Tabu, Ali An Ethiopian famous for his bad luck. A driver for Baboon Safaris Ltd., he drove both G. Whillikers and Seumas Finneganstein. The best cook in Africa.WK.|

Taipei Place Jack Robinson stops in on his voyage to Maggasang. JJ.|

Talbot Court Home of K. E. Kelman, PH. SBBH.|

tangerine eucalyptus Flavor of cough drop favored by orangutans. SBAD.|

Tango Codename for Mr. Tsang and General Mambo. JJ.|

Ted One of the Fearsome Foursome. SOS.|

Teorema, Father Jesuit priest, one of the five old men who saw the Maggasang treasure. JJ.|

Terraxstein A futuristic planet with 5 moons in the galaxy Witzbilb. (B.) Populated by giants. (SOS.)|

Terre Haute Follow the signs for Terre Haute to get from the Great Popsicle Memorial and Park to the Interstate. B.|

Terror of Tiny Town, The An all midget Western. Inexplicably, a real movie.SBBH.|

Terwilliger, Aunt Tall, thin, operaphobe (and closet operaphile.) SBAD.|

Terwilliger, Uncle Flipping Hades Rat's mad scientist uncle. SBAD. SBBH.|

Tesev 1. Tesev Nussbaumscu. SBBH. 2. Tesev Noskecnil. SOS.|

Test Your Brainpower Machine for testing for state 26. AM.|

Texas Ted Sailor on the Matilda Magoo. JR.|

Thamrin Boulevard Road leading from Senayan Stadium. JJ.|

they 1. G. Whillikers name for the worms of Kukumlima. WK. 2. The Waka-Wakans name for Manny, Moe, and Jack. AM.|

Third St Street which intersects with Bloomsbury at the site of the Magic Moscow. SOS.|

Thought-Collector helmet Vital in the working of the Test Your Brainpower machine. AM.|

thought-forms, insubstantial They prospered in the days of the new great fair at Blintzni Spamgorod. SOS.|

Thug Obscure rock group. SBAD.|

Thunder One of the names of Bugbeard's chicken. NFSP|

Thunderbolt City Main city on Diamond Hard. Compared to Thunderbolt City, Disneyland is like a broken-down hamburger stand. LM. WNS.|

Thunderclap-Eight The old green car Mr. Popsnorkle and family decide to trade in on a brand new, light blue Tooth-Gnasher Superflash. According to Mr. Popsnorkle, it could do twice as many things as the Tooth-Gnasher Superflash. Appeared in Tooth-Gnasher Superflash (1981).|

Tick A Roman emperor in Chickens from Uranus. YAN.|

Tieholtsodi A monster living in Lake Michigan, hunted by Ambrose McFwain. Y.|

ties Serious dada wear (YAN). Required to visit Borgel. (B.)|

tiger head, stuffed One hangs on Jack Robinson's wall. JJ.|

time Like a map of New Jersey. B.|

time machine Like the Baltimore, Spiegel, and Arcturus boxcar (MP) or Borgel's Dorbzeldge sedan 1937. B.|

Times of Africa Another Nairobi newspaper. SBBH.|

Times of Hoboken Steve Nickelson's favorite newspaper. SOS.|

Times of Iceland Read by Uncle Flipping. SBAD.|

time tourist On who travels in time, space, and the other. B.|

Timor Tim T.T. JJ.|

Tin Town Squatter community in Baconburg. SBAD.|

tiny violin Instrument played by W.A. Mozart to trap the Muffin Fiend. Appeared in The Muffin Fiend (1986).|

tires Living beings. When one goes flat, it is dead. AM.|

Tjidjulang Javanese town with a Paleolithic formation. AM.|

Toad, Evil A great genius and inventor, taught by the Great Popsicle. Built a Great Popsicle-resembling computer and programmed his voice into it. B.|

Toad, Hapless Evil Toad's son, he runs the Great Popsicle Monument and Park. B.|

Toad, Nasty Horrible Ugly Little No relation. Runs Toad's Store. B.|

Toad, Witless Hapless Toad's cousin. Runs Toad's Campground. B.|

Toad's Campground Run by Witless Toad. B.|

Toad's Store Run by Nasty Horrible Ugly Little Toad. Sells nothing edible except onions. B.|

Tock A Roman emperor in Chickens from Uranus. YAN.|

Tolitoli Tommy T.T. JJ.|

Tony Not Hopalong Cassidy's horse. SBBH.|

Tooney, Mr Principal of P. S. 132. WM.|

Tooth-Gnasher Superflash A "lovely light blue" sports car bought by the Popsnorkle family. It has the ability to drive on its rear wheels and change into a dinosaur, an elephant, a turtle and a chicken. Appeared in Tooth-Gnasher Superflash (1981).|

Tourist Guide to Hogboro Includes index! AM.|

Traneing, Manuel Mexican science fiction movie director. SBAD.|

Transylvanian Mushroom--We Never Close Hubertus Baolingpinski's ancient diner. SBBH.|

Travels of Young Grebnitz A story from the Old Country. B.|

Trinidad (Colorado.) Right next door to scenic East Trinidad, Colorado. FMS.|

tripleganger Like a doppelganger, only there's 3 of them. SOS.|

Trottersville Suburb of Baconburg. SBBH.|

True Story of a Wild Moose, The. 1. Bestselling book by D. Moosus Moosewater. RM. 2. Movie, based on the book, starring Robert Blueford. RM.|

Truman, Harry S The moose. RM.|

Trumble, Miss Leonard Neeble's English teacher. AM.|

tsampa Okay-tasting Himalayan food. AM.|

Tsing, Mr Fligh's conspirator with the long fingernails. JJ.|

Tsuya Dedicatee. MM.|

T.T. Short, grisly F.I.M. member with greasy hair. JJ.|

Tuan Malay honorific. Also, an anagram of "tuna". JJ.|

tuna If Japanese, probably radioactive, according to Mrs. Galt. SBAD.|

Turkey Originator of cuckoo clocks. (SBBH.) It has a silly pledge of allegiance.. (AM.)|

Twilbstein Galaxy gleptoids come from. SOS.|

Twinkie checkers Spiegelian game. SOS.|

tzu-mishi-wa A stste of Zen confusion, which may lead to mishi-gasu. DED.|

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