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Cabinet of Dr. Caligari At the Snark Theater! SBBH.|

Camden. (NJ) Possible home of the first drive in. SBBH.|

Camp Crowder Place near Charlie's airplane club. JJ.|

Campus Christian Crusade Another Martwist College club that Ronald Rubin is president of. Eventually consolidates with the Student Court. DBC.|

Canada Their tuna, while perhaps not radiocative, is still of no|

use to Mrs. Galt. SBAD.|

canine nose-chomping revenge Employed by Edward (MM.) and Jolly Roger. (JR).|

Captain Blood. 1. Book Bunga reads. JJ. 2. Movie shown at the Kota Kinabalu Roxy. JJ.|

Captain Colossal A tall, not thin Wild Data Duck. He has inhuman eating habits and masturbates 30 times a day. He judges women by weight (the more the better), and subscribes to opera magazines. His slave name is Maurice. YAN. DED. DBC.|

Captain Marvel A super-hero in Donald's comic books. WM.|

Captain Marvel Comic book Donald reads whose hero (Captain Marvel) is feared by crooks and respected by all. WM.|

Carpathian Mts Where Jonathan Quicksilver comes from. SBBH.|

Carramba, Mr Librarian of Melvinville Elementary School. AD.|

Carranza, Venustiano 1. (called General Venustiano Carranza). One of Borgel MacTavish's name on the road. B. 2. (called the Honorable Venustiano Carranza (President of Mexico)). The tall, thin leader of the Dada Ducks. He wears the wheel from a babycarriage around his neck. He attends Martwist College. YA. DED. DBC.|

carrot fizz Carrot juice, raspberry syrup, and soda water, served at the Magic Moscow. It calms the nerves. AP.|

"Case of the Vampire Moose, The." Monograph by the moose. Not the moose in question, i.e., the Vampire Moose (a.k.a. Deadly Eric and Eric the Dead), but the moose. Well, actually, yes, the moose in question, because you see, the Vampire Moose is really the moose, only this time machine, see... Never mind. MP.|

Cassidy, Hopalong A punk cowboy actor in a black suit. SBBH.|

Catatonic University Prof. Mc Fwain pretends that Eugene Winkleman is the youngest doctoral candidate ever to attend. Y.|

catsup Pod people put catsup on everything. Two consecutive presidents liked catsup on their cottage cheese. Hmmmmm. LM.|

Celery Shake At MacTavish's! LG.|

Cerna Valley Romanian home of the Herculane Baths. SBBH.|

Cessna One of Charlie's planes. Also, a plane Fligh uses in his assault on Maggasang. JJ.|

Champion Goldentooth Gorilla John Crisco's name for the dog who portrays Hercules. Alleged grandfather of Edward. MM.|

Chan, Charlie Mr. Frieda's clever and affectionate nickname for Donald. WM.|

Chandler, Jeff Almost as bad as Charlton Heston. SBBH.|

Chapati, Swami Indian swami. LG.|

Charles 1. Charles LeChat. MF. 2. Charles the Cat. YAN. DED. DBC. 3. Sir Charles Pelicanstein. WK. 4. Sir Charles Pacamac. MP. 5. Charles Swan. LM.. 6. See Charlie. 7. Uncle Melvin's nephew. UM.|

Charles the Cat 1. A not tall, thin Wild Dada Duck. He wears a tie with red fish glued on, and is turned on by thick eyeglasses. He attends Martwist College. YAN. DED. DBC. 2. Dedicatee, who threw up on Pinkwater's printer. GFS. 3. Who Kevin Shapiro claims to be in episode number 560.5. DED. 4. English for Charles le Chat. MF.|

Charles W. Morgan Whaling ship model Harold Blatz built. LG.|

Charlie 1. Health food expert and restauranteer. Y. 2. Charlie Nastrovsky. AM. 3. Charlie Chan. WM. 4. Java Jack's pilot friend. He owns a restored B-17. JJ. 5. Charles Swan. LM.|

