Baboon Safaris Limited The tour company which organized Seumas Finneganstein's exploring party's search for Kukumlima. WK.|

"Bach--Prelude and Fugue." Album Bunga uses as a diversion at Maggasang Observatory. JJ.|

Baconburg A city. SBAD. SBBH.|

Baconburg Adult Education Center Place where they offer, e.g., Polish cooking classes. SBAD.|

Baconburg Free Press The local paper in Baconburg. SBBH.|

Baconburg Horror, The A documentary on channel 52. SBBH.|

Baconburg Ladies' Anti-Communist Bridge League Mrs. Galt's bridge club. SBAD.|

Baconburg Museum Don't miss their rare-birds-of-the-North-Atlantic exhibit. SBAD.|

bagel Dedicatee and friend of humankind throughout the ages. (FBM). An enormous power for good or evil. (FBM. CDHN.). Eaten frozen, or dipped in lead, on Spiegel (SOS.).|

Bagel, Henry A freak at Bat Masterson. AM.|

Bagel Master Harold Frankenbagel's bagel shop. FBM.|

bagel monsters Like the Bagelunculus (FBM) or Noshferatu (MP).|

Bagelunculus A huge bagel of immense strength, capable of moving at its creator's command. FBM.|

Balkan Falcon Drug Company Grimy soda fountain across from Himmler High, run by a foul tempered fat old lady. Favorite hide out of the Wild Dada Ducks. Eventually torn down to make room for a strip mall. YAN. DED.|

Balkan Falcon Memorial Laundromat [and Shrine to Buddha]. Dada/Zen name for the self-service laundry built on the site of the Balkan Falcon Drug Company. DED.|

Baltimore, Spiegel, and Arcturus Written on the side of a time-machine box car. MP.|

Bambati An East African town near Pambazuka General Merchandise. WK.|

banana popsicle Invented by Freddie. B.|

Bandung Javanese city near some big volcanoes. JJ.|

Bangkok Place Jack Robinson stops in on his voyage to Maggasang. JJ.|

Bank Dabumi. Indonesian bank that rarely opens. JJ.|

Baolingpinski, Hubertus Restaraunteer of an age long past. SBBH.|

Barbara, Saint Patron saint of Blint. SBBH.|

baritsu Japanese style of wrestling. SBAD.|

Barney Baxter Four Color #20. A rare comic that Donald Chen buys. WM.|

Basic Lessons in Hyperstellar Archaeology A misprint. AM.|

Batik Pirate Bunga the Bugis. JJ.|

Batman Comic book Donald Chen reads whose hero is feared by crooks and respected by all. (WM.) The first thing Leonard Neeble ever read. AM.|

Bat Masterson Junior High School Leonard Neeble's junior high in West Kangaroo Park. AM.|

Bavarian Historical Landmarks Prevented Hamish MacTavish from putting electric sign outside Schloss Krokenstein. LG.|

Bayonne (NJ.) Site of world's largest gold mine, discovered by the moose. RM.|

Bean, Mr. Truant officer. WM.|

Beanbender, Ben Proprietor of Beanbender's Beer Garden SBAD.|

Beanbender's Beer Garden Great saloon in Tintown, made out of abandoned railroad cars. SBAD.|

Beancurd Louise and Ron's child of indeterminate gender. AP.|

bears, lighter-than-air. Displayed at the great fair at Blintzni Spamgorod. SOS.|

Beast of Nixonn Hall, the. John Holyrood. DBC.|

Beatles, The Played Harold Blatz at different ages in Harold's life story movie. LG.|

beautiful light blue The color of the new Tooth-Gnasher Superflash. Mrs. Popsnorkle repeats this phrase over and over throughout the book. Appeared in Tooth-Gnasher Superflash (1981).|

Bedford The truck Ali Tabu drove to Kukumlima. WK.|

Beesley, Lance Mayor of Baconburg. SBBH.|

Beeswax, Mildred Yellowtooth librarian. MP.|

Beeswax, Pierre. Actor who portrayed Sergeant Schwartz. He could have been a real Mountie. MM.|

Beethoven, Ludwig Van A werewolf (SBBH.) and a first class genius. If you listen to his music, you will never become stupid. (B.)|

Beethoven Story, The. German film about the life of Beethoven. SBAD.|

Ben 1. Great sixth century Saturnian chef. SOS. 2. Ben Beanbender. SBAD. 3. Ben Franklin. AM.|

