Dachuck, Susan Agonizingly beautiful Himmler cheerleader with famous breasts. Known to cavort with Kevin Shapiro. DED.|

Dada Boys in Collitch Hypothetical novel, the first chapter of which appears in the omnibus Young Adults. 1985. By Daniel M. Pinkwater. DBC.|

Dada Ducks See Wild Dada Ducks.|

Dada Kazoo Orchestra Musical ensamble of five kazoos, with Igor as concertmaster. DED.|

Da-da-ka-zu Orchestra Zen version of the Dada Kazoo Orchestra. DED.|

Dada Renaissance The goal of the Wild Dada Ducks. YAN.|

Daily Burble Glimville newspaper. FBM.|

Daily Nooz Newspaper that reported the events at the Jolly Trolley. PLW.|

Dankar Gumpa Place in India. LG.|

Dar es Salaam Place both T. Galt and O. Sigerson ate banana and avocado fritters. Hmmmm. SBAD.|

Das Dreimaederlhaus German movie Wallace Nussbaum uses to torture Flipping Terwilliger. SBAD.|

Datsun Car of choice for Wallace Nussbaum. SBBH.|

Dave An extremely shy hermit and woodsman who wears rabbit skins stitched together. He plays a turkey-bone whistle. BM. RM. MP.|

Davis, Davis World famous dog expert. MM.|

Day of Wrath Steve Nickelson's more masterful masterpiece than the Moron's Delight, or even the Nuclear Meltdown. It is served in an army surplus knapsack and costs $14.95. Ingredients includea whole eggplant, 2 slabs whole wheat pizza dough, 16 ice cream flavors, fresh figs, pistachio nuts, a lobster, and fruits and vegetables. SOS.|

DC-3 Type of plane The Flying Bogeyman is. JJ.|

Dead End Dada 1985. By Daniel M. Pinkwater. Included in the omnibus Young Adults. DED.|

Dead Flamingo Lake Kenyan interplanar contact place. AM.|

Deadly Eric Mythical earwax draining vampiric moose, inspired by the moose. MP.|

Deadly Nightshade Diner--We Never Close An all night diner in Baconburg famous for its borgelnuskies. SBBH.|

dead reckoning Pointing in the direction you want to go, and moving in that direction, without bothering about charts or maps or anything. WK.|

Dean, James Rat's true love. SBAD. SBBH.|

Death, Dr See Doctor Death.|

De Boldieu, Captain Commandant of Devil's Island. SBBH.|

De Garay, Blasco First inventor of the steam engine, 1543. SBAD. Don't even talk to us about Hero of Alexandria|

Demak Javanese city. JJ|

democracy Doesn't go nearly far enough, particularly in student body elections. YAN.|

Dennis 1. Dennis Nussbaum. SBBH. 2. A moment born on a planetoid near Terraxstein in the distant future. B.|

de Palma Great man, friend to all chickens, and dedicatee. HCE.|

de Paola, Thomas Anthony See below.|

de Paola, Tomie Illustrator of Pinkwater's The Wuggie Norple Story. WNS.|

Deuesenberg Ken Krenwinkle's safari car. Y.|

Devil A goldfish-looking guy who lives in your drain and tries to make you feel bad for things that weren't your fault. He likes pretzels. (DD.) There are lots of them in Hell. (B.) He might "get you" says a Blueberry Park speaker, and he invented opera, says Aunt Terwilliger (another Blueberry Park speaker) (SBAD.) Also, a character in Chickens from Uranus. (YAN.)|

Devil's Island Reopened to hold Wallace Nussbaum, who escaped nevertheless. (SBBH.) Also, where Mr. Wendel threatens to send Melvyn Schwartz. FMS.|

Dharma Buns Coffee House An artsy coffee house in Baconburg. SBBH.|

Dharma Ducks The Wild Dada Ducks during their Zen period. DED.|

Dharmawati The greatest performing chicken of the age. Protege of Shep Nesterman. SBAD.|

Die Magie als Naturwissenschaft An occult classic. AP.|

Dildup Galaxy the planet Mel is in. SOS.|

Dillinger Office Building Home of the FBI's Missing Scietist Division. SBBH.|

Disneyland Like a Broken-down hamburger stand when compared to Thunderbolt City. LM.|

Dobbin One of the names of Bugbeard's chicken, a space chicken. NFSP|

Doctor Death Professional wrestler. FMS.|

Doctor Feldman's Banana Tonic Not as popular as Bullfrog Root Beer. SBAD.|

Dr. Kilzum Exterminator. AM.|

Dr. Unpleasant A comic book. AM.|

Dr. Wizardo The Zennist hero of Dr. Wizardo. DED.|

Dr. Wizardo A comic book. DED.|

Do-it-Yourself Swimming Pools Store on Utopia Ave. AM.|

Doldup Martian emmisary to Manny, Moe, and Jack. AM.|

Donald Duck Makes a neat tattoo. AM.|

Don Giovanni A piece that John Holyrood is wont to whistle. DBC.|

Don Pastrami A.k.a.: the dread Muffin Fiend! MF.|

doodle flute A unique musical instrument. Coveted by Kevin Spoon. DF.|

Doodle Flute 1991. By Daniel Pinkwater. DF.|

Doon One of the two great Nafsulian gods. AM.|

dopelgangers Two entities who are more or less exact duplicates, and with anagrams of each other's names. SOS.|

Dorbzeldge sedan 1937 Borgel MacTavish's time, space, and the other-traveling car. It weighs 5,307#. B.|

Dorje-Zetz Indian village. LG.|

Dostoevsky, Fyodor A werewolf. SBBH.|

Dracula Monster from Donald's nightmare. (WM.) Jonathan Harker has his picture on his wall. W.|

Dragnet A favorite program of the parents of the Honorable Venustiano Carranza (President of Mexico). DED.|

dragon robe Worn by Heinz the Chinese butler (SBAD.), Prof. Mazzocchi (HCE), Uncle Mel, Captain VanStraaten, and Ambrose McFwain. (Y.)|

"Drool on Me." Scallion's Biggest Hit. SBAD.|

Duchamp, Marcel A real person. His birthday is the first Tuesday of each month at 4:00 PM. YAN.|

Duckettes The nonexistent Wild Dada Ducks ladies' auxiliary. YAN.|

ducks The most untrustworthy of birds. (D!) However, they did raise Ken Krenwinkle. (Y) Giant savage ducks come from a planet of unknown name. SOS.|

Ducks! 1984. By Daniel Pinkwater. D!|

dukun Dyak witch doctor. JJ.|

Dupdup Drng'pa Silly Hat monk. LG.|

Dyak A (formerly) headhunting tribe on Maggasang. JJ.|

Dyak Love and Legends By Jeff and Marie Robinson. JJ.|

Dying Chicken A difficult yoga position. AM.|

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