Pacamac, Sir Charles Famous geographer, U of London lecturer, World Champion Samovar Crasher, and all-around dick. MP. |

Paco Guitarist for Nesterman and Dharmawati. SBAD. |

Pahkman, the Dr. Wizardo's psychic nemesis. DED. |

Palace of Culture Largest building in the city of Lenny. AM. |

Paleolithic formation Javanese interplanar contact place. AM. |

Paleo-Siberian folktales Some allude to the Great Popsicle. B. |

Palmyra (NY) Cold place. SBAD. |

Pambazuka, Baba An 120-year old holy man living near Bambati, where he operates Pambazuka General Merchandise. A pinball fan. WK. |

Pambazuka General Merchandise A General Store near Bambati, run by Baba Pambazuka. WK. |

pan-fried brown rice croquettes Particularly inedible recipe in The Official Zen Cookery Book, calling for brown rice, rice cream cereal, and rice flour. You can put soy sauce on it. DED. |

Papercup Mixmaster Lunchbox Louie's six-year-old razorback hog. WNS. |

Papescu, Milton Hamfat resident, attacked by a Werewolf. SBBH. |

Parthenon Puerto Rican Restaurant On Washington St, Hoboken. AP. |

Pastrami, Don Alias of the Muffin Fiend. He traveled around Europe ordering huge quantities on muffins in local bakeries. He would then tie the baker hand and foot and lock him in a closet. In this way he stole all the muffins in Paris and Vienna and presumably most of the rest of Europe as well. Appeared in The Muffin Fiend (1986).|

Pawnee Indians Lived on the shores of Lake Noel long ago. They have legends of the Invisible Hunter. JJ. |

Pearl St Harold Blatz' street in Rochester. (LG.) Also, home of Richard F. Scott, at 5235. DED. |

peasant A commoner interviewed by W.A. Mozart and Inspector Charles LeChat in the Wienerwald. He had never heard of the Muffin Fiend. Appeared in The Muffin Fiend (1986).|

Pecos Bill The Honorable Venustiano Carranza (President of Mexico)'s name before his conversion to Dada. YAN. |

Pedwee, William Boy whose filling picks up radio stations. FMS. |

Pelicanstein, Sir Charles Daring explorer. WK. |

Penumbra, Lamont Phony mystic seer, would-be magician, and Nuclear Meltdown addict. He is 6'6" and thin, with a big nose, a bald head, and glowing eyes. AP. |

People's Zitkis Berry Collective Something Alan Mendelsohn pulled out of his butt. AM. |

Persea gigantica Giant avocado. SBAD. |

Peru Current home of the Nussbaums. Where the Galts met (in an Avacado farm, of course.). SBBH. |

Pete Parakeet Walter Galt's parakeet. Renamed Nosferatu. SBAD. |

Pete's Pizza A Baconburg pizzaria. SBBH. |

Peugeot 403 Super Grand Luxe Extra 1958 Winston Bongo's car, a present from the Mighty Gorilla. It has independant leaf spring suspension, rack-and-pinion steering, 64 horsepower, a maximum speed of 81 mph, and one window crank for two windows. SBBH. |

Peugeot car works in occupied France Where the Germans built the Fliegendes Schwein. Y. |

phantom Makes a ghost look like a joke. Or maybe it's just a kitten. PLW. |

Phantom Lunch Wagon New name of the Jolly Trolley. PLW. |

Phantom of the Lunch Wagon, The 1992. By Daniel Pinkwater. PLW. |

Phantom of the Opera, Author of The Dedicatee. SOS. |

Phil's House of Ferrets A store that was once (and is no longer) in the Grand Mall. SBBH. |

pi Equivalent to the product of the area of the base of the Great Pyramid of Cheops and your grandmother's height in centimeters plus two minus today's market price of chopped liver. Or is that the formula for the distance from the earth to the sun? AM. |

pickle What your brains would turn into if you were knew the bad things Captain Bugbeard has done. (NFSP). Used in many of MacTavish's foods (LG.), and in Steve Nickelson's Moron's Delight (kosher) (MM) and Sargon's Space Surprise (sliced) (SOS). Also, Borgel MacTavish traded some Kleenex for a pickle near the beginning of his career. (B.) Uncle Flipping Hades Terwilliger ate on in the Snark theater during The Attack of the Mayan Mummy. (SBAD). The dill pickle was invented by Ambrose McFwain, age 6. (Y.) |

pickle creature A large, friendly creature that is like a pickle, a dinosaur, a big dog, and a crocodile. You feed it raisins if you want to make friends with it. PC. |

Pickle Creature 1979. By Daniel M. Pinkwater. PC. |

Pierre 1. Pierre Pierre. WK. 2. Pierre Unclemel. Y. 3. Pierre Beeswax. MM. 4. Pierre Ramakrishna. SBAD. |