Charlie's Health Food and Juice Bar Run by Charlie. Y.|

Charma, Lt Friendly Indonesian pilot. JJ.|

Chateau d'If Another prison Wallace Nussbaum escaped from. SBBH.|

Chatulistiwa Independent island near Indonesia ruled by a sultan, King Kanabombom. The name means "equator" in Arabic. It sometimes suffers from water shortages and always suffers from a slow dating scene. JJ.|

Chef The moose's name for Mr. Breton. BM. RM.|

Chef Chow's Hot and Spicy Oil One of the 6 most important inventions of all time. Storing large quantities can be dangerous. (B.) Undiluted, it can mask the taste of the marifesa. (SBBH.)|

Chen, Donald Young Chinese-American truant. WM.|

Chen, Mr Laundrist. WM.|

Chen, Mrs In the hospital. WM.|

Chen Ah-Wing Donald Chen at home. WM.|

Chen Chi-Wing Also Donald Chen at home. His real name. WM.|

Chen Wah, Sue Sulawesi Sue. JJ.|

Cheops See Great Pyramid of Cheops. AM.|

cherries Fatal if consumed with milk, according to Mrs. Galt. SBAD.|

Cheryl Bruce's horse, the last horse in Hoboken. Edward's best friend. MM. AP.|

Chevrolet 1956 Sounds like Yobgorgle. Y.|

Chevrolet 1958 Affandi's cab. JJ.|

Chevrolet 1972 1st prize at the Blitzni Spamgorod fair. SOS.|

Chevrolet Malibu 1968 Milton Papescu's car, destroyed by a werewolf.SBBH.|

Chicago Boys Like Mike and Leonard. Dedicatees. LM.|

Chicken Man Old black man in a raincoat. Performs with various chickens. Former mayor of Tintown. LM. SBAD.|

Chicken Mountain Kukumlima. WK.|

chickens A degenerate form of a highly intelligent life form from Mu. Occasionally there'll be throwback chickens as smart as Einstein. (AM.) Some, known as space chickens (NFSP.), fly through the vaccuum of space (SOS). Vampires eat chickens. (W.) A wooden statue of a skinny chicken is kept in the Matthews' home. Nussbaum was discharges from an army for terrifying chickens. (SBAD.) Chickens of note include Henrietta (HCE), Dharmawati( SBAD). Chickens are the single most common recurring theme in Pinkwater's books. The origin of this "chicken theme" has been the focus of endless speculation and many grant proposals, all of which (as of this writing) have fortunately been denied.|

Chickens from Uranus A science fiction thriller of a play adapted from Macbeth by the Wild Dada Ducks. YAN.|

chicken suit Worn by Ambrose McFwain (Y) and many politicians. (DED)|

chili See Bob's Lake Ontario Chili. Y.|

China So far from New York that once you leave, it is impossible to go back. WM.|

Chinaman, John Mr. Frieda's clever and affectionate nickname for Donald. WM.|

Chinatown Where Donald used to live. WM.|

Chinese Chow Chow Jolly Roger is half Chinese Chow Chow. JR.|

Chinese gooseberries Fuzzy brown egg-sized berries, green on the inside. Walter Galt eats some, even though he usually does not eat green slimy things (like avocados). Editor's note: When I was a lad growing up in Canada, Chinese gooseberries were what we called the fruit that is commonly known in the United States as "kiwi fruit". Since the fruit comes from New Zealand, not China, is not a berry, and has nothing at all to do with geese, this is a perfectly formulated Canadian food name. SBAD.|

Cholesterol Largest and mightiest spaceburger, flagship of the Spegelian fleet. SOS.|

Chopped Liver Devil Mad liver that terrorized New Orleans in the '50's. FBM.|

Chrysler 1952 Bagged by Ken Krenwinkle in Buffalo in 1970. Y.|

Chrysler 1968 Hunted by the bus driver of the West Kangaroo Park bus, some say. AM.|

