I Am Cool. Book of poems by Jonathan Quicksilver. SBBH.|

Ibu Munah's mother. Dyak magician. JJ.|

Iceland Only place that's never heard of Harold Blatz. (LG.) Slightly better than the Old Country. (B). They don't give people a second chance there. (AM.) Where Flipping Terwilliger did his climate research. SBAD.|

Ichikawa Site of Akanakuji Temple. AM.|

I'd Rather Be Surfing Legend on one of Lamont Penumbra's T-shirts.. AP.|

"If" Zen poem by Kipling. DED.|

Igor A not tall, not thin Wild Dada Duck. He wears a banana named Freddie on a string around his neck, but does not wear glasses. He is concertmaster of the Dada Kazoo Orchestra, and once owned a dog named Roger. His slave name is Maurice.YAN. DED. DBC.|

Ignatz the Igniter Well-known Romanian pyromaniac. B.|

"I'll Never Forget Your Nose" #1 hit song. FMS.|

Illustrated Moosebook Book at the Yellowtooth library. (Two vol's). MP.|

Il Mooso Book at the Yellowtooth library MP.|

"I'm Neat." Popular Scallion song. SBAD.|

"I'm Not Hurting Anybody, Why Don't You Leave me Alone?" Another popular Scallion song. SBAD.|

imperialists Co-responsible (with "the system") for everything that goes wrong on Freedom Island. JJ.|

Imperial Japan Defeated by the moose. RM.|

Imperial Medical Board Board of Medical Advisors of the Empire of Japan. YAN.|

Indiana Zephyr, the A tall, thin Wild Dada Duck. YAN. DED. DBC.|

Indian fruit bats The largest bat, up to a 6' wingspan. Stuffed, they make a deadly weapon in the hands of a master like Dr. Sacker, or a birthday'present' for Flipping Terwilliger (the latter being a trademark of Wallace Nussbaum's). SBAD. SBBH.|

interdimensional bridge Halfway across, everything becomes black and white and flat. B.|

Intergalactic House of Waffles Store on Utopia Ave. AM.|

International Brotherhood of Pizza Makers Has given several awards to the Garden of Earthly Bliss Drive-in and Pizzeria. B.|

Interpersonal Relations Dorky and redundant Martwist College class that deals with expressing oneself and speaking effectively. DBC.|

Interplanar Existential Communication What the Key is for. AM.|

Introduction to Communications Martwist College class taught by Dr. Horst Whistler. DBC.|

Interstate, The A sort of ribbon of light through space. B.|

Invasion of the Bageloids Sci fi alien invasion film; typical Snark fare. The climax involves cream cheese. SBAD.|

inventions The most important inventions are: zippers, buttons, underarm deoderant, window screens, LP's, and Chef Chow's Hot and Spicy Oil.B.|

Investment Club Yet another Martwist College club that Ronald Rubin is president of. DBC.|

invisible giants Original inhabitants of earth, now residing in Fiery Star. JJ.|

Invisible Hunter According to Pawnee and Dyak legend, an invisible giant who is only seen by the plain unimportant girl, whom he marries. Actually, an invisible giant gatekeeper on the way outside who keeps the suns burning. JJ.|

Irish Bull, the 7 foot tall, 467 pound wrestler. Defeated by the Mighty Gorilla. SBAD.|

Irving the Whale Sargon's great-grandfather. SOS.|

Ishak Old Ishak. JJ.|

it The Wozzle. AM.|

"It is funny how fate takes its cut". Favorite dada saying. YAN. DED.|

Ituri Rain Forest Pygmies Get confused by open spaces. Old One thinks they're short because of the meat in their diet. AM.|

Ivan the Impossible Ancient tribal chief, leader of the first Spiegelian pirate raid. SOS.|

I Was a Communist Werewolf Yes, it's movie at the Garden of Earthly Bliss Drive-in and Pizzeria, naturally used as bait by the great detective Osgood Sigerson. SBBH.|

I Was a Moose Book at the Yellowtooth library. MP.