Radio and Other Media

Daniel has appeared on national radio countless times, previously in his capacity as a regular commentator on NPR’s All Things Considered, and as an occasional guest on Weekend Edition Saturday, where he reviews outstanding children’s books with host Scott Simon. Here’s a list of his appearances on the radio and in other media. Click on the link under “Program/Website” to listen. (There is also a list on NPR’s website¬†which is a bit neater, but also a bit less comprehensive.)

Date of broadcastTitleProgram/Website
2012-04-23Clarification about a confusing questionRoss and Burbank
2011-12-03Bear Wants Hat Back; For More, See Kids BookWeekend Edition Saturday
2011-05-28The Return Of ‘Crows,’ Huxley’s Children’s TaleWeekend Edition Saturday
2010-11-13‘Chicken Big’ A Kids Book That Cries WolfWeekend Edition Saturday
2010-08-14‘Beautiful Yetta’: A Yiddish Chicken With ChutzpahWeekend Edition Saturday
2010-02-27‘The Bear That Wasn’t’ A Laugh-Aloud Read For KidsWeekend Edition Saturday
2009-12-12Kids’ Book Boasts The Best Words, Real Or NotWeekend Edition Saturday
2009-09-12Andy Warhol’s Home Is Kids’ Book’s BackgroundWeekend Edition Saturday
2009-05-30Beloved Gorilla Still Charms In New Kids’ BookWeekend Edition Saturday
2009-01-17A Story For All In Kids’ Book About LincolnWeekend Edition Saturday
2008-12-20Beloved Children’s Book ‘Thirteen Clocks’ Is BackWeekend Edition Saturday
2008-09-06New Book Collects Copp Children StoriesWeekend Edition Saturday
2008-06-07An Illustrated Visit to a Bear’s LairWeekend Edition Saturday
2008-05-30Obama Tops Clinton, in a Manner of SpeakingAll Things Considered
2008-04-11Best-Kept Online Secret: Cheap EyeglassesAll Things Considered
2008-01-19Quirky Poetry Collection a Salute to Silly StanzasWeekend Edition Saturday
2008-01-01Our Walk in the WoodsOur Walk in the Woods
2007-10-27A Children’s Classic ‘Toots’ Back to BookshelvesWeekend Edition Saturday
2007-08-25‘Mary Smith’ Wakes Up Village SleepyheadsWeekend Edition Saturday
2007-07-31The Quest for a Same-Named SandwichAll Things Considered
2007-06-30A Cat’s Tale Hits Home in ‘Nini, Here and There’Weekend Edition Saturday
2007-06-19From Hillbilly Highway to Gourmet RowAll Things Considered
2007-05-24You Call That Folk?All Things Considered
2007-04-10Saying the Right Thing, in 100 Words or LessAll Things Considered
2007-04-01Daniel Pinkwater pays homage to comic books, dogs, and the ‘world’s biggest fan’Kids Read
2007-03-12Conversation with Daniel PinkwaterJust One More Book
2007-03-10It’s Easy to Appreciate ‘Mr. Pusskins’Weekend Edition Saturday
2007-01-03My Life in the Cult: Miracle of the WaterAll Things Considered
2006-12-16Books for Kids, for Every Winter HolidayWeekend Edition Saturday
2006-11-29Falling Ill in Africa, and Loving ItAll Things Considered
2006-11-14Eating the Unknown: Best Meal EverAll Things Considered
2006-11-10Living With an Inability to Do MathAll Things Considered
2006-10-07‘The Neddiad’: A Hollywood Adventure for KidsWeekend Edition Saturday
2006-08-19The Cremation of Sam McGeeWeekend Edition Saturday
2006-08-14Forget No-Sugar — Gimme ‘Sfogliatelle’All Things Considered
2006-07-19A Printmaker Gets an (Unlikely) New FanAll Things Considered
2006-06-24A Batty Beach TripWeekend Edition Saturday
2006-06-07A Job’s Saving Graces: Milk Duds and DoughnutsAll Things Considered
2006-05-18Riding In Your Own Checker CabAll Things Considered
2006-02-11Colorful Lessons in ‘How to Be a Good Dog’Weekend Edition Saturday
2005-11-19A Baker’s Ghost Returns — and She’s Not HappyWeekend Edition Saturday
2005-07-06‘Jellybeans’: A Deceptively Simple Kids’ TaleWeekend Edition Saturday
2005-06-28Red-Letter Days of LetteringAll Things Considered
2005-06-14The Days of Military SchoolAll Things Considered
2005-05-28A Nose for Adventure in ‘Mr. Blewitt’Weekend Edition Saturday
2005-04-11Dogged by a Humane Law Enforcement OfficerAll Things Considered