Benjie Java Jack's copilot on The Flying Bogeyman. JJ.|

Bermuda Triangle Chili Parlor Home of Green Death Chili. AM.|

Betelmoose A galaxy, home to savage, bullying moose. (RM.) Site of the planet Fred. (SOS.)|

Bhagavad-Gita Possibly available at drugstores. DBC.|

Bickford's Cafeteria Broadway cafe. WM.|

Big Animals Book at the Yellowtooth library. No form of the word "moose" appears in its title. MP.|

Big Belly Giant horse of the Arctic Circle. Y.|

Big Chief . Pencil tablet. WM.|

Big City, The Apparently the same thing as the Great City, but maybe not. B.|

'big ear', the Dish-shaped radio antenna at the Moskowitz Observatory that detected the sounds of munching Spiegelians. SOS|

Bigfoot the Chipmunk Lunchbox Louie's wife. WNS.|

big freedom monument A monument in Jakarta, Java, that looks sort of like the Washington Monument with a big flame on top. Not big enough to warrant capital letters. JJ.|

Bignose Tiny, large-nosed propreitor of Bignose's Cafeteria on Lower North Aufzoo Street. SBAD. SBBH.|

Bignose's Cafeteria Bignose's cafeteria. SBAD. SBBH.|

Big Orange Splot 1977. By Daniel Manus Pinkwater. BOS.|

Big Zen Two MacTavish's pickle patties w/ goat cheese and onion. LG.|

bilbok An unstable transdimensional shifter gleep. Now illegal. B.|

Bill 1. Pecos Bill. YAN. DED. DBC. 2. William Lloyd Floyd. AM. 3. Gypsy Bill. B. 4. Gypsy Bill, Jr. B.|

Bim Gigantic scar-faced Bugis on Bunga's prahu. Plays drums for the Bogeyman Band. JJ.|

birds Unlucky, according to Mrs. Galt. SBAD.|

black beauty A Hungarian variety of salami. SBBH.|

Blackie Dog rustler. MM.|

Blatz, Fred Harold's father. LG.|

Blatz, Harold 3d richest person in the world, the last guru. LG|

Blatz, Mrs Harold Blatz's mother. LG.|

Blatz's Motel. Fred Blatz's motel. LG.|

Blechkut Almost extinct, this people speak of something akin to the Great Popsicle. B.|

Bleda Atilla the Hun's brother, called Atilla the Pun. A bad joke addict, his head was "accidentally" chopped off in 445. Lamont Penumbra and Norman Bleistift summoned his ghost, which became a noted Hoboken stand-up comic. AP.|

Bleeeegh Mythical home planet of the worms of Kukumlima. WK.|

Bleeeeghans The worms of Kukumlima. (WK.) Irving the Whale's father once stole their chocolate-covered granola. (SOS.)|

Bleistift, Neil Norman's jerky brother. AP.|

Bleistift, Norman Steve Nickelson's assisstant at the Magic Moscow. MM. AP. SOS.|

Bleucher, Heinrich Alleged leprechaun, with a German accent. Teaches the Dada Ducks. DBC.|

Blind Lemon A blues combo. SBBH.|

Blint Town in Romania. Site of the notorious Nussbaumscu drive-in swindle, which has given Blintans a deep-seated hatred of drive-ins. Half of Blint emigrated to Baconburg, USA. SBBH.|

Blintzni Spamgorod. Ancient site of modern Porky. Once a great city, known for its fair. Later, Porky is renamed Blintzni Spamgorod. SOS.|

Blong Buddhist sect, older than Zen. LG.|

Blong Kong Feng Hodie MacBodhi's spiritual master. LG.|

Blong Pickle Foundation Rich foundation. LG.|

Blong! You are a Pickle! LP of Blong instruction. LG.|

Blong! You are a Pickle! (The Blong-Pickle Master's Guide to Ego Submersion) The book form of Blong! You are a Pickle!. Also published as You Are a Pickle. AM.|

Bloobah, Rabdab Leader of Silly Hat sect. LG.|

Bloody War Stories A comic book. AM.|

Bloomsbury St Street which Magic Moscow is on, #301 (at the corner with Third.) SOS.|

