Sabu the Elephant Boy At the Snark Theater! SBBH.|

Sacker, Dr. Ormond Osgood Sigerson's friend and biographer. Deadly with a stuffed Indian fruitbat. SBAD. SBBH.|

Sade, Marquis de Whom the Dada Ducks almost voted for instead of {gasp} Kevin Shapiro. YAN.|

Sadie's Drive-Thru Fish Market In Columbus, OH. B.|

Sahlan Dedicatee. JJ.|

salami One of the most ancient of foodstuffs. The 1,633 varieties of salami include the lop cheong and the suicide squad. (SBBH.) Kosher salamis, like the gut buster, originated on the planet Pluto. (AM.) Most modern salamis are fastened with Finneganstein's salami snaps. (WK.)|

salami snap Invented by Seumas Finneganstein. A wire snap which seals the end of salamis, and is also used on plastic bags and cheese. It has saved the life of innumerable mountain climbers. WK.|

Samarinda Place Jack Robinson was unable to go. JJ.|

samovar A metal urn, commonly of copper, used in Russia and elsewhere to boil the water for tea. Fun to crash! MP.|

Samuel Klugarsh--Occult and Oriental Books Wierd bookstore. AM.|

San Diego Home of Dr. Prince's sister. AM.|

Sandy, Mr Car salesman who sells the Popsnorkle family a new Tooth-Gnasher Superflash. He wears the classic white shoes, white tie, and red suit of a car salesman. He is dismayed by Mr. Popsnorkle's ability to get the car to change shape. Appeared in Tooth-Gnasher Superflash (1981).|

San Francisco Eventual destination of the first man on the moon. AM.|

Santa Mara Ship model Harold Blatz built. LG.|

Sargon Leader of the Fat Men of Spiegel. FMS. SOS.|

Sargon's Space Surprise Steve Nickelson's entry in the great fair at Blintzni Spamgorod. Contains: a Venusian cranshaw melon, a whole ham, 2 poundsraw oats, 1 qt. VT maple syrup, 3 Glintnil radishes, 5 Bartlett pears, a kosher salami, and a Spanish olive compressed in a trash compactor, garnished with a gallon of peach ice cream, powdered coconut, pickle slices, and seedless grapes.. The whole thing gets microwaved. SOS.|

Saskatoon, University of Apparantly located near what some call the "Northern Territory." MP.|

Satirappa Old Satirappa. JJ.|

Saturnian They eat watches (AM.) and Horthian Florff (SOS).|

Sausage Magazine edited out of the Sausage Center Building. SBAD.|

Sausage Center Building, the Baconburg's largest (but not tallest) building.|

Sausage Makers Association convention Where Mr. Galt allegedly goes on odd years. SBAD.|

Savannah Atomic freighter model Harold Blatz built. LG.|

Scallion Fairly conservative but popular rock band. Famed for their originality, their tendency to scream or mumble or whistle instead of singing, and their trademark 18' papier-mache mastodon that the ignite at the end of a concert. SBAD.|

Scarlet, Mr A super-hero in Donald's comic books. WM.|

Schloss Krokenstein Hamish MacTavish's house in the Bavarian Alps. LG.|

Schneiderman, Fat Proprietor of the Baconburg out of town newspaper stand. SBAD.|

Schtunk, Milo The Chicken Man. LM.|

Schutz, Estelle Dedicatee. BOS.|

Schutz, Irving Dedicatee. Kosher, in a way, but not sour. PC.|

Schwartz Planet on the opposite side of the universe from Earth. SOS.|

Schwartz, Kevin Proprietor of Kevin Schwartz's Pizzeria. AP.|

Schwartz, Mac St. Louis pitcher. SBAD.|

Schwartz, Melvyn A troublemaker in Mr. Wendel's class. FMS.|

Schwartz, Sergeant Fictional Canadian mountie. Always gets his man. Played by Pierre Beeswax. MM.|

Scientology Extremely humorous to the Order of the Laughing Alligator. AM.|

Scott 1. Temporary owner of a duck and a chariot. D! 2. Scott Feldman. SBBH. 3. Scott Shapiro. YAN.|

Scott, Richard F Of 5235 Pearl St. He hides in his gym locker and makes scary sounds, but claims not to masturbate there. DED.|

