Zabonga, Madame Rip-off fortune teller. SBAD. |

Zalbar Home of banana men. SOS. |

Zeiss German film projector company. SBBH. |

Zelatnowa, Madame European anthropologist, studies the cooking of Himalayan peoples. Lives with Leonard Neeble's grandparents. AM. |

Zen Inspiration to the Dharma Ducks (see also: Wild Dada Ducks). It sucks. DED. |

Zen Bakery, All Night see All Night Zen Bakery. SBAD. |

Zenburger MacTavish's charcoal-broiled pickle patty on a bun w/ Russian dressing. LG. |

Zen Chiropractor Used by Lydia LaZonga when she gets confusing|

vibrations. SBBH. |

Zen master The best Zen masters come from Asia and exhibit strange and inexplicable behavior. They have a unique expression in their eyes and fat feet. The are ordely and intent in their work, and deny knowing any Zen. DED. |

Zen-yin-yang System of cooking developed by Alan W. Watzuki. Food is prepared with yin to yang ingrediants in a 5:1 ratio. DED. |

Ziegler A planet. FMS. |

Ziggy, Bear, Flake, and me, The lady who takes care of Dedicatee. Who could it be? JR. |

Zigismunda formosa Martian plant encased in Lucite handles of fleegix mugs. AM. |

zippers One of the most important inventions ever. B. |

zitkis berry The berry used in the making of Fleegix, they grow only on one of four particular bushes in Lenny in Waka Waka. They can grow nowhere else. (AM.) Also, Seumas Finneganstein has a bush at the World Famous Salami Snap Company. (WK). Zitkis berries are distributed by Freddians at the fair at Blintzni Spamgorod. SOS. |

zlotys Universal currency. Equal to .016666666666666666666666666666667 plastic fish. B. |

zucchini Eaten raw it may cure cancer, according to one Blueberry Park speaker. SBAD. |

zuuzuushii Audacious. AM. |

zuzuki Pushing one's opponent on the chest with one's head. AM. |

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