Blossom the Bugis Translation of Bunga the Bugis. JJ.|

Blueberry, James Toothpick millionaire. SBAD.|

Blueberry Park Bequeathed to Baconburg by James Blueberry in his will, on the conditions that a wall be built around the park, and that anyone be allowed to speak publically in the park. The wall they built is only a foot high. SBAD.|

Blueberry Toothpick Works Once the biggest industry in Baconburg. SBAD.|

Blue Blossom Java Jack's Chinese girl alter ego. JJ.|

Blueford, Robert Star of The True Story of a Wild Moose. RM.|

Blue Moon Rest A diner specializing in no-cal, no-nute food for all species. B.|

Blue Moose, the Occasional epithet of D. Moosus Moosewater. BM.RM. MP.|

Blue Moose 1975. By Manus Pinkwater. Reprinted in Blue Moose and Return of the Moose. BM.|

Blue Moose and Return of the Moose 1993. By Daniel Manus Pinkwater. Omnibus volume containing the two aforementioned books. BMRM.|

Blurpp Ave Site of Bagel Master, at 3322. FBM.|

boa Big snake. B.|

Board of Medical Advisors of the Empire of Japan Really just a long winded name for the Wild Dada Ducks. Be sure to bring your paper cups full of gravel and cherry pits...or not. YAN.|

Bobowicz, Arthur. Henrietta's owner. HCE.|

Bobowicz, Mr. 1. Game Warden. A friend of the moose. BM. RM. MP. 2. Polish immigrant. Arthur's father. HCE.|

Bob's Beanery Rochester home of Bob's Lake Ontario Chili. Y.|

Bob's Lake Ontario Chili. Named for it's wateriness. Only $.65 at Bob's Beanery, second bowl free. Y.|

Bogenswerfer, Dr Professor of Classical Lycanthropy at the University of Baconburg. SBBH.|

Bogor City in Java. JJ.|

Bohr, Niels Subject of a Heinrich Bleucher lecture. DBC.|

boiled rice cream Inedible recipe in The Official Zen Cookery Book, calling for rice cream powder, boiling water, and a quarter teaspoon of oil. DED.|

Bok, Oi-Lai Newsstand owner in Chinatown. WM.|

Bongo Home of lobster-men. SOS.|

Bongo, Winston Independant inventor of snarking out. SBAD. SBBH.|

Bonne Homme Richard Ship model Harold Blatz built. LG.|

boogeyman, the What the English call Bunga. JJ.|

Boogeyman, The Bunga's prahu. JJ.|

Boogeyman Band Backup band for Java Jack and the Batik Pirate. JJ.|

Books Clever name for a store on Clarkle St. AM.|

Boone, Daniel Friend of Yowling Howling Frog. SBBH.|

Borgel Borgel MacTavish. B|

Borgel 1990. By Daniel Pinkwater. B.|

borgelnuskies A spicy treat served at the Deadly Nightshade Diner--We Never Close (SBHH.) and at Gus's: We Never Close (PLW.).|

Boris, Uncle Amateur movie-maker. Lives with Leonard Neeble's grandparents in the winter. Distantly related to Samuel Klugarsh, and apparently to the Old One, too. Afraid of phones. AM.|

Born Free That whimsical favorite at the Rinziki Rafiki Drive-in Movie Theater. SBBH.|

Borneo Bill F.I.M. member who resembles a one-eyed loaf of speckled bread. He becomes a bouncer at the Rumah Agung.JJ.|

Borobudur Hotel Jakarta hotel. JJ.|

Bowlingpin, Gus Proprieter of the Deadly Nightshade Diner--We Never Close. Decendant of Hubertus Baolingpinski. SBBH.|

Boy's Life of Mozart, A. Igor's treasured book. DED.|

Bozo German Shepherd. Not a bad dog, but a bully. HCE.|

Braddock Point On the shores of Lake Ontario. Y.|

Brenda She has sex with fictional Kevin Shapiro, impregnating him in chapter 6,401. YAN.|

Breton, Mr Master chef. BM. RM. MP.|

Breton & Moose Restaurant run by Mr. Breton and the moose. RM.|

Breughel, Pieter, the Elder. The Chicken Man. LM.|

Broadway Crossed by Donald every day on the way to school and/or the top of the George Washington Bridge. WM.|

Brontosaurus, Professor Not his real name, but it sounds something like that. Elitist Martwist College professor. DBC.|

Bronx, The Euphemism for Mars. AM.|

brown rice and aduki bean pudding Inedible, or "not eatable", recipe in The Official Zen Cookery Book. Also contains soy sauce. DED.|