Chu Dup Froggie Institute Tibetan-style bell and gong ringing mystic group. Largest property owner in CA. LG.|

Church of the Holy Home Run Baseball-oriented religion. SBAD.|

"Cinderella." Kind of like the Invisible Hunter story. JJ.|

Cishmigiu Garden Bucharest formal garden, which the garden at the Garden of Earthly Bliss Drive-in and Pizzeria resembles. SBBH.|

Clams Are Us A store on Grand Ave. SBBH.|

Clara A Waka-Wakan, cave mate to Lance Hergeschleimer. AM.|

Clarkle St Hogboro street with lots of bookstores. AM.|

Cliffside Park New Jersey home of Eugene Winkleman. Y.|

Clone, Chief Chief of Hoboken fire dpt. SOS.|

Cloney, Chief Chief of Baconburg police. SBBH.|

clown-men Native to Noffo (B, SOS.) They prospered in the days of the new great fair at Blintzni Spamgorod. SOS.|

coffee omelet A Steve Nickelson experimental breakfast. AP.|

Cogginsville KY town 2 miles from Red Oaks. Its nuclear reactor goes haywire in chapter 1,015. YAN.|

colas Including Croca-Cola (LG), Grepis-Cola (B), Killer Cola (SBAD), and Nafsu Cola (AM).|

College Speaking Dorky and redundant Martwist College class. DBC.|

College Writing Martwist College class that deals with writing papers and developing good style. DBC.|

Collitch College. DBC.|

Columbia University Rejects the Indiana Zephyr's and Captain Colossal's applications, perhaps because they filled them out in tempera paint. DBC.|

comic collectors Steve Nickelson (MM), Alan Mendelsohn (connoisseur), William Lloyd Floyd (fanatic) (AM), Donald Chen (WM), Kevin Shapiro (YAN).|

Confucius A neat guy. DBC.|

Conrad Master of the pickle creature. PC.|

Confessions of a Yugoslavian Streetcar Conductor A book Samuel Klugarsh is reading. AM.|

Constitution Ship model Harold Blatz built. LG.|

Coolidge, Calvin He had a cold once, but Lord knows when. FMS.|

Coping With Werewolves By K. E. Kelman, PH. SBBH.|

corned-beef sandwich Vital for lifting Captain Van Straaten's curse. Y.|

Count of Monte Cristo, The Late movie; a good place to learn about sword play. JJ.|

Cowboy's Mah Jong Club An East Trinidad, CO, society that meets behind a feed store. FMS.|

cow's head A blue and orange striped cow's head marks where you turn left to get to the Interstate near Hell; (B.) a purple and orange striped cow's head marks the Magic Moscow. (MM.)|

Cranach, Lucas, Jr The Chicken Man. LM.|

Crankstarter, Lemuel Author of Bunnies for Breakfast. AD.|

crayons Eaten by the people of Jivebone, especially those tasty blues and greens. NFSP.|

Cregar, Laird No James Dean, but a favorite of Rat's nevertheless. SBBH.|

Crimson Pirate, The Late movie; a good place to learn about sword play. JJ.|

Crisco, John Oily and dishonest proprietor of Gold Rush Kennels. MM.|

Croco-Cola World's most famous soft drink. Hamish MacTavish's creation. His private stock is sugar free, made with Yugoslavian wilflower honey and served hot. LG.|

Cronkite, Walter Victor's hero. (LM.) Played himself in life story movie of Harold Blatz. (LG.) A werewolf. (SBBH.)|

cuckoo clocks Originally made in Turkey, not Switzerland. SBBH.|

Curtis, Tony Starred in a crusade movie Leonard Neeble liked. AM.|

Custer, General George Armstrong Warned by Howard Goldberg. (Y.) Got a Baconburg school named after him. SBAD. SBBH.|