nacht To eat beer and salami. Or something. DED. |

[Editor's note: the following entries containing the word Nafsu are the most frequently viewed portions of the Emergencyclopedia, with the vast majority of the hits coming from Malaysia. If you are a Malaysian reader looking for information on Nafsu, please email me and tell me what the significance is. It might be important to Pinkwater scholarship.]|

Nafsu City A city in Nafsulia. AM. |

Nafsu Cola Third most popular soft drink in the Hogboro area, according to Samuel Klugarsh. The formula was taken from Nafsulia by Walter C. Gull. AM. |

Nafsulia A nasty little anarchic plane. They use the same time system as Earth. (AM). The horses there are immense. (SOS). |

Nafsu Motors Forklift Bagged by Ken Krenwinkle in 1962. Y. |

Nafsu Oil Company Another thing with Nafsu in its name. Has yearbooks. AM. |

Nainpur Indian town, home of Mukerjee's Shoe Shop.AM. |

Nairobi Where Seumas Finneganstein's exploring party lands in Africa. (WK.) Also, home of the Rinziki Rafiki Drive-in Movie Theater. SBBH. |

Nancy Ronald Rubin's virtuous Christian oversexed girlfriend. Some say she's creepy. President of the Student Court. DBC. |

Napnik, King Legendary king of the Old Country. He had a golden beard, was a skilled rock thrower, and never bothered his subjects. B. |

Napolean of Crime Wallace Nussbaum. SBAD. SBBH. |

Napoleans A great pastry at Bignose's. SBBH. |

Nash Metropolitan Seumas Finneganstein's ancient car. WK. |

Nasser, Gamal Abdel Former president of Egypt, his face graces Baba Pambazuka's pinball machine. WK. |

Nastrovsky, Charley Leonard Neeble's best friend in the old neighborhood. AM. |

Nathan of the North Prospector, mountain man, trapper, scout, mule driver, hunter, and conservative Jewish Rabbi. MP. |

Nathan's. Famous Coney Island hot dog stand, considered to exist even outside the fiction of DMP. FMS. |

National Geographic Contains articles by and about Jeff and Marie Robinson. JJ. |

Natural Moostory Book at the Yellowtooth library. MP. |

National SausageCouncil Situated in the Sausage Center Building. SBAD. |

Natura Masgicum Phantomium Mystic text. AP. |

Navajo Indians Their myths speak of Tieholtsodi. Y. |

Nazi, Captain Captain Marvel nemesis. WM. |

Nazi Germany Defeated by the moose. RM. |

Neatfeet, Mrs Kindergarden teacher at Melvinville Elementary School. AD. |

neat-o Word employed by Jeff Robinson. JJ. |

Ned 1. One of the Fearsome Foursome. SOS. 2. Norway Ned. SOS. 3. Ned Feldman. NFSP. |

Ned Feldman's Hill Little hill next to the Bugbeard Hills. NFSP. |

Ned Feldman, Space Pirate 1994. By Daniel Pinkwater. NFSP. |

Neeble, Leonard Earthling Hyperstellar Archeologist. AM. |

Neeble, Louise Leonard Neeble's mother. AM. |

Neeble, Mr Leonard Neeble's father. A rag packager. AM. |

Nefesh Park. Fla Where your grandmother might live. AM. |

Nemo St Main business street in the Old Neighborhood. B. |

Neosho. (Missouri) Where Jack stayed with Aunt Amy. JJ. |

Neptune Home of giant slothoids. SOS. |

Neptunian salami Very tough, and suitable for artistic carving. SOS. |

nesselrode pie Served at the Phantom Lunch Wagon. PLW. |

Nesterman, Captain Shep The Chicken Man. SBAD. |

New Jersey Jungle land on the other side of the Hudson than Donald. WM. |

New Paltz, NY Site of cave with Silly Hat monks in it. LG. |

Nfbnm*, Pak Freddie. B|

Nfbnm*'s Tapioca A multi-generational family business. B. |

Ngawa, George British scientist; believed earthworms were intelligent aliens. WK. |

