
354 The girls discover something interesting about the Harold the Giant as they journey towards Pollepel Island
355 We meet the infamous Wolluf at long last! Plus, a special interview with Bob Edwards celebrating DP's last appearance on the Bob Edwards Show.
356 Audrey and Molly talk some more with the infamous Wolluf. Is Audrey really someone else?
357 Molly and Audrey return to Chicken Nancy to tell her about their encounter with the Wolluf. Plus, news about a new Pinkwater book!
358 The Wolluf takes the girls on a trip. Where to, you ask? Listen and find out!
359 Mollie and Audrey explore more of Apokeepsing.
360 Eek, Birdheads! And what exactly is in the Magic Bag? Join us for more of "Advenutures of a Cat-Whiskered Girl."
361 Just when he thinks there's nothing to podcast this week, Webmaster Ed gets a surprise visit.
362 Audrey and Molly face the Trial of Hot in the latest from "Adventures from a Cat-Whiskered Girl"
363 The trial of hot is past. Now, for the trial of wet!
364 Part 1 of the exciting conclusion to "Adventures of a Cat Whiskered Girl"
365 The thrilling finale of "Adventures of a Cat-Whiskered Girl"!
367 A brand-new, unpublished story for you lucky listeners!
368 Happy New Year! Two more unpublished short stories from DP.
370 All aboard for Neddie's grand California adventure! Daniel Pinkwater reads part one of his novel.
371 Neddie tells us a bit about his childhood adventures.
372 Neddie tells us more about his childhood in Chicago, and we find out about what it's like to take the Super Chief.
373 Neddie tells us more about his grand train trip through the southwest on his way to California.
374 Neddie tells us more about his trip to California, and his pit stop in New Mexico.
375 Uh-oh, Neddie missed the train! How will he get to California?
376 Neddie meetsss some new friends, one of whom is a ghost.
377 Neddie meets some new friends at the Monte Vista hotel, including a rather transparent fellow, Billie.
378 Neddie takes a ride over the Grand Canyon -- with some unforeseen consequences!
379 Neddie and his traveling companions discover an oasis of tasty food.
380 Neddie and the Finns travel to LA along Route 66, with a few notable stops along the way.
382 Neddie explores LA!
383 Neddie discovers the Pacific Ocean and the the tar tar pits.
384 Neddie attends the local movie house and finds out more about the Brown-Sparrow Academy.
385 Neddie and Suemas meet Sgt. Caleb, who bears a striking resemblance to another curious character.
386 Neddie finds out more about the Brown-Sparrow Military Academy, in the latest chapters from "The Neddiad."
387 Neddie finds out some interesting historical information about his little stone turtle.
388 Neddie and his pals discover the joys of circus life.
389 The trip to the circus ends on a dramatic note, and school just doesn't seem the same afterwards.
390 Neddie and Suemas meet some of the other residents of the Hermione Hotel.
392 A double-header episode packed with lots of action from "The Neddiad"
393 The gang learns some more about sacred turtles from the circus folk.
394 Happy July 4th! Enjoy more readings from The Neddiad, as we find out more about Neddie's little stone turtle, including into whose hands it may have fallen!
395 The gang gets more info from Melvin the Shaman about what the loss of the turtle might mean for humanity. (Hint: not good!)
396 Turtles! Turtles! And Crazy Wigs!
397 More news from Melvin the Shaman, as well as a run-in with the infamous Sholmos Bunyip!
398 A tardy podcast, but well worth the wait! Neddie has run-ins with a number of interesting characters. Plus, special news about discounted Pinkwater ebooks!
399 Neddie learns more about the significance of the turtle from the interstellar police officers, and Melvin the Shaman. Also, Pinkwater ebooks are on sale!
400 The wiley Nick Bluegum aka Sandor Eucalyptus gets a through interrogations about his intentions regarding the stolen turtle!
401 A mammoth discovery at the Crane family farm!
403 What is Sholmos Bunyip planning? And who or what is CCCCCCCTTTTTHONOS? Find out! More from The Neddiad on this week's show.
404 We find out more about Sholmos Bunyip's plan and what Neddie might be able to do about it!
406 Neddie and the great turtle in the swimming pool meet again.
407 Sholmon Bunyip's circus swings into action, but what could possibly come next?
408 Beware the 12,000th full moon! What is Neddie to do?
409 The grand finale of The Neddiad! Neddie faces off against Bunyip and the evil earth spirit, oh my!
410 A special treat for you lucky listeners! Hear "Blue Moose" as it's never been heard before!
411 Another special treat! "Return of the Moose" as you've never heard it before.
412 Hear "The Moosepire" as performed by some very talented Pinkwater fans.
413 A new book in print, a new book on the podcast, and birthday greetings for Daniel!
414 Ned Feldman roams the universe alongside Captain Bugbeard, but what happens when they run into giant space chickens??
