Rabinowitz, Pulkeh Short fat nearsighted horny Martwist College student with small feet. Likes folk music. Wooed by Charles the Cat, but loses her virginity to John Holyrood. DBC. |

Rabinowitz, Swami Author of Yoga for Six-Year-Olds. LG. |

"Rainbow." Bogeyman Band song with lrics by Munah. JJ. |

raisin toast Dada food. $.20 at the Balkan Falcon. (YAN.) The only people Walter Galt knows who eat it are his father and Osgood Sigerson. Hmmmmm... (SBAD.) |

Ramakrishna, Dr. Pierre Famous Swiss brain specialist. SBAD. |

Rampa's Kosher Deli Interplanar contact place. AM. |

Raspelnootzpiki, Mr Proprietor of the Star Spangeled Banner All-American Cafeteria. He comes from the country next door to the Old Country. B. |

Rassman, Captain Just like Captain Roosman, but with pajamas on under his clothes. WK. |

Rat A snarker with greenish hair and a deep love for James Dean. Also known as Bentley Saunders Harrison Matthews. SBAD. SBBH. |

Rats, The Rock band at Harold Blatz' guru debut. LG. |

Raymond 1. Giant earthworm. G. Whilliker's captor and chess partner. WK. 2. A Waka-Wakan, cave mate to Lance Hergeschleimer. AM. 3. Invisible giant go-fer. JJ. |

Reagan, Ronald Were he to sing Neapolitan ballads, he might sound something like a werewolf. (SBBH.) In a curious example of mass-suggestion, once the entire U.S. believed for 8 years that Reagan had been elected president. DBC. |

realtors Aliens, all 750,000 of them. SBAD. |

Rebel Without a Cause First movie in the Snark's James Dean Festival. SBAD. |

Red Oaks Aunt Lucille's great house in Kentucky. Destroyed by atomic fire in chapter 1,015. YAN. |

Reinhardt, Django Steve Nickelson plays his records. AP. |

requiem The piece W.A. Mozart claims to need to work on when he tries to excuse himself from going out to dinner with Inspector Charles LeChat. Appeared in The Muffin Fiend (1986).|

Research Scientist and Monster Hunter's Handbook, The By Ambrose McFwain. Gives practical tips, such as don't forget your film. Y. |

Return of the Moose 1979. By Daniel M. Pinkwater. Reprinted in Blue Moose and Return of the Moose.RM. |

reunion with childhood toy Phenomenon experienced by both Harold Blatz (LG.) and Victor (LM.) |

Reynold 1. Ambrose McFwain's guide in the search for Tieholtsodi. He goes insane and ruins the photo evidence. Y. 2. One of the Knights of Power. AM. The name of just about every lizard in the book. LM.|

Reynold's Avenue Street fictional Kevin Shapiro helps Granny Mulohan across in episode number 560.5. DED. |

R. H. Hollingshead, Jr., Theater Possibly the first drive in theater. SBBH|

rhinocerous roll A kimmelwick or kaiser roll. B. |

Richard M. Nixonn Hall The Dada Ducks' dorm (room 42) at Martwist College. Ronald Rubin is dorm president. DBC. |

Rinziki Rafiki Drive-in Movie Theater A Nairobi drive-in. SBBH. |

Riveredge Amusement Park Where Melvin Spellbound learned how to drive. B. |

River St Where Norman Bleistift lives. AP. |

Robinson, Jack Young pilot. JJ. See also: Java Jack.|

Robinson, Dr. Jeff Anthropologist. Jack's adoptive father. JJ. |

Robinson, Marie Anthropologist. Jack's adoptive mother. JJ. |

Robinson, Robert Obnoxiously popular student, and expert rope-climber. Handsome in a kind of simpy way, with his wavy hair, muscles, and lack of pimples. AM. |

robots, intelligent They prospered in the days of the new great fair at Blintzni Spamgorod. SOS. |

roc Big bird. B. |

Rochester Home of Harold Blatz (LG.), Harold Platt (AM.), and Ambrose McFwain. (Y.) |

Roger 1. One of Maharajah of Mahamurghi's old elephants. LG. 2. Jolly Roger. JR. 3. Igor's dog. He dies, after ten years of loyal pethood, during the Dharma Ducks tzu-misi-wa phase. DED. |

Rolzup The Martian High Commisioner (formerly Deputy High Commisioner). Some say he's the only person in the universe who knows what's going on. B. AM. SOS. |

Romania Home of Blint. (SBBH.) Also, where the Old One gets her vacuum cleaner parts, (AM.) and where Alan W. Watzuki dies (in Budapest). DED. |

Roman trireme One of Glugo's boats. B. |

Room 107 Domain of Miss Steele. AM. |

Room 42 Domain of the Dada boys. DBC. |

Ron Louise's husband. AP. |

Roosman, Captain A small dark man who looks just like his brother, Captain Rassman. The two operate Air Enterprise, and are vegetarians who belong to some obscure cult. WK. |

Roosman, Ridiculous Sri Lankan car salesman. Actually Ken Krenwinkle in disguise. Y. |

Roosman Brothers Storage Warehouse The only 24 hour access warehouse with a cold storage room in Baconburg. SBAD. |

Roosman the Barbarian A comic book. AM. |

Roosman the Hungry Sargon's father. SOS. |

root beer stands. Alfred runs one in space (B), where a root beer and ice cream costs one plastic fish (GFS) or 60 zlotys. (B). |

Route 9R Site of the Garden of Earthly Bliss Drive-in and Pizzeria. SBBH. |

Roy, Uncle Harold Blatz' uncle. LG|

Royal Brunei Navy Office Where Bunga stole his navigation maps from. JJ. |

rubber tree An "unknown variety of rubber tree" grows in Kukumlima, the sap of which sticks to everything except the juice of its leaves. WK. |

Rubin, Ronald Tall, hansome president of Richard M. Nixonn Hall, the Business Club, the Investment Club, and the Campus Christian Crusade, and captain of the soccer team at Martwist College. A relative of Leon P. Murtwee. DBC. |

Rubinstein, Rodni. Fraudulent occultist. AM. |

Rumah Agung Restaurant and Hotel Old Huip's Maggasang Inn. JJ. |

Rumanian music The kind of thing they play on WXXO when they're not talking about sick presidents. SOS. |

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