Gaboon viper Rat's favorite poisonous snake. SBAD.|

gagunk Frog noise. WC.|

Galt, Theobald Avacado hobbyist, works in the synthetic sausage biz. Walter's father. Possibly Osgood Sigerson. SBAD. SBBH.|

Galt, Mildred Dropped out of high school to harvest avacados (which she doesn't eat) in Peru, where she met Mr. Galt. Very superstitious. Walter's mother. SBAD. SBBH.|

Galt, Walter The other Snarkout boy. SBAD. SBBH.|

Galt's Synthetic Sausages Theobald Galt's no-meat sausage co. SBAD.|

Garble, Barry Radio talk show host. FMS.|

Garden of Earthly Bliss Drive-in and Pizzeria Louis Grotshkie's ill-fated masterwork, the greatest drive-in ever. SBBH.|

garlic, blue Strong garlic and suspended animation drug. Can also drive Spiegelians to commit warlike acts of greediness. Like they need it. SOS.|

Gaslight Movie shown at the Snark. SBAD.|

Gawk Magazine Spies on Harold Blatz. LG.|

Geevo Obscure rock group. SBAD.|

Geist, William E New York Times reporrter. SBBH.|

General Integral Tensile Structures G.I.T.S. Builds cardboard buildings, like MacTavish's. LG.|

Genghis Khan High School Where Winston Bongo and Leonard Neeble go to school. SBAD. SBBH.|

George Armstrong Custer High School Where Rat goes to school. It's a toilet. Most of the students there are subnerds. SBAD. SBBH.|

George Washington Bridge Where Donald climbs to skip school and to meet Wingman. WM.|

gerbils Dani--oops!--Bramwell Wink-Porter's favorite rodent. (AD.) They plague the so-called "Northern Territory." MP.|

German Measles Afflicted Walter Galt in his youth and Winston Bongo in his teenage dotage. Perhaps he caught them in that "European"|

neighborhood, Old Town, he was hanging out in the night before? SBAD.|

Gerstenblut, Horace Vice Principal of Himmler High., also known as the Lord High Executioner. He does not exist from a dada point of view. YAN. DED.|

ghost A joke compared to a phantom. PLW.|

Giant Guardian Invisible Hunter. JJ.|

giant rock Interplanar contact place. AM.|

giant slothoids Native to Neptune. Not the same as Horthian humanoid slothoforms. SOS.|

Gidget Gets Sick The classic film. SBBH.|

Gidget Goes Hawaiian Another classic. Shown at the Snark. SBAD.|

ginger ale What vampires drink instead of blood. W.|

Gingivitis Rock band at Harold Blatz' guru debut. LG.|

Ginza Capitalist Tokyo hotel. JJ.|

G.I.T.S. Short for General Integral Tensile Structures. LG.|

gleep A gag or practical joke. Something that makes you go "gleep!" B.|

glept A kind of gleptoid. SOS.|

gleptile Another kind of gleptoid. SOS.|

gleptillian Adjectival form of gleptoid. SOS.|

gleptizoidal helmets Worn by gleptoids. SOS.|

gleptoids These glepts, pseudo-glepts, and gleptiles from the galaxy Twilbstein can each produce the sound of a 90-piece orchestra. They prospered in the days of the new great fair at Blintzni Spamgorod. SOS.|

Glimville Home town of Harold Frankenbagel. FBM.|

Glintnil Unidentified galactic construct famous for its whistlers and 6-pound radishes. SOS.|

Glossolalia The beautiful and clever daughter of King Napnik. She possessed a beautiful golden beard. B.|

Glugo A fur-bearing Anthropoid Buddhist and a Greater Hades Motorcycle Club rider. He's married to Millie and rents boats. Evil Toad once nursed him through brain fever. B.|

Glupso Taco-producing planet in the Mouse Nebula. SOS.|

Gobi Desert A place to which Ambrose McFwain has forgotten to bring film. Y.|

God Everything is God. (B.) Kevin Shapiro may be God. (YAN.)|

gods see Haya, Mungu, Doon, Kevin Shapiro.|

Goldberg, Howard The first Orthodox Jewish Indian Scout. Born in Philadelphia in the early 1800's. Y. AM.|

Golden Alligator Central, largest, and only monastery of the Silly Hat sect. LG.|

Gold Rush Kennels Corrupt and grimy Malamute kennels in Nutley, NJ. MM.|

Gon Old Gon. JJ.|

Good Humor bar What Leonard Neeble sits on on his first day of school. AM.|

Good Intentions Blvd The Hell exit off the interstate. B.|

Goon, Reverend Early mystic master. Wore gold suit. Owned half NY state. Went bankrupt, became department store credit manager. LG.|

Gordon's Modern Organs A store that was once (and is no longer) in the Grand Mall. SBBH.|

Gorgonzola muffin Anathema to Earthlings, but evidence that Vienna has been a spaceport since earliest times. MF.|

