O'Brian, Billy Leonard Neeble's second-best friend in the old neighborhood. AM. |

Official Zen Cookery Book, The Zen-yin-yang cookbook of inedible foods, by Wakamae Weinberg. Inspiration for the Dharma Ducks. DED. |

Ogo Pogo Lake Monster, with an existence outsideof DMP fiction as well. Y. |

Ogronsky, Lisa Agonizingly beautiful Himmler cheerleader with famous breasts. Known to cavort with Kevin Shapiro. DED. |

Ojibwa Shoe Co Mail order shoe company Uncle Roy worked for. LG. |

Old Apartment 1. Where Borgel MacTavish used to live in the Old Building. B. 2. (l.c.) Where Leonard Neeble used to live. AM. |

Old Building Where Borgel MacTavish used to live in the Old Neighborhood. B. |

Old Country A horrible barren dimension that Borgel MacTavish comes from. B. |

Old Gon Fligh's adopted father. A dukun and one of the five old men who saw the Maggasang treasure. Fligh tortures him to death. JJ. |

Old Huip Dutch Proprietor of the Rumah Agung. JJ. |

Old Ishak Muslim haji, one of the five old men who saw the Maggasang treasure. JJ. |

Old Neighborhood 1. Where Borgel MacTavish used to live. B. 2. A nifty place where Leonard Neeble used to live, with cobblestone streets. Just like Mars. AM. |

Old One Leonard Neeble's vegetarian grandmother. Believes everything should be eaten raw. AM. |

Old Satirappa Balinese Hindu seer, one of the five old men who saw the Maggasang treasure. JJ. |

Old Saturn 4 Where you could buy bilboks in the Fifth Age. B. |

Old Town European-looking bohemian sector of Baconburg, located where Snark Street bends west. The original site of Baconburg. SBAD. |

Old Whitey One of the names of Bugbeard's chicken. NFSP|

Omega Meter Detects state 26. AM. |

Omega waves Brain wave produced in state 26. AM. |

Onada, Lt. Hiroo Japanese soldier who hid on Lubang for over 34 years (until 2/20/79), not knowing WWII was over. Dedicatee. DED. |

onion If the onion in question were really, really enormous, it would be the size of the moose. (MP.) Onions are distributed by Freddians at the fair at Blintzni Spamgorod. SOS. |

Ontario, Lake Where Sir Charles Pelicanstein searched for a monster. (WK.) That monster was Yobgorgle. Y. |

Opera News Captain Colossal's masturbation material. DBC. |

orangutans Often hypnotized by the evil Wallace Nussbaum for his own demented use. Deadly if they get you by the feet when wrestling. Fond of avacados. SBAD. SBBH. |

Organic Properties of Inorganic Substances Book in the Maggasang Observatory. JJ|

"Original Boogeyman Boogie Woogie" Greatest hit of Java Jack and the Batik Pirate with the Bogeyman Band. JJ. |

Osaka Place Jack Robinson stops in on his voyage to Maggasang. JJ. |

other, the That which exists in neither time nor space. Cf. outside. B. |

Otsu. Dedicatee. BM. |

Out of This World Technical term for state 26. AM. |

outside Outside the material universe and everything, where some humans go when they die, but invisible giants and djinns can never go. Perhaps analogous to the other. JJ. |