MacBodhi, Hodie Japanese monk and clown spokesman for MacTavish's. Blong Buddhist. Wrote You are a Pickle. LG. |

MacIntosh, Bootsie 450-pound Martwist College student. DBC. |

Macmillan, Mrs Walter Galt's anti-Semitic English teacher. SBAD. |

MacTavish, Old Blivnik Borgel MacTavish's father. B. |

MacTavish, Borgel Melvin Spellbound's great great uncle or something. Time tourist. B. |

MacTavish, Hamish Founder of Croco-Cola and MacTavish's. LG. [Also the name of one of my aunt's high school boyfriends, the only one my grandfather ever approved as being 'Scottish enough'. No kiddin'! --Ed.]|

MacTavish's 1. Roadside drive-in health food sandwich shops. (LG.) One in Finhorn, Scotland not only serves not only as an opticians but also as an interplanar contact place. There's a branch on Utopia Ave., West Kangaroo Park. AM. 2. Perh. see McTavish's. Y. |

MacTavish's Fast Food and Opticians The MacTavish's in Finhorn, Scotland. interplanar contact place. AM. |

MacTavish's Pickle-Burgers The MacTavish's on Utopia Ave., West Kangaroo Park. AM. |

Mad Artist's Partner Strikes for Higher Wages, The Enigmatic label on Kevin Shapiro, Boy Orphan Chapter Number 4,732.17401. DED. |

Mad Artist Strikes the Red Army, The Another enigmatic label on Kevin Shapiro, Boy OrphanChapter Number 4,732.17401. DED. |

Mad Goon, The A comic book. AM. |

Mad Guru Hunchback; intergalactic chess Grand Master. Brother of Lance Hergelschleimer. AM. |

Maedchen in Uniform Uncle Flipping's favorite movie. SBAD. |

Maggasang Tiny tropical island in the deep straights between Kalimantan and Sulawesi, where the Robinsons disappeared. (JJ.) Where the best wrestling orangutans come from. SBAD. |

Maggasang Mercantile Munah and Bunga's trading company. JJ. |

Maggasang Observatory The Robinson's Maggasang mansion. JJ. |

magic compass Always points to the magic crystal. WC. |

magic crystal Purported to make its possessor happy. Actually, it makes its possessor a frog, and his house a pond. But a happy frog and peaceful pond, mind you. WC. |

Magic Moocow Chain of soft serve ice cream stands with plaster cow's heads on top. MM. |

Magic Moscow Steve Nickelson's defaced Magic Moocow. MM. AP. SOS. |

Magic Moscow 1980. By Daniel Pinkwater. MM. |

Magic Prune, The The opera W.A. Mozart is working on at the time he is visited by Inspector Charles LeChat. Apparently a take-off on The Magic Flute. Appeared in The Muffin Fiend (1986). |

Magoo, Matilda Matthew Magoo's sister. |

Magoo, Matthew Soft-hearted captain of the Matilda Magoo. JR|

Maharajah of Mahamurghi Hides Harold Blatz. LG. |

Mahamurghi "Great Chicken." Place in India. LG. |

Mah Jong(g) A favorite of cowboys in East Trinidad, Colorado. (FMS.) and Mr. Chen in NYC. (WM.) |

Malleus Malificarum Ancient mystic text, an oldie but a goodie. AP. |

Mambo, General Pig Fat man who conspires with Fligh. JJ. |

Mandarin Hotel Hong Kong hotel. JJ. |

Manny Nafsulian pirate. AM. |

Manus-shevitz Brand of matzohs (or matzoth). MP. |

Manx cats, giant They prospered in the days of the new great fair at Blintzni Spamgorod. SOS. |

Manyara, Lake Lake near Kukumlima. WK. |

Margaret Himmler High School Real name of Himmler High School. YAN. |

marifesa An Asian relative of the avacado that blooms only by moonlight. Cures lycanthropy. It has magnetic properties which permit it to store information, which can be passed on by ingestion. It also has a strong flavor.SBBH. |

Mars Where Alan Mendelsohn comes from. As opposed to the Bronx or the Ukraine. AM. |

Mars, 7th existential plane Full of water: the Martians there have gills. AM. |

Mars, 12th existential plane Big zitkis berry importer. AM. |

Marsupial, Sir Noel Left his fortune to the London Earthworm Society. WK. |

Martian High Commisioner (for Extra-Martian Transport) Rolzup, eventually. AM. B. |

Martwist College College where El Presidente and Charles the Cat go, the other Dada Ducks in tow. DBC. |