Scrap Ankle Road Main drag of Tintown. SBAD.|

Sea Dyak See Dyak. JJ.|

Sears and Mookerjee Sold a cup to Dupdup Drng'pa. LG.|

Sears and Roebuck Yes, they do an interplanetary shipping. SOS.|

Season of Horror Film festival at the Garden of Earthly Bliss Drive-in and Pizzeria. SBBH.|

Sea Witch Clipper ship model Harold Blatz built. LG.|

Senayan Stadium Jakarta stadium where Java Jack and the Batik Pirate with the Bogeyman Band played. JJ.|

"Sergeant Schwartz of the Yukon and His Great Dog Hercules." TV show about Sergeant Schwartz of the Yukon and his great dog Hercules. MM.|

Sergeant Schwartz of the Yukon and His Great Dog Hercules 1. Comic book about Sergeant Schwartz of the Yukon and his great dog Hercules. MM. 2. Series of movies about Sergeant Schwartz of the Yukon and his great dog Hercules. MM.|

Serious Hat Order Mystic group based in Tibet and New Jersey. SBBH.|

sex There's supposed to be a lot of sex on Freedom Island, but Java Jack never saw any. (JJ.) Miss Sweet spells it s-x. (SBAD). Sex with the junior and senior girls, preferably all of them, is an avowed goal of the Dharma Ducks. (DED.) Pulkeh Rabinowitz and John Holyrood like, do it. DBC.|

Shabomm Lost continent, colonized by Plutonians. AM.|

Shakespeare, William Wrote Macbeth, from which Chickens from Uranus is adapted. YAN.|

shei-shei Chinese word that might mean "thank you". It's the kind of thing you can say in any situation. JJ.|

Shapiro, Cynthia Fictional Kevin's crazy mother. YAN.|

Shapiro, Isobel Fictional Kevin's alcoholic prostitute sister. YAN.|

Shapiro, Kevin 1. A loser fictional character in Kevin Shapiro, Boy Orphan. He's indestructible. YAN. DED. 2. A loser student at Himmler High School, who eventually rules the school. Before his apotheosis, Kevin was a short little comic collector with big glasses and big Frankenstein shoes. Through the efforts of the Dada Ducks, Kevin became a kind of god-king. He used his power to espouse his artistic philosophy of Heroic Realism and coat the Dada Ducks with soggy Grape-Nuts.He later took to dating 3 cheerleaders simultaneously, and was accepted for early admissions to Princeton.YAN. DED.|

Shapiro, Scott Fictional Kevin's father. A blind deaf mute cripple methane worker. YAN.|

Shep 1. Fafner's travelling name. B. 2. Shep Stoneman. YAN. 3. Captain Shep Nesterman. SBAD.|

Sherlock Holmes Faces Death First-rate Snark movie. SBAD.|

Shipiro Misspelling of Shapiro. DED.|

Shoe Monster Store on Utopia Ave. AM.|

shoe polish A delicious treasure to the people of Jivebone. NFSP.|

Shop Good Late night supermarket near Conrad's grandmother's house. PC.|

Shore, Jeb The biggest kid in Leonard Neeble's gym class. Henry Bagel knocks him out during the Martian riot. AM.|

Shpilkie Tower Baconburg's tallest (but not largest) building. SBBH.|

Sigerson, Osgood World's greatest detective. Possibly Mr. Galt (his voice sounds familiar to Walter before he has ever heard the detective speak; he wears makeup all over his face as a disguise not even his son could penetrate, he never attends avocado cons at the same time as Galt, they both had banana and avocado fritters in Dar es Salaam and enjoy raisin toast, Galt keeps his collar buttons in a nose putty can and Sigerson has a false nose, and when Galt has to go to the ASSM, Sigerson goes to the Sausage Center Building). SBAD. SBBH.|

Sikkim Where there is a village that produces nothing but felons. SBBH.|

Silly Hat Order Millenia old pre-Buddhist sect. LG.|

Simms Aunt Lucille's handyman in chapter 1,015 of Kevin Shapiro, Boy Orphan. YAN.|

Simpson, Bart A cartoon character. Not a personal friend of Bramwell Wink-Porter. AD.|

