H Shape of the steel beams on the George Washington Bridge. WM.|

H.A. Hyperstellar Archaeology. AM.|

haircuts Bad luck on Thursdays, or maybe it's Tuesdays, according to Mrs. Galt. SBAD.|

Hairy Cricket Brotherhood San Anselmo, CA mystic group and restaurant/ hotel/ theater empire. LG.|

Haku-Hola Native planet of the Waka-Wakans. AM.|

Halmahera Harry A black kid from Detroit; an F.I.M. member. JJ.|

halyatchkies Something bad. SBBH.|

halyatchkie sticks Used for delivering halyatchkies. I guess. SBBH.|

Hamfat Classy rich suburb of Baconburg. SBBH.|

Hamilton One of the Knights of Power. AM.|

Hamilton, Alexander First secretary of the treasury of the US, killed in a duel in 1804 just across the town line in Weehawken. Does not resemble Bleda. AP.|

Hanam Captain of a spaceburger. FMS.|

Harker, Jonathan Young vampire enthusiast. W.|

Harlan 1. Harlan Flensburg LG.. 2. Harlan Ellison. B.|

Harold 1. Harold Blatz. LG. 2. Harold Platt. AM. 3. Name of 44.5% of babies born immediately after the discovery of Harold Blatz' fortune. LG. 4. Harold Frankenbagel. FBM.|

Harold Blatzism The teaching of Harold Blatz. LG.|

Harold Platt, New Age Seer of Rochester A book. Apparently some kind of rip off from Harold Blatz. AM.|

Haroldine Name of 44.5% of babies born immediately after the discovery of Harold Blatz' fortune. LG.|

Harvard Rejects the Indiana Zephyr's and Captain Colossal's applications, perhaps because they filled them out in tempera paint. DBC. John Holyrood claims to have been accepted for admission. DBC.|

Hasty Tasty An extra-greasy spoon across from the Snark. SBAD. SBBH.|

have a nice day Un-dada phrase. Fine: $5.00. YAN.|

Hawaii, University of Rejects the Indiana Zephyr's and Captain Colossal's applications, perhaps because they filled them out in tempera paint. DBC.|

Hawkman A super-hero in Donald's comic books. Foreshadowing! WM.|

Haya One of the two great Nafsulian gods. AM.|

Haya Doon Nafsulian greeting. AM.|

H-Bomb Chili Very hot chili at the Green Death Chili Parlor. AM.|

Heatseat, Mrs Teacher at Melvinville Elementary School. She thinks all animals should be clothed. AD.|

Heiho Tibetan town, home of Rampa's. AM.|

Heinrich 1. Heinrich Nussbaum. SBAD. SBBH. 2. A moose in a children's book. MP. 3. Heinrich Bleucher. DBC.|

Heinz The Matthews' Chinese butler. A handy disguise for various Nussbaums. SBAD. SBBH.|

Heinz, Mr Guidance counselor at Bat Masterson. AM.|

Helena A Waka-Wakan, cave mate to Lance Hergeschleimer. AM.|

Hell The most popular place there is. Looks like places in NJ, only more so. If you don't like it you have a hard time getting your money back. B.|

Hen Peak Kukumlima. WK.|

Henrietta 1. A suburb of Rochester. Y. 2. Gigantic chicken. HCE.|

Henry 1. Spiegelian pirate. SOS. 2. Henry Ford. YAN. 3. Henry Bagel. AM. 4. Kevin Shapiro's overweight cocker spaniel. YAN.|

Henry Hudson Parkway Crossed (by means of a footbridge) by Donald every day on the way to school and/or the top of the George Washington Bridge. WM.|

Herculane Baths The Romanian baths that the pool at the Garden of Earthly Bliss Drive-in and Pizzeria replicates. SBBH.|

Hercules Sergeant Schwartz's smart dog. Some say he was a Malamute, some a St. Bernard with lots of makeup. MM.|

Hergeschleimer, Arnie The Mad Guru. AM.|

Hergeschleimer, Lance Owned Hergeschleimer's Oriental Gardens. Emigrated to Waka-Waka. AM.|

Hergeschleimer's Oriental Gardens Defunct exotic pant garden. Interplanar contact site. AM.|

Hergeschleimer's Oriental Gardens 1939 Film by Uncle Boris. It's art, you don't have to understand it. AM.|

Heroic Realism Kevin Shapiro's art movement, devoted to the principle that anything that is not a comic book is bad. YAN.|

