The Hoboken Chicken Emergencyclopedia

A reader's guide to the world of Daniel Manus Pinkwater.

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The Hoboken Chicken Emergencyclopedia's dull grey look is optimized for rapid loading. It is also inspired by my total lack of design skill.

If you get any enjoyment at all out of the Emergencyclopedia, you would go nuts over Aileron's Daniel Pinkwater website.

Using the Emergencyclopedia:

There are two convenient ways to use the Hoboken Chicken Emergencyclopedia. You can read a synopsis of and short commentary on each of Daniel Pinkwater's books, or your can look at the overall annotated index sorted alphabetically.

To find out more about a specific Pinkwater book, click here.

Or, click on a letter below to go to the corresponding index page: