Ugly Bug Band The worst insect country and western group in the galaxy. (B.) All their members are ugly bugs. (SOS).|

Ukraine Where Alan Mendelsohn's great-grandfather allegedly came from. AM.|

Unclemel, Dr. Pierre Alias of Uncle Mel. Y.|

Uncle Melvin 1989. By Daniel Pinkwater. UM.|

underwater breath-holding record Set by the moose: 2h, 43m. RM.|

Underwear World A store on Grand Ave. SBBH.|

"Unhip People Are Jerks." Popular Scallion song. SBAD.|

unicorn's horn, powdered Difficult to get in Hoboken, or even NYC. AP.|

Unification Church Mystic group and restaurant/ hotel/ theater empire. Bought Time and Newsweek.LG.|

University of Baconburg A university in Baconburg. What more do you want? SBBH.|

unnamed third person Let me tell you, this guy knows everything that happens in the story. SOS.|

Unpainted Surgical Appliance Outlet A store on Grand Ave. SBBH.|

Unterseeschwimmschweinboot German for underwaterswimmingpigboat. Y.|

Uranian hamburger wrappers Used by Norman Bleistift as a journal. SOS.|

Utica. NY Where Ken Krenwinkle bagged a forklift in 1962. Y.|

Utopia Ave Street in West Kangaroo Park that Hergeschleimer's Oriental Gardens is on the corner of. AM.|

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