Sinatra, Frank Does not resemble Bleda. AP.|

Sinclair, Dr. Wiley One of Borgel MacTavish's names on the road. B.|

Singapore Place Jack Robinson stops in on his voyage to Maggasang. JJ.|

sink Home of the devil (DD) and disguise for Bugbeard's ship. NFSP.|

Six Easy Steps to Nirvana By Dr. Weary. LG.|

skunk pelts A kind of currency in the Old Country. Borgel MacTavish found his first dead skunk when he was 12. B.|

Slade Dog rustler. MM.|

Slaves of Spiegel 1982. By Daniel Pinkwater. SOS.|

sloth-like aliens Giant slothoids come from Neptune, humanoid slothoforms from Horthy. Keep 'em straight. SOS.|

Slugs, the A rock group popular with Wild Dada Ducks. YAN.|

Smiling Sausage, The Restaurant on the ground floor of the Sausage Center Building. SBAD.|

Smythe-Finkel, The Honorable Lama Lumpo Jonathan Quicksilver's guru. Lama of the Serious Hat Order. SBBH.|

snark out To sneak out at night to the Snark Theater, preferably wearing a wide-brimmed hat. Invented by Winston Bongo. SBAD. SBBH.|

Snarkout Boys and the Avocado of Death, The 1982. By Daniel Pinkwater. SBAD.|

Snarkout Boys and the Baconburg Horror, The 1984. By Daniel Pinkwater. Can be read on at least 14 different levels. SBBH.|

Snark Street The street the Snark Theater is on. SBAD. SBBH.|

Snark Theater 24-hour Baconburg movie theater with a new double bill every night. SBAD. SBBH.|

soap flakes A delicious treasure to the people of Jivebone. NFSP.|

Sock City A store on Grand Ave. SBBH.|

Socrates A classy guy. (DBC.) Before him, philosophers wore open toed sandals. SBBH.|

Song of the South Disney movie shown at the Snark. SBAD.|

sonny Variant of sonnyboy employed by Jonathan Quicksilver's mother. SBBH.|

sonnyboy Something people with accents say, such as wempires (W) and Borgel (B).|

Sorcerer's Guide Mystic text. AP.|

Sorrows of Young Werewolf, The By K. E. Kelman, PH. SBBH.|

So-Silly Boodi. Obscure rock group. SBAD.|

Souchong Hamish MacTavish's Tibetan butler. LG.|

space Like an elliptical bagel with poppy seeds.|

spaceburgers Spaceships from Spiegel. FMS. SOS.|

space chickens Gigantic chickens that fly through space. Some live on Bugbeard. NFSP.|

space science A very advanced science. NFSP.|

Sparrow, Mr Fligh in disguise. JJ.|

Spectogram Analysis Pictographs Who the hell can figure these out? JJ.|

Spellbound, Martha Melvin's perfect, poilte, religious, boring sister. B.|

Spellbound, Melvin Time-tourist. B.|

Spellbound, Milo Melvin's perfect, poilte, religious, boring brother. He plays the French horn, too. B.|

Spiegel 1. Planet of Fat Men, feared throughout the universe. Population 10 million, but they're usually off pillaging other galaxies. The atmosphere is .0014430014 earth standard. (FMS. SOS.) 2. One of three words written on the side of a time-machine box car. (MP.)|

Spiegelians Aliens who resemble Fat Men in leisure suits, horn-rim glasses, polka-dot shirts, pinkie rings, digital watches, and wingtip shoes. SOS.|

Spiegelian seltzer Growth formula. SOS.|

Spinard, Miss Donald's old teacher. She resembles Frankenstein. WM.|

Spirit, The Comic book Donald reads whose hero is feared by crooks and respected by all. WM.|

Spoon, Kevin A spoiled kid with a nice life. DF.|

Spy Smasher Comic book Donald reads whose hero is feared by crooks and respected by all. WM.|

Sri Lanka National Orchestra Often conducted by Adolf. SBAD.|

Stan's Bar and Grill Uncle Roy's new hangout. LG.|

Starkley, Mr Does not love the Mighty Gorilla. SBBH.|

Starkley, Mrs Rat's English teacher. Loves the Mighty Gorilla. SBBH.|

Star Spangeled Banner All-American Cafeteria Foreign diner in the Old Neighborhood. B.|