415 A double header for Thanksgiving! "Big Bob and the Thanksgiving Potatoes" and "The Magic Pretzel." Carbs for everyone!
416 The Werewolf Club learns a dreadful secret, and embarks on a special quest!
417 More from The Magic Pretzel! Just how evil is Lance von Sweeney?
418 A Christmas special! More from "The Werewolf Club #1: The Magic Pretzel," aaaaand, a special sneak preview of "Bear and Bunny." Catch it now before it's gone! (Note: the archived version of this show omits "Bear and Bunny.")
419 Happy New Year! It's time for us to end "The Werewolf Club #1: The Magic Pretzel," but that's not all -- listen closely and you shall hear the tale of "The Big Orange Splot" too!
420 We start the new year off with "The Yggyssey!"
421 More from "The Yggyssey" and Yggy's view of LA.
422 Yggy and her pals take some time to eat at Clifton's.
423 Ghostology is big business in Los Angeles! Find out what happens when a hapless grad student meets up with Yggy and the gang.
424 Where are the ghosts going? And why?
425 Yggy teams up with her ghostly investigator pal to discover what's happening to the ghosts.
426 Happy Valentine's day! Find out about Yggy's new boyfriend, who appears to be only partly Neanderthal.
427 Yggy attends a sleepover, with excellent results.
428 Yggy and Neddie put their heads together to try to solve the ghostly disappearances.
429 Melvin the shaman has lots to say about Harry Houdini and Dia de los Muertos.
430 It's time for the Halloween ghost parade! What sort of spooks will Yggy and her friends see?
431 The parade is over - now what?
432 Yggy consults a very knowledgeable source in her quest to track down the missing ghosts.
433 Yggy finds out where the ghosts have gone!
434 Yggy shares her discovery about the ghosts' party plans.
436 A special double episode, with twice the Yggyssey!
437 Yggy and her friends explore New Yap Yap City and try to get Neddie back!
438 Yggy and the gang head back home with Big Audrey to come up with a plan!
439 Neddie's friends attempt a daring rescue effort!
440 Yggy and her friends brave the dangerous, eel shark-infested waters of the Mahakhahkhkhahtkahtkhakuk River and meet some Hoopies along the way. Plus, special news from Webmaster Ed.
441 We're back, with more from The Yggyssey!
442 More from "The Yggyssey" -- our friends realize that the nice cat lady they've run into may not be quite so nice after all!
443 Yggy and her pals plan a daring escape from the clutches of the kitty-obsessed witch!
444 Welcome to the Valley of the Shlerm, home of...well... I'm not really sure, but you'd better listen and find out!
445 Eek, the podcast is a day late! Here's another helping of "The Yggyssey" for you to enjoy.
446 Viknik leads the gang in to the big forest, and encounter with...sphingi?
447 The king of the ravens and the quivering bog, all in one episode!
448 Yggy and her friends figure out how to cross the quivering bog, and then move on to the grand shindig!
449 The gang finally arrives in Old New Hackensack!
450 The exciting finale to "The Yggyssey!"
452 A special broadcast of an unpublished Pinkwater story, plus an exhortation to help us build the next episodes of the show!
453 A special pre-weekend podcast! Join us for a Q&A session with Daniel Pinkwater. Listener questions finally get answered!
454 Another Q&A with Daniel Pinkwater, plus a reading of Kat Hats, an unpublished story!
455 A new podcast with Daniel Pinkwater taking listeners' questions, and an airing of a previously unpublished story.
456 A special message from Daniel Pinkwater.
457 A brand-new podcast with Webmaster Ed and Daniel Pinkwater! Join us for an exclusive look at an unpublished book.
458 More questions, answers, and unpublished stories!
459 More fun and random podcast stuff!
460 Another trove of unpublished Pinkwatery goodness!
463 Just a brief Pinkwatery interlude this week, with an unpublished story.
464 Join us for "Big Bob and the Magic Valentine's Day Potato," never before heard on air!
465 An old classic, but new to the Podcast! Introducing "Fat Men from Space."
466 Part two of "Fat Men from Space," and Webmaster Ed may need a dentist of his own!
467 FAT MEN FROM SPACE!!! William picks some really long range signals on his radio tooth.
468 Happy clock change! Why not celebrate with some more of FAT MEN FROM SPACE!!!!
469 Join for the lo-cal conclusion of "Fat Men from Space!"
481 [RERUN + news about new books!] The Dharma Ducks take the stage, also cool things about the pituitary.
482 More of "Dead End Dada," and a special segment on the tongue.
483 Webmaster Ed receives a late night visitor. Plus, a rerun: The Dharma Ducks and Kevin Shapiro meet again! Horrors! Also, some weird tales of foreign bodies. No passport required.