Links and Other Resources

Disciples of Pinkwater are especially active in creating their own art, music, and miscellaneous weirdness. Others have the keen ability to track rare mentions of DP in the blogosphere and the real world at large. The grandaddy of them all is Jeff Sharman, whose now-defunct Pinkwater Blog keeps tabs on Pinkwater in the media. An earlier version, Links to Pinkwater, has a lot of interesting things to see, including a picture of a Pinkwater college art project. We’ve considered incorporating all those links here, but it’s more fun to browse through them and figure out which ones are still working.

Many of these websites have since become inactive or dormant; we’ve linked to the Internet Archive cache to capture their charm for posterity. 


  • Pinkwater Glass creates fine objets d’art. No relation to the Big Guy, but he did commission them to create a light fixture for his kitchen.
  • Brad Sondahl, Pinkwater fan and Idaho native, has been commended by Daniel
    for his fine works of hand-thrown (look out!) stoneware. Find out more at (Look out for the scary picture of Brad)
  • Daniel heartily endorses Nancy Schutt, dog artist and poet. Check out her website at
  • One of Daniel’s most devoted disciples has launched an online comic strip. “It’s not specifically
    Pinkwater-related, but it’s certainly Pinkwater-inspired, and he seems to like it okay.” What more can we say? Check out Narbonic.


  • Want to spice up your cell phone/computer/podcast/music video? Why not try our set of Pinkwater sound effects?
  • Some time ago, a musician by the name of Christopher Bruzzi visited the P-Zone and obtained
    permission for a song to be composed based on Daniel’s classic novel, Lizard Music. Find out more here, at the homepage for Chris’s band, Cuscus.
  • A CD of lovely music for cello and guitar entitled “Lizard Music and Other Arias” was released by Gagliano Recordings. The performers are Hamilton Cheifetz, cello, and Bryan Johanson, guitar,
    and it includes a new composition by Bryan Johanson inspired by Lizard Music.
  • Taking their cue from the selfsame band mentioned in Borgel and Slaves of Spiegel, the Ugly Bug Band has released their newest recording, “Monkeyshines.” For more information, check out their website.
    DP looks forward to enjoying the CD this summer while relaxing suspended by his captive gas balloon.
  • It was only a matter of time before words and music met and became entwined the glorious harmony of Borgel. Musician Taylor Ho Bynum has written a song cycle based on “Borgel” and one of the songs, The Rabbit and the Eggplant, is available for downloading.
  • A musical rendition of “Devil in the Drain” by Henry Kaiser, from the 1987 album “Devil In the Drain.”

Weird stuff:

  • Thanks to the magic of the Internets, you can now see videos of the legendary Chicken Man of Maxwell Street! Learn more about the Chicken Man at Chicago maven Adam Selzer’s blog.
  • You can see the Halloween adventures of a Pinkwaterish monkey here.
  • Weird and Wacky Search Terms for your enjoyment. (If you’re wondering, these are actual keyword and phrases that visitors to have typed into search engines to find their way here.)

Miscellaneous resources:

  • “The Hoboken Chicken Emergencyclopedia aims to be the complete reader’s guide to the world of Daniel Pinkwater.”
    Well, it is. But it’s sorely out of date. We’d like to turn it into a Wiki. Want to help? Get in touch.