Marvin the Ape Parking garage and lot owner. Later, potato chip magnate. JR. |

Mary Tyler Moore The Show the Honorable Lama Lumpo Smythe-Finkel watches before he meditates. SBBH. |

Mask of Fu Manchu Movie Winston snarked to to celebrate his recovery from the German measles. SBAD. |

Matilda Magoo Ship captained by Matthew Magoo. JR. |

Matthews, Bentley Saunders Harrison Better known as Rat. SBAD. SBBH. |

Matthews, Minna Terwilliger Rat's mother. Knows that realtors are actually aliens. SBAD. |

Matthews, Saunders Harrison II Rat's father, runs Bullfrog Industries. SBAD. |

matzohs Jewish crackers. Also known as matzoth. MP. |

Maurice Captain Colossal's slave name. DED. |

Mazzocchi, Professor Inventor of the Chicken System. HCE. |

McFwain, Professor Ambrose 1. Hard-luck monster hunter. Invented the dill pickle when 6 years old. Y. 2. See McFwain Toy Company. Y. |

McFwain Foundation See McFwain Institute. Y. |

McFwain Institute See Professor Ambrose McFwain. Y. |

McFwain Toy Company Sells stuffed Yobgorgle dolls. Y. |

McTavish's Extra-greasy fast food joint. Y. |

Meese Book at the Yellowtooth library. Is it about moose or about Pixie and Dixie? Not knowing is what makes it exciting! MP. |

Mega-Mall A crowded mall in Swinesburg, scientifically designed to exude an atmosphere of nervous tension which can increase sales by up to 11.3%. SBBH. |

Mel 1. Uncle Mel. Y. 2. Proprietor of Mel's. D! 3. Goose lard-producing planet in the Dildup galaxy. SOS. |

Mel, Uncle Eugene Winkleman's gluttonous uncle. Works for Mix-and-Mush Microwave Food Vendors. Y. |

Mel's A cheap candy store that also sells comic books and stationery. D! |

Melville, Herman Author of Moby Dick. (AD). He really saw Moby Dick once. (Y). |

Melvin 1. Melvin Spellbound. B. 2. Leonard Neeble's dog. AM. 3. See Mel. 4. Uncle Melvin. |

Melvin, Uncle 1. Uncle Mel. Y. 2. Charles' crazy uncle. UM. |

Melvinville Elementary School An elementary school, presumably in a place called Melvinville. AD. |

Melvyn 1. Melvyn Schwartz. FMS. 2. The smallest black kid in Victor's school. He wears glasses. LM. |

Mendelsohn, Alan Martian. AM. |

Mendoza, Dr. Cookie 1. Board of Education psychiatrist. Obsessed with masturbation. DED. 2. Ten year old girl of Spanish California. ALD.|

Men of Iron A book Leonard Neeble really liked. Better than the movie (with Tony Curtis.) AM. |

Merapi Airlines Comapny Jack uses on his trip to Maggasang. JJ. |

Mesmer Park Near the home of Kevin Shapiro. YAN. |

Meteor Crater Interplanar contact place. AM. |

Metropolitan Museum of Art Site of a P.S. 132 field trip. WM. |

Mighty Gorilla, The Wrestler; Winston Bongo's uncle; Osgood Sigerson's bodyguard. SBAD. SBBH. |

Mike Chicago boy and dedicatee. LM. |

Mike's Bar and Grill Uncle Roy's hangout. LG. |

milk Fatal if consumed with cherries, according to Mrs. Galt. SBAD. |

Milky Way The bowstring of the Invisible Hunter. JJ. |

Milky Way bars Eaten frozed or toasted on Spiegel. SOS. |

Milky Way vault Found by Spiegelians beneath the polar ice caps of the planet Bruce. SOS. |

Miller, Mrs Miss Spinard's replacement. WM. |

Millie A fur-bearing Anthropoid; waitress at the Blue Moon Rest. She is married to Glugo. B. |

Milton 1. Milton Papescu. SBBH. 2. Milton X. Mohammedstein. WK. |

Mind, Mr A Captain Marvel nemesis; a worm in a general's uniform. WM. |

mineral-creatures They prospered in the days of the new great fair at Blintzni Spamgorod. SOS. |

Mintz, Mason A weird, sloppy kid who always wears a plaid hat. DF. |

mishi-gasu Permanent madness. DED. |

Miskatonic University Home of Professor Keith Brian Swerdlov. AM. |

missile whistle Alan Mendelsohn's tripping whistle. AM. |

Mitsubishi Medium-Range Pizza Chefs The robotic pizza deliverers at the Garden of Earthly Bliss Drive-in and Pizzeria. SBBH. |