Ngorongoro Not Kukumlima. WK. |

Ngurdoto Crater Not Kukumlima. WK. |

Nibitz Street. Address of the Baconburg city hall. SBBH. |

Nick Dog rustler. MM. |

Nickelson, Steve Ludwig Proprietor of the Magic Moscow. Chronic collector. Second best sloppy chef in the universe. Sort of fat, dresses in white with glasses and a big bushy beard. MM. AP. SOS. |

Nietzsche, Friedrich Possibly as smart as John Holyrood. DBC. |

Night of the Crumbling Moon(s) Night the 12 green moons of Grabowsky appear to collide and produce the illusion of smashing each other to bits. (SOS.) On Earth, it's a Buginese time designation. JJ. |

Night Stalking Celery Mad celery of NJ. FBM. |

nihilist Not a bad thing to be if you can't be a Dadaist. YAN. |

Nildok Home of crab-men. SOS. |

Nia Ship model Harold Blatz built. LG. |

1952 Nafsu Oil Company Employees' Yearbook, The Typical book at Morrie's Book-store. AM. |

Nitten Jutland Jed's kitten. JR. |

Noel 1. Noel Marsupial. WK. 2. Noel Wallaby. AM. 3. (Missouri.) A little town by a lake in the Ozark|

foothills. JJ. |

Noel Motel Motel in Noel, MO. JJ. |

Noffo Home of clown people. B. SOS. |

Nofkis The galaxy fur-bearing Anthropoids come from. B. |

Noftis Home of giant terrestrial shrimp. SOS. |

Noggs, the A dada rock group popular with Wild Dada Ducks. YAN. |

No Neck Walter Galt's nickname. SBAD. |

Nor-Bu Drug Company Artsy druggist/soda fountain in the heart of Old Town. Named for Nork Ave. and Budhi St. SBAD. |

Nork Ave Main commercial street in Old Town. SBAD. |

North America Its native population came from Nafsu. AM. |

Northern Territory Look, do you think Pinkwater has time to look at a map every time before he writes a book? He was probably too busy looking up words like samovar and amphibolus. MP. |

North Water Street Home of McFwain Toy Company. Y. |

Norway Ned Sailor on the Matilda Magoo. JR. |

Norwegian vole-moss tea The Laplanders drink it like Grepis-Cola. B. |

Noskecnil, Tesev Humanoid slothoform from the planet Horthy. Sort of fat, dresses in white with glasses and a big bushy beard. Steve Nickelson's tripleganger (hey, wait....isn't that an anagram?). Greatest sloppy chef in the universe (but he cheats). SOS. |

Nosewort Pond A little lake near Thunderbolt City. Home to wild caterpillars.WNS. |

Nosferatu Pete Parakeet. SBAD. |

Nosferatu Scary vampire movie. SBAD. |

Noshferatu A bagel vampire of Hebrew lore. MP. |

Nuclear Meltdown A Magic Moscow special, featuring 9 flavors of ice cream, a sliced radish, a peach, 4 kinds of syrup, sunflower seeds, bran flakes, a slice of baked ham, and a pickled tomato, all covered in melted cheese and served on 3 whole-wheat English muffins in a cardboard bucket, for only $4.95. AP. SOS. |

Nussbaum, Heinrich Wallace's twin brother. A Peruvian police man, and the only good Nussbaum. SBBH. |

Nussbaum, Dennis Wallace and Heinrich's criminal father. Emigrated to Peru. Liked Wallace best. SBBH. |

Nussbaum, Fu Man Mastermind of a huge criminal empire. SBBH. |

Nussbaum, Mommy Wallace and Heinrich's mother. SBBH. |

Nussbaum, Moriarty Once the finest criminal mind in Europe. SBBH. |

Nussbaum St Street in West Kangaroo Park that Hergeschleimer's Oriental Gardens is on the corner of. AM. |

Nussbaum, Wallace World's greatest criminal, boomerang thrower, and mathematician. Kicked out of a South American army (Peru's?) for terrifying chickens. Nemesis of Osgood Sigerson. SBAD. SBBH. |

Nussbaums Medieval band of roving barbarians. SBBH. |

Nussbaumscu, Tesev Opened world's first drive-in in Blint, Romania in 1893. Mugged everyone who came. SBBH. |

Nutley. (NJ) Home of the Gold Rush Kennels. MM. |