eagle Wingman's companion. WM. |

Earth Trembles, The Movie by Visconti, apparently about anchovie packers or something. Shown at the Snark. SBAD. |

earwax Drainage by a vampire moose may cause madness. Or so say the legends of Yellowtooth. MP. |

East African Standard The Nairobi newspaper that picked up the story of the search for Kukumlima. WK. |

Eastern Water Lake Michigan. Y. |

East Trinidad (Colorado.) Home of the Cowboy's Mah Jong Club. FMS. |

Edsel limousine The Matthews' car. Driven by Heinz. SBBH. |

Ed One of the Fearsome Foursome. SOS. |

Ed and Fred's Red Hots Hot dog stand near Blueberry Park. SBAD. |

Edward Short for Platinum Blazing Yukon Flash. MM. AP. SOS. |

Eevo Obscure rock group. SBAD. |

Eevo, Weevo, Geevo Some would argue that this is one rock group, not three, and the SBAD text is missing a semicolon. |

eft A lizard. Like a salamander. B. |

egg fu yung Torture device used by Wallace Nussbaum on Osgood Sigerson. SBAD. |

eggplant Never bet on an eggplant. Borgel MacTavish eats them, though. B. |

Eine Kleine Nacht Music By Mozart. The name means "One small music to nacht by." Performed by the Dada Kazoo Orchestra. DED. |

Einstein, Albert As smart as a throwback chicken. (AM.) Subject of a Heinrich Bleucher lecture. DBC. |

Eisenhower, Dwight D He had a cold in 1957. FMS. |

E. J. Kupeckzky Though Factory Apparently another name for McFwain Toy Company. Y. |

elephant mice Tiny nocturnal elephant-like aniamls indiginous to Kukumlima. The worms there use them as slaves. WK. |

Elephant Portal An elephant shaped rock with a hole under the belly. WK. |

elephants They'll do anything for Crunchy Granola. WK. |

Ellis G. Whillikers' pet elephant mouse. A Judas-mouse. WK. |

Ellison, Harlan Dedicatee who keeps trying to help. B. |

El Presedente Affectionate shortening of the Honorable Venustiano Carranza (President of Mexico). YAN. |

Embagi Crater Not Kukumlima. WK. |

Embakasi Airport A Nairobi Airport. WK. |

Emperor of Everything Sargon. SOS. |

energy monsters These pulsating balls of light eat anything they come near. B. |

Equator Island in Gunungan's crater lake, which later disappears. Route to Fiery Star. According to Dyak legend, the one island|

that was not affected by the primordial cataclysm that caused the evacuation of the invisible giants. JJ. |

Equator Line Munah and Bunga's shipping company, which employs the Bugis. JJ. |

Eric the Dead Deadly Eric. MP. |

Estonia Place where Muhu is. AM. |

Eucalyptus, Shandar Circus performer, Howard's owner. SBAD. |

Eugene 1. Eugene Winkleman. Y. 2. A Waka-Wakan, cave mate to Lance Hergeschleimer. A trap setter. AM. |

Evanston IL. Where they know of Knob Ears. Y. |

"Everybody is Against Me." Popular Scallion song. SBAD. |

Evil Weasel A character in The Fuzzy Bunny. AD. |

Experiments of Istvan of Budapest, The Mystic text. AP. |

Exploding Poptart Lunchbox Louie's young horse. WNS. |

extraterrestrials They look like little green men with big heads or amorphous pink things with eyestalks (Anthropoid Bloboform?), according|

to Flying Saucer Club of Hudson County, New Jersey. But we know better. SOS. |