Mitten Norway Ned's kitten. JR. |

Mix-and-Mush Microwave Food Vendors Makers of foul freeze-dried food dispensors. Uncle Mel's employers. Y.|

Moby Dick A real sea monster. Y. |

Moby Dick Read by both Alan Mendelsohn and the Mad Guru. (AM). Bramwell Wink-Porter's favorite book. (AD.) |

model builders Harold Blatz (LG.), Victor (LM.), Eugene Winkleman (occassionally) (Y.), Leonard Neeble. (AM.) |

Moe Nafsulian freebooter. AM. |

Mogoshoaia Palace What the ticket kiosk and pizzaria/projection booth at the Garden of Earthly Bliss Drive-in and Pizzeria are built in the architectural style of. B. |

Mohammed Coach of the Himmler disciplinary gym class. DED. |

Mohammedstein, Milton X Employee of the World Famous Salami Snap Company. WK. |

mole Not as attractive as a fox, no matter what. B. |

Molloy, Mr Ned Feldman's teacher, a neatness believer. NFSP. |

Molucca Sea Sea between Sulawesi and Halmahera. JJ. |

"Mommy!" JavaJack calls for mommy when he falls down the tunnel to the Fiery Star (JJ.) as does Ronald Donald Almondotter as he plunges through the Elephant portal. (WK). |

Mookerjee Chief inspector of the Bombay Metropolitan Constabulary; avocadophile. SBAD. |

Mookermooker, Swami Indian Swami. LG. |

Moon Louise and Ron's child of indeterminate gender. AP. |

Mooney, Officer Hoboken patrolman. Cf. Fred Moonie. SOS. |

Moonie, Fred Glimville police chief. FBM. |

Moosarama Book at the Yellowtooth library. The beginning of an exceptionally tedious list. MP. |

moose The prankster of the animal kingdom. B. |

Moose! Book at the Yellowtooth library. One of the two that end with a bang. MP. |

moose, the Usual epithet of D. Moosus Moosewater. BM. RM. MP. |

Moose, The Book at the Yellowtooth library. MP. |

Moosefoot (ME.) Home of the moose's uncle. BM. |

Moose from Space, the Toughest inhabitant of Betelmoose. Defeated in single combat by the moose. RM. |

Moose from Space, The Bastardized version of The True Story of a Wild Moose. Entire print run (6,000) devoured by the moose. RM. |

moose head, stuffed One hangs on Norman Bleistiff's wall. AP. |

Moosenose (ME.) Site of Breton and Moose. BM. RM. |

Moosepire, The 1986. By Daniel Pinkwater. Also, (wheee!) a book at the Yellowtooth library. MP. |

Mooseprints Book at the Yellowtooth library. MP. |

Moosery Rhymes Book at the Yellowtooth library. MP. |

Moose Scout Handbook Handbook of the Moose Scouts. Also, a book at the Yellowtooth library, but one that's on a different page from all those other books at the Yellowtooth library. MP. |

Moosestories Book at the Yellowtooth library. MP. |

Moosetales Book at the Yellowtooth library. What a tragedy it would be if naive and foolish readers confused this book with Moosestories. MP. |

Moosetradamus Ho hum, cut and paste. Book at the Yellowtooth library. MP. |

Mooseviews Book at the Yellowtooth library. MP. |

Moosewater, D. Moosus A talking blue moose, head (and only) waiter at Breton & Moose. Successful novelist and screenwriter, fluent in French. By his own admission, the moose single-handedly won WWII; carved Mt. Rushmore; set unofficial world's records for high jump, 100 yard dash, mile run, and holding breath underwater; invented TV, cheeseburgers, all space vehicles, and computers; defeated the Moose from Space; fixed the Washington Monument; and discovered a time machine. He was also President Truman. BM. RM. MP. |

Moo Shoo Forest Forest in Waka-Waka, named after a dish served in a restaurant that was there. A brief respite from those damned moose. AM. |

Moosie Moosie Book at the Yellowtooth library. MP. |

Moosismus Book at the Yellowtooth library. Almost Latin for "the most moosey." MP. |

Moosography Book at the Yellowtooth library. MP. |

Moran, Col. Sebsatian Melvin Spellbound's name on the road. B. |

Moron's Delight Steve Nickelson's masterpiece, a health-food desert served in a plastic-lined shoebox. It contains double scoops of 6 ice cream flavors, a banana, a carrot, 3 kinds of syrup, roasted peanuts, a Swiss cheese slice, a radish, yogurt, wheat germ, and a kosher pickle. MM. |