Pierre, Pierre Owner of Adventurers' Outfitters. WK. |

Pinkwater, Daniel Manus Author. Noted mooseologist. (MP.) Former Yubi-waza champion. (D!). Possible candidate for Supreme Being.|

Pinkwater, Jill Miriam Pinkwater's wife. Dedicatee. (FW, AM, AD, PLW, NFSP, UM). Martian sweetie. (AM). Co-author and illustrator (SP). |

Pinta Ship model Harold Blatz built. LG. |

Pippicksdottir Icelandic steamer, last known location of Rat's grandfather. SBAD. |

Piscataway (NJ) Where Sigerson learned baritsu. SBAD. |

Piscean Discovery Institute 1. Encourages all sea-monster finders, especially those after Yobgorgle. Y. 2. See McFwain Foundation. Y. |

Planck, Max Subject of a Heinrich Bleucher lecture. DBC. |

plastic fish See zloty. B. |

Plastic Man Comic book Donald reads whose hero is feared by crooks and respected by all. WM. |

"Plastic Man Meets the Green Terror" In Police Comics #58. WM. |

Platinum Blazing Yukon Flash Champion Malamute. Steve Nickelson's dog. Claims to be the grandson of Hercules. MM. |

Platt, Harold New Age seer of Rochester. AM. |

Plotz, Alan W Author of Hum Your Way to Nirvana. LG. |

Plumbean, Mr A man whose house looks like all his dreams. BOS. |

Pluto Chili-producing planet. SOS. |

Plymouth station wagon, white Air Enterprise's limosine. The windshield is cracked. WK. |

Podgorny, Jennifer Agonizingly beautiful Himmler cheerleader with famous breasts. Known to cavort with Kevin Shapiro. DED. |

Police Comics #58 Featuring "Plastic Man Meets the Green Terror." WM. |

polka music Played by Air Enterprise on deluxe flights. WK. |

Pontoon, Bob Channel 57, Baconburg, newscaster. SBBH. |

Popnik, S.S Legend printed on the navy surplus hats of the Fanatical Praetorians. YAN. |

Popovo Public Library Bulgarian interplanar contact place. AM. |

popsicle Beloved not only of Uncle Roy (LG.), but also of people everywhere. B. |

Popsicle Company Almost as respected a corporation as Nfbnm*'s Tapioca. B. |

Popsikellen, Geist und Wissenschaft A 900 page book in German by Freddie. The last word in popsicle lore. B. |

Popsnorkle, Mr. A man who decides it is time to take his family down to the dealership and buy a new car. He is the father of the five little Popsnorkles. Appeared in Tooth-Gnasher Superflash (1981).|

Popsnorkle, Mrs The wife of Mr. Popsnorkle. She is the mother of the five little Popsnorkles. Appeared in Tooth-Gnasher Superflash (1981).|

Pop Tarts An Earth export to Spiegel. SOS. |

Porkington Suburb of Baconburg. SBBH. |

Porky Trading village, only permanent settlement on Spiegel. SOS. |

Port Newark (NJ) Where the Pippicksdottir sailed from with Rat's grandfather. SBAD. |

potato Introduced to Earth from Haku-Hola by Waka-Wakans. Also found on the moon. AM. |

potato pancake Mm mm. Sargon's favorite. FMS. |

Potts, Lucile Dedicatee. WC. |

Powers Airfield Near Lake Noel. JJ. |

Precisko Harold Blatz' model kit company. LG. |

Presidential Suite Where Gypsy Bill, Jr. keeps his chickens. B. |

pre-Socratic philosophers They wore open toed sandals. SBBH. |

Prince, Dr Bad psychologist. AM. |

Prince of Darkness Motor Lodge A motel near Hell. Bar-b-ques nightly. B. |

Prince Razorback of Mukamuk John Crisco's mean, evil Malamute. MM. |

Prince Sylvia Headcutters Japanese barbershop. JJ. |

Princeton University Accepted Kevin Shapiro early decision. DED. |

Principia Moosa Book at the Yellowtooth library. MP. |

Professor Popcorn A store that was once (and is no longer) in the Grand Mall. SBBH. |

Profit, Sister Author of What God Said to Me. LG. |

pseudo-glepts A third kind of gleptoid. SOS|

P. S. 132 Donald Chen's school. WM. |

Psychiatry Made Simple for Younger Readers The book Leonard Neeble uses to dupe Dr. Prince. AM. |

Psycho Hypothetical manufacturers of a hypothetical 640-K indestructible digital watch. B. |

Psychology Today Alan Mendelsohn's read it. AM. |

pudding, chocolate Becomes a deadly explosive with the addition of an easily obtainable ingrediant. AM. |

pudding, tapioca Tops with the Feldmans. SBBH. |

Pumpkin Shake. At MacTavish's! LG. |