2005-03-22Dogs Learn to Play a Game of SkunkAll Things Considered
2005-02-26‘Stories for Your Dog,’ a Lulu of a ReadWeekend Edition Saturday
2005-02-03A Teen’s Tobacco Ploy: Close, but No CigarAll Things Considered
2005-01-03Terrorism Is Sociological, Not PoliticalAll Things Considered
2004-12-17Car Talk Christmas CarolCar Talk
2004-12-10Welcoming a Red-Tailed Hawk to the BackyardAll Things Considered
2004-11-27A New ‘Wind in the Willows’Weekend Edition Saturday
2004-11-18The Fine Art of BluffingAll Things Considered
2004-11-10Among Greek Gifts to the World, Spanakopita Ranks HighAll Things Considered
2004-11-04When Being Gay Was Not a LiabilityAll Things Considered
2004-10-19When Campaign Name-Calling Got Out of HandAll Things Considered
2004-10-11Golden Wok, Feeling Like HomeAll Things Considered
2004-10-02Crocodile Laughs in ‘Guji Guji’Weekend Edition Saturday
2004-09-28Uniforms, Dress and Conformity among TeensAll Things Considered
2004-09-23Can Political News Get Real?All Things Considered
2004-08-31Teaching a Dumb Dog New TricksAll Things Considered
2004-08-20It’s ‘Pundit,’ Not ‘Pundint’All Things Considered
2004-08-14Arlo Guthrie Writes a Children’s BookWeekend Edition Saturday
2004-07-17Edward Lear and ‘A Pelican Chorus’Weekend Edition Saturday
2004-07-13Looking for BobowiczFresh Air (WHYY)
2004-06-29Driving a Grease CarAll Things Considered
2004-06-21Playing Patriotism in the CatskillsAll Things Considered
2004-05-28Blind Patriotism, Youth and Bad BehaviorAll Things Considered
2004-05-28Dog CommentsThe Next Big Thing (WNYC)
2004-05-20A Bullying YouthAll Things Considered
2004-05-08And Here’s to YouWeekend Edition Saturday
2004-05-07Pet CloningThe Next Big Thing (WNYC)
2004-03-06A Centennial Tribute to Dr. SeussWeekend Edition Saturday
2004-02-14Slithery JakeWeekend Edition Saturday
2004-01-06Glass by Any NameAll Things Considered
2003-12-20Henry Climbs a MountainWeekend Edition Saturday
2003-12-12Don’t Diss Hoboken, N.J.All Things Considered
2003-11-15Little Old Big Beard and Big Young Little BeardWeekend Edition Saturday
2003-10-30Lulu, the Talking DogAll Things Considered
2003-10-22Dog or Wolf?All Things Considered
2003-09-20The Picture of Morty and RayWeekend Edition Saturday
2003-09-11Fat DogsAll Things Considered
2003-08-29Fat Guy for the Queer EyeAll Things Considered
2003-07-21Obedience School, Eastern StyleAll Things Considered
2003-06-21A Day in the Life of MurphyWeekend Edition Saturday
2003-04-12The Red WolfWeekend Edition Saturday
2003-03-05Subway Q & AAll Things Considered
2003-01-20Sergeant PrestonAll Things Considered
2002-12-21Yellow UmbrellaWeekend Edition Saturday
2002-12-21Another Perfect DayWeekend Edition Saturday
2002-11-07Selling BooksAll Things Considered
2002-10-15The Lone RangerAll Things Considered
2002-10-12Farfallina and MarcelWeekend Edition Saturday
2002-10-09Irate ListenerAll Things Considered
2002-10-02BarbershopAll Things Considered
2002-09-24Against All OddsAll Things Considered
2002-09-06BlackjackAll Things Considered
2002-08-27Incoming FreshmenAll Things Considered
2002-08-24Arlene SardineWeekend Edition Saturday
2002-07-06The Story of Little BabajiWeekend Edition Saturday
2002-06-20Fat FlierAll Things Considered
2002-05-18Pinkwater and ‘The Frog’Weekend Edition Saturday
2002-03-14How to ReactAll Things Considered
2002-03-02Davy Crockett Saves the WorldWeekend Edition Saturday
2002-01-19Henry Builds a CabinWeekend Edition Saturday
2001-12-15Amber was Brave, Essie was SmartWeekend Edition Saturday
2001-09-15Park BeatWeekend Edition Saturday
2001-02-06SkunksWeekend Edition Saturday
2000-12-23Wolf ChristmasWeekend Edition Saturday
2000-11-25Small Brown Dog’s Bad Remembering DayWeekend Edition Saturday
2000-09-30Gershon’s MonsterWeekend Edition Saturday
2000-09-02Basho and the FoxWeekend Edition Saturday
2000-07-15Brave PotatoesWeekend Edition Saturday