Morpheus Arms Yellowtooth hotel. $1.75 per day. MP. |

Morrie's Bookstore A lame bookstore and chess arena. AM. |

Moskowitz Observatory Home of the 'big ear'. SOS. |

moth flakes Not the same as powdered unicorn's horn. AP. |

Mount Everest Scaled thrice in as many days by the moose. (RM.) Metaphorically, Pulkeh Rabinowitz. DBC. |

Mount Rushmore Carved by the moose. RM. |

Mouse-Man A comic book character. YAN. |

Mouse Nebula Site of the planet Glupso. SOS. |

Moxie Not as popular as Bullfrog Root Beer. SBAD. |

Mozart, Constanze Wife of W.A. Mozart. She was unable to serve their guest Inspector Charles LeChat any muffins because the Muffin Fiend had stolen them all. Appeared in The Muffin Fiend (1986).|

"Mozart meets Leon Redbone." An original artpiece by Captain Colossal featuring the two culture heros seated together at the keyboard. DBC. |

Mozart, The Man, His Time, His Music and His Eating Habits Canceled Martwist College class. DBC. |

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus (Ian's definition) Great composer and detective who holds the world's record for the greatest number of muffins consumed by a human in a 24 hour period (1,003). Successfully led Inspector Charles LeChat to the Muffin Fiend. Inconclusive evidence suggests that Mozart may have appeared in fiction outside of Pinkwater's, and indeed, may have some basis in historical fact. Appeared in The Muffin Fiend (1986).|

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus(Hal's definition) Loved solving mysteries and eating muffins: he once ate 1,003 muffins in one day, a world record. A master of Viennese jiujitsu, he cracked the Muffin Fiend case. (MF.) Winston Bongo is a fan. (SBAD.), as are the Dada Ducks (DBC.). Mozart loved to nacht, especially late at night. (DED.) By the way, he was a werewolf. (SBBH.) |

Mr. Breton's Restaurant Mr. Breton's Restaurant. Later Breton and Moose. BM. RM. |

Mr. Mind's Monster Society of Evil Mr. Mind's gang. WM. |

Ms. Doughnut A chain of Doughnut Stores that makes doughnuts fresh, and yet they taste stale. SBBH. |

Mu Lost continent, also a well known Zen exclamation and the symbol for the coefficient of friction. AM. |

Muffin Fiend Extraterrestrial creature who was stranded on Earth during the 18th century. He stole all the muffins in Europe to use as fuel for his spacecraft. He was pursued by W.A. Mozart and Inspector Charles LeChat. Appeared in The Muffin Fiend (1986)|

Muffin Fiend, The 1986. By Daniel Pinkwater. MF. |

muffins Pastries favored by W.A. Mozart and used for rocket fuel by the Muffin Fiend. Mentioned in several varieties including peach, cherry, cheese, raisin, gooseberry, custard, and chocolate seven layer. All varieties except Gorgonzola are considered fit for human consumption. The fact that Viennese bakers routinely made Gorgonzola muffins indicates that Vienna may have been in routine use as a spaceport from early times. Appeared in The Muffin Fiend (1986)|

Muhu Estonian town with a giant rock. AM. |

Mukerjee's Shoe Shop Interplanar contact place. AM. |

Mulohan, Granny Old woman Kevin Shapiro often helps across Reynolds Ave. in episode number 560.5. DED. |

Munah Maggasang girl, daughter of Inu and Budhi. Eventual Queen of Maggasang. JJ. |

Mungu Baba Pambazuka's god. WK. |

Municipal Muffin Bakery A bakery in Vienna where the poor could bring muffin mix to bake their own muffins; the site of a near riot when the Muffin Fiend, in the guise of Don Pastrami, stole all the muffins. Appeared in The Muffin Fiend (1986). See also: Weinstadtsmunicipalisches Bakerei|

Municipal Vacuum Cleaner Dada name for Himmler High School. YAN. |

Murnau That Sunrise guy (i.e., director of). SBBH. |

Murnau, F. W Dedicatee. See above. W. |

Murphy's Meat Market. Hoboken meat market. HCE. |

Murtwee, Leon P President of Martwist College and relative of Ronald Rubin. DBC. |

Mushroom Gathering in the Andes The moose's all-time favorite movie. MP. |

Mushroom Thought Society Palo Alto mystic group. LG. |

Mutiny on the Bounty Movie Winston Snarked to to celebrate his recovery from the German measles. With Charles Laughton and Clark Gable. SBAD. |

My Expedition to the Lost Civilization of Waka-Waka By Ambrose McFwain. Y. |

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