State Highway 18 The Flying Piggie crossed it in Rochester. Y.|

State Street Where Isobel Shapiro looked for work. YAN.|

state 26 Incredibly high state of consciousness in which one uses 100% of the brain. AM.|

Steele, Miss Leonard Neeble's nicotine addict homeroom teacher at Bat Masterson. (AM.) At Himmler, she is head of the student council election committee. YAN.|

stereo For sissies, says Rat. SBAD.|

Stilleto's Pizza Harold Blatz' pizza company. LG.|

St. Nicholas Ave A steep NY street. WM.|

Stockholm (Sweden) Site of the Free Island Movement P.O. Box. JJ.|

Stoms Captain Bugbeard's stomach medication. NFSP.|

Stoneman, Shep A Fanatical Praetorian. YAN.|

Stonestein, Dr Seumas Finneganstein's doctor. Beleives in health food and vitamins. WK.|

stooges, the three Great and savage conquerors. They attend the great fair at Blintzni Spamgorod. SOS.|

Straights of Borneo Times Newspaper Fligh pretends to work for. JJ.|

strawberry malted Favorite drink of criminals at the Nor-Bu. SBAD.|

Studebaker Lark Uncle Roy's car. LG.|

Studebaker Lark 1961 Part of one of Clarence Yojimbo's parables. AM.|

Studebaker Lark 1962 1. Kevin Shapiro's red convertible. DED. 2. Mighty Gorilla's car. SBAD.|

Student Court Martwist College legal body with the power to impose fines and punishments. Eventually consolidates with the Campus Christian Crusade. Nancy is the president. DBC.|

stuffed heads mounted in a bedroom Possibly a recurring theme. E.g. a stuffed moose head in Norman's (AP) and a stuffed tiger head in Jack's (JJ).|

Stupefying Science Fiction A magazine Steve Nickelson collects. AP.|

Styx The river near Hell that Glugo rents boats on. B.|

subnerds What most of the students at George Armstrong Custer High School are. SBAD.|

sugar vampire, the Spiegel.|

suicide squad A Romanian salami. B.|

Sulawesi Wishbone-shaped Indonesian island once called the Celebes. JJ.|

Sulawesi Sue Pimply sallow-faced F.I.M. member with a deep voice. She wears long braids and a Mao jacket. Her real name is Sue Chen Wah. She becomes a bouncer at the Rumah Agung. JJ.|

Sultan of Equator Only name by which Java Jack knows his real father. JJ.|

Sun Louise and Ron's child of indeterminate gender. AP.|

Sunrise A film having to do with Murnau or something. I don't really get it. Anyway, it's a classic. SBBH.|

Superduck A comic book. AM.|

Superman Comic book Donald reads whose hero is feared by crooks and respected by all. WM.|

Superpuppy 1977. By Jill and D. Manus Pinkwater. Illustrated by Jill Pinkwater. SP.|

Super Signal Booster Rabbit ears TV antenna, with eight brass plated hoops and lots of knobs, plus crystal cylinders halfway up the antennas. Excellent for transmitting thoughts. AM.|

Surabaya Javanese city. JJ|

Suryo, Capt Friendly Indonesian pilot. JJ.|

Susila-Bubi Tibetan monastery. It's abbot is a very respected man. WK.|

Swan, Charles The Chicken Man. Called Charlie by Victor. LM.|

Sweeney, Kent Obnoxious Martwist College student who always wears a suit and tie. DBC.|

Sweet, Miss Crazy biology teacher at Genghis Khan. Drives a hot rod, badly. SBAD.|

Swerdlov, Professor Keith Brian Wrote the book on Hyperstellar Archeology. AM.|

Swinesburg A town 20 miles from Hamfast. SBBH.|

Swine, The Rock band at Harold Blatz' guru debut. LG.|

Switzerland Where they worshiped knots in the 15th century. Also, it was here that the cuckoo clock was not invented. SBBH.|

system, the Co-responsible (with "the imperialists") for everything that goes wrong on Freedom Island. JJ.|

"System Stinks, The" Popular Scallion song. SBAD.|

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