2000-02-26Henry Hikes to FitchburgWeekend Edition Saturday
2000-01-15Click, Clack, Moo, Cows That TypeWeekend Edition Saturday
1999-12-25Wizard Crystal Christmas PageantAll Things Considered
1999-12-04Zip GunsAll Things Considered
1999-11-13I, CrocodileWeekend Edition Saturday
1999-11-12Kids & GunsAll Things Considered
1999-09-04Toestomper and the CaterpillarsWeekend Edition Saturday
1999-08-13ForbesAll Things Considered
1999-07-01Mensa MeetingAll Things Considered
1999-05-15Shel Silverstein RememberedWeekend Edition Saturday
1999-04-24Polkabats and Octopus SlacksWeekend Edition Saturday
1999-03-27The Good Little GirlWeekend Edition Saturday
1998-12-25Blue MooseAll Things Considered
1998-12-22TeletubbiesAll Things Considered
1998-12-09Children’s PublishingAll Things Considered
1998-12-05The Ink DrinkerWeekend Edition Saturday
1998-10-16Waldorf SaladAll Things Considered
1998-10-15The Family in HollywoodAll Things Considered
1998-09-05Music Over ManhattanWeekend Edition Saturday
1998-08-11The Wristwatch ShowAll Things Considered
1998-08-08Folk TalesWeekend Edition Saturday
1998-06-09Flashcard LuluAll Things Considered
1998-06-03ObesityAll Things Considered
1998-05-08The Amazing Cheeseburger DietAll Things Considered
1998-04-04Children’s PoetryWeekend Edition Saturday
1998-03-18Valley of CrustlessnessAll Things Considered
1998-01-05EmailAll Things Considered
1997-12-09LuluAll Things Considered
1997-11-29Untitled 3Weekend Edition Saturday
1997-09-30Animals in AfricaAll Things Considered
1997-09-13Untitled 2Weekend Edition Saturday
1997-08-2978’S IN POUGHKEEPSIEAll Things Considered
1997-07-21Hudson Valley LawsuitsAll Things Considered
1997-07-09Miranda the Timber WolfAll Things Considered
1997-07-05Untitled 1Weekend Edition Saturday
1997-06-17Lulu’s TeethAll Things Considered
1997-06-11Course RequirementsAll Things Considered
1997-05-15Fat CommentatorAll Things Considered
1997-05-13Bagels 101All Things Considered
1997-04-26Ten Second RainshowersWeekend Edition Saturday
1997-04-17Owl in PoughkeepsieAll Things Considered
1997-03-11Stew in AfricaAll Things Considered
1997-03-07Howard SternAll Things Considered
1997-03-04Pinkwater DietAll Things Considered
1997-02-25BagelAll Things Considered
1997-02-10Miranda: In MemoriamAll Things Considered
1997-02-08Foreign books: Nina Bonita and BrushWeekend Edition Saturday
1997-01-14Arctic DogAll Things Considered
1997-01-11More Spaghetti, I Say!All Things Considered
1996-12-25The Happiest BeingAll Things Considered
1996-11-29MirandaAll Things Considered
1996-10-31Commentator Spooky StoryAll Things Considered
1996-10-07Under the KnifeAll Things Considered
1996-09-28Monster Slayer and Mystery of Navajo MoonWeekend Edition Saturday
1996-09-24Donating BooksAll Things Considered
1996-09-18To Africa with KenAll Things Considered
1996-09-02MaxineAll Things Considered
1996-08-26ButtonsAll Things Considered
1996-08-09MarsAll Things Considered
1996-08-06Cigars IIAll Things Considered
1996-08-03Daniel’s First BookWeekend Edition Saturday
1996-07-31Euro-BeechesAll Things Considered
1996-07-17ClamsAll Things Considered
1996-06-15The Hunchback of Notre DameWeekend Edition Saturday
1996-06-05Jill the IllustratorAll Things Considered
1996-05-31Not So FatAll Things Considered
1996-05-18Books about ScienceWeekend Edition Saturday
1996-05-18Books about ScienceWeekend Edition Saturday
1996-05-07CigarsAll Things Considered
1996-05-04DP on CarTalk: Puking PoochesCar Talk
1996-05-02Never Fail DietAll Things Considered
1996-04-17Fan MailAll Things Considered
1996-04-13The Art of Writing for ChildrenWeekend Edition Saturday
1996-04-10JacquesAll Things Considered
1996-03-19IcelandAll Things Considered
1996-02-26Bagels in ChinaAll Things Considered
1996-01-01Jacques in PrintAll Things Considered
1995-05-13The Afterlife DietWeekend Edition Saturday
1993-08-15DP on CarTalk: The BMWCar Talk