K The yellow letter on the pocket of Alan Mendelsohn's green sweater. AM. |

Kalimantan Indonesian name for Borneo. JJ. |

Kanabombom British name for Chatulistiwa. JJ. |

Kanabombom, King 1. Current Sultan of Chatulistiwa. JJ. 2. The sultan who discovered Komodo dragons. JJ. |

Kanthaka Horse Harold Blatz bet on at 90:1 and became rich. LG. |

Kapoora, Hassan Kenya-born Pakistani and driver for Baboon Safaris Limited. WK. |

Karl Terrible Hasty Tasty chef. SBAD. |

Kazakhstan Where K. E. Kelman, PH. supped with a werewolf. SBBH. |

Keele, Luqman Co-author. JJ. |

Kelman, K.E., PH. Phantomologist. SBBH. |

Kelman, Ken Dedicatee (WK, SBBH). Wrote jacket flap (SBBH). |

Kelman, Lydia L Lydia LaZonga. SBBH. |

Ken 1. Lead singer of the Maniacs. SBAD. 2. Ken Kelman. SBBH. |

Ken and the Maniacs Obscure rock group. SBAD. |

Kenkyusha's Japanese-English Dictionary A book the same size, weight, and shape of the Lycanthropicon. SBBH. |

Kenya Burger Only at Wimpy's! WK. |

Kenya, East Africa. Get them British out of there! SBAD. |

Kenyatta, Jomo Something to do with Kenya, to judge from SBAD. Further info in FW..|

Kevin 1. Kevin Spoon. DF. 2. Kevin Shapiro (real). YAN. DED. 3. Kevin Shapiro (fictional). YAN. DED. 4. Kevin Arthur Gribnitz. SOS. 5. Kevin Schwartz. AP. 6. Manager of Shop Good. PC. |

Kevin-Keith, Chris Proprietor of the Phantom Lunch Wagon, née the Jolly Trolley. PLW. |

Kevin Schwartz's Pizzeria Steve Nickelson's favorite eating place (outside the Magic Moscow, of course). AP. |

Kevin Shapiro, Boy Orphan The Wild Dada Ducks' dada story. As a novel, it is even more hypothetical than The Dada Boys in Collitch. YAN. DED. |

Key, The Unlocks the secrets of Yojimbo's Japanese English Dictionary. Well, so to speak. AM. |

Kibblebitz Dog Food Tasty, easy to digest, nutritious, and good with root beer. Dogs like it too. B. |

Kid, the Jolly Roger's owner. Works in a parking garage and lot. Moves to Florida. JR. |

Kielbasa Mart A store on Grand Ave. SBBH. |

Killer Cola Not as popular as Bullfrog Root Beer. SBAD. |

Kilnisan, S Biggest baby ever born in Budapest, and dedicatee.FMS. |

Kimenge Road The Nairobi Road that is home to the Rinziki Rafiki|

Drive-in Movie Theater. SBBH. |

King Waffle Son of Bigfoot the Chipmunk and Lunchbox Louie. WNS. |

Kipling, Rudyard Alleged Zen master. Author of the Zen poem "If". DED. |

Kissinger, Dr. He visits the great fair at Blintzni Spamgorod. SOS. |

Kissinger High School Himmler High's great rivals, perhaps because Himmler High's namesake is a Nazi, while Kissinger's is Jewish. YAN. |

Kiss Me Deadly Detective movie shown at the Snark. SBAD. |

klatchnik Martian currency. AM. |

Klopmeister, Matthias Inventor of a celluloid button-making machine in 1883. B. |

Klotz, Yold & Company, Inc Publishers of The True Story of a Wild Moose. RM. |

Klugarsh, Samuel Occult swindler. Owns an occult bookstore, which would be more profitable if he didn't read all the books. Klugarsh refers to himself in the third person. He is a "calorie freak," yet exceptionally skinny. A metal plate in his head, the result of a wound sustained while defending the U.S., prevents his attainment of state 26 (or so he says). AM. |

Klugarsh Extraplanar Scientific Associates Learned about the Mad Guru's brother. AM. |

Klugarsh Foundation Worked with Klugarsh Research Associates, Inc. to draw a picture of a cauliflower. Or a brain, or whatever. AM. |

Klugarsh Mind Control A system of mind control stolen by Samuel Klugarsh from the Order of the Laughing Alligator. AM. |

Klugarsh Mind Control, Inc Nothing really, just something Klugarsh wrote down to look official. AM. |

Klugarsh Psychical Phenomena Bureau Collects little bits of info, pieces them together, and studies, studies, studies. AM. |

Klugarsh Research Associates, Inc Of invaluble aid to the Klugarsh Foundation. AM. |

Klugwallah 850-ohm Sound Reproducing System Rat's hi-fi. SBAD|

Klunkie's Pills Made with chopped chicken liver extract, these marvels cure asthma, chills, fever, malaria, mange, baldness, pimples, thrips, depression, and stupidity. FMS. |

Knights of Power Motorcycle gang of the Order of the Laughing Alligator. AM. |

Knob Ears Evanston's name for Tieholtsodi. Y. |

Kota Kinabalu City on Borneo where Yudis learned English. JJ. |

Kota Kinabalu Roxy Borneo movie house and concert hall where Java Jack and the Batik Pirate with the Bogeyman Band played. JJ. |

Kram'ba, Dimdap Founder of Silly Hat sect. LG. |

Krasnik Polish town where Wishnik St. is. AM. |

Krenwinkle, Colonel Ken Richest man in Rochester; and maybe the world. Enjoys auto-safaris and car-dealing. Raised by a duck. Y. |

kretek Sparking Indonesian cigarette with a clove flavor. Laced with something naughty. JJ. |

kris A wavy-bladed knife. Jack has some hanging from his ceiling. JJ. |

Krokenbach Location of Schloss Krokenstein. LG. |

Kukumlima Swahili for "Chicken Mountain" or "Hen's Peak." A volcano in Africa where giant, intelligent earthworms dwell. WK. |

Kupeckie, Herr Doktor Professor Horace The Chicken Man. LM. |