La Forza Materiale Ken Krenwinkle's private yacht. Y. |

Lagomorpha Order to which bunnies belong. AD. |

Lalicki, Barbara Dedicatee. SBAD. |

Lance 1. Lance Beesley. SBBH. 2. Borgel MacTavish's pet peach pit. B. 3. Scott's father. D! 4. Lance Hergeschleimer. AM. |

Land Rover 1. The auto Hassan Kapoora drove to Kukumlima. WK. 2. Driven by some Silly Hat Monks or something, I forget exactly where. LG. Editor's note: It is the official opinion of the Emergencyclopedia that the Land Rover is by far the coolest vehicle in the world.|

Lao Tze A neat guy. DBC. |

Laplanders They drink Norwegian vole-moss tea like Grepis-Cola. B. |

Last Guru, The 1978. By Daniel M. Pinkwater. LG. |

Laughing Alligator, Order of the A very old Mexican mystical brotherhood which started in Tibet or India or California or somewhere. Invented Klugarsh Mind Control. AM. |

Laughing Gas Alligator Lunchbox Louie's Indian Elephant. WNS. |

Laughs and Stunts on the Riviera German comedy Wallace Nussbaum plans to use to torture Flipping Terwilliger. SBAD. |

LaZonga, Lydia Greatest psychic spirit finder of her generation.SBBH|

LeChat, Charles Inspector with the French Police who pursued the Muffin Fiend from Paris to Vienna. He was on the receiving end of W.A. Mozart's classic line, "Oh, be quiet, you poorly informed French policeman!" Charles LeChat is the French transliteration of Charles the Cat, narrator of Young Adults. Pinkwater also had a cat named Charles, to whom a book was dedicated. This feline's death and eventual burial in the Pet Necropolis was also the subject of an NPR radio commentary. Appeared in The Muffin Fiend (1986).|

Lemuria Lost continent. Its wise men predicted many many things which came to pass. AM. |

Lemurian gem Buzzes in the hands of the psychically sensitive. Lights up in the hands of aliens and the like. AM. |

Lenny 1. Bravest Waka-Wakan ever. AM. 2. Main city in Waka-Waka. AM. |

Leon 1. Leon Redbone. DBC. 2. Leon P. Murtwee. DBC. |

Leonard 1. Chicago boy and dedicatee. LM. 2. Leonard Neeble. AM. 3. See Lenny. |

Leonard Prize for Literature Awarded to Pinkwater in 1982 by Steve Leonard, for all his books, especially Lizard Music. SBAD. |

Leonard, Steve Auburn, WA, student who awarded Pinkwater with the prestigious Leonard Prize for Literature. SBAD. |

Levine, Eric Unbelievably smelly Martwist College student. DBC. |

life-style Un-dada word. Fine: $.40. YAN. |

Linkecsno, Evest Giant from Terraxstein. Sort of fat, dresses in white with glasses and a big bushy beard. Steve Nickelson's tripleganger. Third greatest sloppy chef in the universe. SOS. |

Li-Noon Donald's uncle. WM. |

Liszt, Franz His music accompanies the first sale of a Day of Wrath. SOS. |

Little Lulu Comics traded by Donald Chen for a box of crayons WM. |

liver, chopped Of Atlantean origin; useful in the calculation of something or other (see Great Pyramid of Cheops). (AM.) Went mad in New Orleans in the '50's. (FBM.) Used in Klunkie's Pills. FMS. |

liver, cooked The only thing Melvin will eat. AM. |

lizard, flourescent Displayed at the great fair at Blintzni Spamgorod. SOS. |

Lizard Music 1976. By D. Manus Pinkwater. (LM.) Read by Eugene Winkleman. Y. |

Loch Ness Monster Ambrose McFwain left his lens cap on while trying to take its picture. Y. |

Loitokitok Place in Kenya where Dead Flamingo Lake is. AM. |

London Earthworm Society Founded by George Ngawa. Sought to prove earthworm intelligence. Defunct. WK. |

loom What you weave on. GFS. |

Looney Bin Where Uncle Melvin lives. UM. |

lop cheong A Chinese variety of salami. SBBH. |

Lord High Executioner Dada name for the nonexistant Horace Gerstenblut. YAN. DED. |

Los Angeles Mythical city and cartographical error. (WK.) If you tell an Amazon tribe about L. A., they just won't get it. (AM). |

Louise 1. Née Bleistift. Norman's harmles sister; she lives on a communal farm with her husband Ron and their three children. AP. 2. Louise Neeble. AM. |

Lower North Aufzoo Street A nifty undeground street in Baconburg; the underworld, the city beneath the city. SBAD. SBBH.|

Lox, Inc A lox warehouse in Glimville. FBM. |

Lubang Philippine Island hangout of Hiroo Onada. DED. |

Lucille, Aunt Fictional Kevin Shapiro's beloved fictional aunt. Fictionally quarantined forever by the fictional Atomic Energy Commission in chapter 1,015. YAN. |

Lugo Great man, friend to all chickens, and dedicatee. HCE. |

Lugo, Captain Lumpy Assumed name of Captain Bugbeard. NFSP. |

Lunchbox Louie A whistle fixer who lives near Thunderbolt City. WNS. |

Lupin, Dick Flamboyantly homosexual Martwist College student. DBC. |

Luther, Martin A werewolf. SBBH. |

Luxury Flagship Star Cruiser Air Enterprise's rusty prop plane. WK. |

Lycanthropicon A mysical, materializing book on werewolves. SBBH. |