Bruce 1. Milkman. MM. AP. 2. Planetary site of the Milky Way vault. SOS.|

Brunner's Hotel Where Ronald Donald Almondotter stayed in Kenya. WK.|

Brutus Mac Dougal Bugleboy Possibly part Labrador Retriever, possibly part Newfoundland, probably part African Upland Gorilla. Leader of the dockside dogs before Jolly Roger. JR.|

B-17 One of Charlie's restored planes. Also, the plane Suryo and Charma fly. JJ.|

Buck One of the names of Bugbeard's chicken. NFSP.|

Buckley, Lord Jazz comedian and hipster from the 50's or 60's. A great genius, like Mozart. SBBH.|

Budapest Birthplace of S. Kilnisan, and potential site of the composition of The Experiments of Istvan of Budapest. (AP.) Home of the singing werewolf. SBBH.|

Buddha A classy guy. (DBC). Quoted under the appellations G. Buddha and Gautama Sakyamuni. (DED.) His statues appear in Hergeschleimer's Oriental Gardens. AM.|

Buddha, Lord A rock star in Chickens from Uranus. YAN.|

Budhi 1. Budhi Joya. JJ. 2. Street that intersects Nork at the center of Old Town. SBAD.|

Buffalo Where Ken Krenwinkle bagged a 1952 Chrysler. Y.|

Bugbeard Planet discovered by Ned Feldman and Bugbeard, inhabited by space chickens and yeti.NFSP.|

Bugbeard, Captain Cowardly space pirate from Jivebone, known for being bad. NFSP.|

Bugbeard, Lake Lake on Bugbeard. NFSP.|

Bugbeard Hills Hills on the planet Bugbeard. NFSP.|

Bugis A Muslim pirate people. JJ.|

Bugis harp A 12-string, bow-shaped harp. JJ.|

Bugleville A place in time space and the other. B.|

Bugworld A store that was once (and is no longer) in the Grand Mall. Scott Feldman was a star customer. SBBH.|

Bullfrog Glue Another bullfrog-based product of Bullfrog Industries. SBAD.|

Bullfrog Industries Company owned by the Matthews/Terwilliger family. All its products contain bullfrogs. SBAD.|

Bullfrog Rootbeer Bullfrog Industries original product. Rat's grandfather got the recipie from a baba in Nepal. Can be served hot or cold. SBAD.|

Bullfrog Rubber Bands and Office Supplies Bullfrog Industries, yadda yadda. SBAD.|

Bullfrog Space Technology Products Bullfrog Industries again. SBAD.|

Bullfrog Tennis Shoes and Sneakers More Bullfrog Industries stuff. SBAD.|

Bullfrog Yoghurt Another food made out of bullfrogs. SBAD.|

Bunga the Bugis Huge Indonesian pirate and rock star. Called the Batik Pirate. You can't help but like him. He is the easiest man in the world to laugh or cry or shout or dance or get angry. JJ.|

bunnies Not rodents at all. AD.|

Bunnies for Breakfast Childrens' book by Lemuel Crankstarter, not Bramwell Wink-Porter. AD.|

Bunnies in Love A 900 page book manuscript by Mrs. Wheatbeet. AD.|

Bunny Brothers, The Childrens' book by Bramwell Wink-Porter. His favorite book that he wrote. AD.|

Burger World Site of a Fat Men atrocity. FMS.|

Burrito, Jimmy Author of Kevin Shapiro, Boy Orphan Ch. 1,476. He spells "Shapiro" wrong. DED. Editor's Note: Several chapters are included at the end of Dead End Dada which were (supposedly) sent to Daniel Pinkwater after the publication of Young Adult Novel. Chapter 1,476 was one of these. Even though it was not written by DP, we have included it in the Emergencyclopedia because it was in the published version of Young Adults.|

Business Club Martwist College club that Ronald Rubin is president of. DBC.|

Buttered Rum Crass American Guru, founded Buttered Rum Crass Society. LG.|

Buttered Rum Crass Society See above. LG.|

buttons Next to zippers, one of the most important inventions ever. All buttons were made out of bone until 1883, when Matthias Klopmeister invented the plastic button. (B.) The Dada Ducks own a button which is probably identical to one Mozart would have worn. DBC.|

Byrd, Mark Java Jack's Neosho friend. JJ.|