Hershey (PA) Sacked by the Fat Men. FMS.|

Hershey bars Beloved by Prince Razorback of Mukamuk. MM.|

Heston, Charlton In Winston Bongo's least favorite movies. SBBH.|

Hilarious Clowns on the Farm German comedy Wallace Nussbaum plans to use to torture Flipping Terwilliger. SBAD.|

Hillary, Edmund Part of an obscene metaphor involving Mt. Everest and Pulkeh Rabinowitz. DBC.|

Himmler High School Named for Margaret Himmler. Home of the Wild Dada Ducks. There is some reason to believe that Himmler is in West Kangaroo Park. YAN. DED.|

Hindustan-eight A fine Indian vehicle, ideal for monster hunting. Rarely seen in the US. Prof. McFwain bought one. Y.|

Hitler, Adolf No match for James Dean. SBBH.|

ho Mason Mintz's preferred greeting. DF.|

Hoboken Harold Blatz' room in Schloss Krokenstein was modeled after the Hoboken MacTavish's. (LG.) Site of the Hoboken Chicken Emergency (HCE.), and of the Magic Moscow. (MM). Home of Jolly Roger. (JR). Spiritual home of this Emergencyclopedia.|

Hoboken Chicken Emergency, The 1977. By D. Manus Pinkwater. (HCE.) Studied by Mr. Wendel's class. FMS.|

Hoboken Sled Dog Club Host of an annual dog show. MM.|

Hoboken Volunteer Ambulence Squad Handy to have on hand when the Day of Wrath is at hand. SOS.|

Hogboro City across the lake from Baconburg. AM. Primary setting of Lizard Music. LM.|

Hoi Polloi Club Its members are dedicatees. AP.|

Hollingshead, Richard H., Jr Inventor of the drive in movie in 1933, according to William Geist. SBBH.|

Home Run Brand of cigarettes included in the Hungarian Boy Scout Lunch. AP.|

Ho Moose! Book at the Yellowtooth Library. MP.|

Honda Civic Mr. Galt's car. He belongs to a Honda Civic car owner's club that has text books and everything. SBBH.|

Hong Kong Place Jack Robinson stops in on his voyage to Maggasang. JJ.|

Hoopdup, Blabab Sanskrit scholar (d. 1873.) LG.|

Horrible Fly, the Popular wall-crawling European wrestler. Defeated by the Mighty Gorilla. SBAD.|

Horsewhistle, General Fred Spokesman for the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Advocates the possible use of nuclear weapons against the Fat Men. FMS. |

Hortense Matilda McAllister A freighter that sank at the dock in Toledo, OH in 1957. Five hands got wet. A folk song was written about the event. SBBH.|

Horthian Florff A side dish. The most respected recipe for Horthian Fluff, written by Ben in the 6th century, calls for flounder, chopped chicken liver, vanilla ice cream, peanut butter, cashews, whipped cream, a cherry (1 per hundredweight), and plenty of paprika, all whipped in a blender. SOS. May or may not be related to the dada dessert florff served in the Martwist cafeteria.|

Horthy Planet of humanoid slothoforms. SOS.|

Horwitz, Dr William Pedwee's dentist. FMS.|

Hot Mooselove There's certainly none of this in The True Story of a Wild Moose. RM.|

Hound of the Baskervilles, The. First-rate Snark movie. SBAD.|

Howard 1. The janitor and nurse of Melvinville Elementary School. AD. 2. Howard Goldberg. Y. AM. 3. 15 year old male orangutan; mind slave of Wallace Nussbaum. SBAD.|

Howard Goldberg, Frontiersman A kid's book about Howard Goldberg. Read by Eugene Winkleman and Leonard Neeble.Y. AM.|

How I Invented the Dill Pickle--and How the Idea Was Stolen from Me By Ambrose McFwain. Y.|

Howling Frog--Books of the Weird A strange and occult bookstore in the Grand Mall, run by Howling Frog. SBBH.|

Huip Old Huip. JJ.|

Human Ape Professional Wrestler. FMS.|

"Human Beings All Gotta Be Like Me or I'll Kill Them." Popular Scallion song. SBAD.|

humanoid slothoforms Indigenous to Horthy. Not the same as giant slothoids. SOS.|

Hum Your Way to Nirvana By Alan W. Plotz. LG.|

Hungarian Boy Scout Lunch Two cold, cooked hot dogs, 2 slices rye bread, a chocolate bar, and a pack of Home Run cigarettes, only $1.75 at the Magic Moscow. Not a top seller. AP.|

Hun State University Were Winston Bongo's sister goes. SBAD.|

hupisch A Transylvanian dance. SBBH.|

Hydramatic The inexhaustable drive that makes the Dorbzeldge go. B.|

Hyperstellar Archaeology Science of studying lost continents. AM.