Vampire Moose, the Deadly Eric. MP.|

vampires Neat guys, really. They don't drink blood, and they have funny accents. W.|

Vampires in a Deserted Seaside Hotel at the End of August Yugoslavian film (with subtitles); typical Snark fare. SBAD.|

vampire song, the Complete text as follows: "We don't care for peaches. They are full of stones. / We like bananas because they have no bones. W.|

Vampire Squash Mad squash of Washington State. FBM.|

Vandals Not as scary as the Nussbaums. SBBH.|

Van Eyck, Hubert The Chicken Man. LM.|

Van Gogh, Vincent Also The Chicken Man. LM.|

Van Helsing, Mildred Jonathan Harker's teacher. W.|

Van Straaten, Captain Seymour The Flying Dutchman, and Captain of the Flying Piggie. Y.|

Vasolini, Commissioner Head of the Hoboken buildings dpt. SOS.|

vegetarian/health food Dr. Stonestein, Captains Roosman and|

Rassman (WK), Hamish MacTavish (LG), Ken Krenwinkle, Charlie (Y), and|

Leonard Neeble's grandparents(AM) are vegetarians. In the Grand Mall in Hamfast there is a health food store with an unhealthy guy working there. (SBBH).|

Venus, Sixth existential plane Next door to Waka-Waka. AM.|

Venusian Like Clarence Yojimbo. They can live to be 3000. AM.|

Venusian cranshaw melons A vital ingrediant in Sargon's Space Surprise. SOS.|

Venusian green diamond What Samuel Klugarsh would call an emerald. AM.|

Venusian packaged cookies A Spiegelian favorite. SOS.|

Vermin, Armand Harold Blatz' stockbroker. LG.|

Victor Young Cronkite fan. LM.|

Victoria, Queen A werewolf. SBBH.|

Viennese jiujitsu A martial art used by W.A. Mozart to trap the Muffin Fiend in a handshake. Mozart was a master of Viennese jiujitsu because practicing the piano every day gave him a mighty grip. Appeared in The Muffin Fiend (1986).|

Visconti Italian director of The Earth Trembles. SBAD.|

Visigoths Not nearly as scary as the Nussbaums. SBBH.|

Volkswagon 1961 William Lloyd Floyd swapped one for a moon potato. AM.|

Volkswagon Rabbit What Wakamae Weinberg carved out of a potato as part of her Zen training. She made several unsuccessful attempts before she hit on the idea of carving a convertible with the top down. DED.|

Volvo, puce Unfriendly looking car on Reynolds Ave. in episode number 560.5. of Kevin Shapiro, Boy Orphan. DED.|

VonDankninny, Erik Just as bad as Rodni Rubinstein. AM.|

Von Sweeney, Professor Sir Arnold Expert in the arcane, especially insane foods. FBM.|

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