Grabowsky, moons of The 12 green moons of Spiegel. SOS.|

Grand Ave The road from Baconburg to Hamfat, via Porkington and Trottersville. SBBH.|

Grandfather An affectionate nickname for Leonard Neeble's vegetarian grandfather. AM.|

Grand Mall, The A run-down mall in Hamfat. SBBH.|

"Grand Opera, an Invention of the Devil." Pamphlet by Aunt Terwilliger. SBAD.|

Grand Shapoo Title in the Church of the Holy Home Run. SBAD.|

granola, crunchy Beloved by elephants, the Bleeeeghans believe it is also loved by humans."Ummmm good!" they say. (WK.) Spiegelians like it chocolate-covered. (SOS.) The Matthews like it homemade (SBAD.)|

Grape-Nuts Beloved food of Kevin Shapiro, and anti-Dadaist weapon. YAN. DED.|

grapes Fastest things there are. NFSP.|

grease magnet, the Spiegel. SOS.|

Greaso-Junior A smaller Greaso-Whammy. Y.|

Greaso-Whammy At McTavish's! Y,|

Great City A city in the Old Country. B.|

Greater Hades Motorcycle Club A bunch of tough guys, including Glugo. B.|

Great Forest A scary place in the Old Country where skunks sometimes stray and are never found. B.|

Great Grivnizoid Heir to the Great Popsicle. B.|

Great Orange Brotherhood Mystic group. LG.|

Great Popsicle One of the 26 or so benevolent manifestations of a higher power in the universe. Eaten by Freddie. B.|

Great Popsicle Momument and Park The site of Evil Toad's computer. B.|

Great Pyramid of Cheops If you multiply the area of the base of the Great Pyramid of Cheops by your grandmother's height in centimeters, add two, and take away today's market price of chopped liver, you'll get either pi or the distance from the earth to the sun. AM.|

Great Sea Monsters I Have Known A kid's book by Ambrose McFwain about his exploits as a sea-monster hunter. Y.|

Great Wisdom You must be pure and simple, a complete idiot really, to taste this. B.|

Grebitz A lad from the Old Country who went on a quest to win the hand of Princess Glossolalia, who married someone in his absence. B.|

Green Death Chili A very very hot chili. AM.|

Green Death Chili Parlor A Hogboro chili parlor. AM.|

Grepis-Cola The 75th most poopular soft drink in the world. B.|

Gribnitz, Kevin Arthur Ungrammatical Hoboken building inspector. SOS.|

Grivnis Where Grivnizoids come from. B.|

Grivnizoids Natives of Grivnis, they sleep in trees and eat heavy minerals. They tend to be evil, power mad, untrustworthy, and abominabaly clever and sneaky. They resemble a cross between an octopus and a gnarled old tree, with eyestalks, but are very good at the art of disguise. B.|

Grosso-Fortissimo, Apollo An alias used by the Muffin Fiend when he was an opera singer. He was acclaimed by W.A. Mozart as "The greatest operatic tenor ever to live, up to and including most of the eighteenth century!" Appeared in The Muffin Fiend (1986).|

Grotshkie, Louis Romanian-American designer of the Garden of Earthly Bliss Drive-in and Pizzeria. SBBH.|

Grrrrrrrrrowf! Old lycanthropian greetring. SBBH.|

Gruben Central Sewer Interplanar contact place. AM.|

Grunewald, Matthias Yet another alias of The Chicken Man. LM.|

Guacamole Monster Science fiction movie by Manuel Traneing. SBAD.|

Gull, Walter C The multimillionare developer of Nafsu Cola. AM.|

gunk Frog sound. WC.|

Gunungan 1. An active volcano on Maggasang. JJ. 2. A figure from the wayang puppet show plays, in the form of a spade-shaped piece of leather with pinholes in it, who appears before a war takes place. JJ.|

Gunungan Heaven Outside. JJ.|

Gurdjieff, Dr. Mildred Researcher at the Moskowitz Observatory. SOS.|

Gus Ill-fated proprietor of Gus's: We Never Close. PLW.|

Gus's: We Never Close A lunch wagon that closed due to a phantom's haunting it. PLW.|

gut buster A kosher variety of salami. SBBH.|

Gutzman, Mr Fat part-time crook. SBAD.|

Guys from Space 1989. By Daniel Pinkwater. GFS.|

Gypsy Bill Founder of Gypsy Bill's Resort and Spa and Hobo Camp and Junkyard. He can read tea leaves. B.|

Gypsy Bill, Jr Current proprieter of Gypsy Bill's Resort and Spa and Hobo Camp and Junkyard. He has lessened the place's exclusivity and added a duck farm. He can also read tea leaves. B.|

Gypsy Bill's Resort and Spa and Hobo Camp and Junkyard [and Duck Farm]. Everything it sounds like and more. B.|