Jack 1. Nafsulian plunderer. AM. 2. Java Jack. JJ. 3. Jack Robinson. JJ. |

jaegerwurst A Bavarian variety of salami. SBBH. |

Jakarta City in Java where Java Jack's plane stops on the way to Maggasang. Java Jakarta, Java Jack...hmmmm. JJ. |

jambo, bwana Hello, mister. WK. |

Japan Their tuna is radiocative, according to Mrs. Galt. SBAD. |

Japanese-English dictionaries Kenkyusha's Japanese-English|

Dictionary (SBBH), Yojimbo's Japanese English Dictionary. AM. |

Japanese Red Army Two dropouts from the Japanese Red Army joined F.I.M. JJ. |

Jarvis, Justin Kevin Shapiro's social worker in some versions of Kevin Shapiro, Boy Orphan, such as chapter 11,600. YAN. |

Java Birthplace of Jack Robinson. JJ. |

Java Jack 1980. By Luqman Keele and Daniel Pinkwater. JJ. |

Java Jack and the Batik Pirate with the Bogeyman Band Wildly popular rock group. JJ. |

Jeans Giant, The A store that was once (and is no longer) in the Grand Mall. SBBH. |

Jeejee, Swami Indian swami. LG. |

Jefferson, Thomas A werewolf. SBBH. |

Jelly Doughnut A year in the Spiegelian calendar. |

jellyfish, astral They prospered in the days of the new great fair at Blintzni Spamgorod. SOS. |

Jerris, Mr Cruel Gym teacher. AM. |

Jesus A classy guy. DBC. |

Jimmy, Brother Author of Your Feet Are Your Head. LG. |

Jingle Bells Song played by the Omega Meter. AM. |

jitterbug Mashed potatoes and meatloaf on Wonder bread with gravy, the specialite de la maison of the Deadly Nightshade Diner--We Never Close. SBBH. |

Jivebone Planet in the Foon-ping-baba galaxy, home to short, green(?) humanoids. NFSP. |

Jiwe, Mr Director of Baboon Safaris Limited. WK. |

Johnson, Lyndon Baines He had a bad cold in 1966. SOS. FMS.|

Jolly Trolley, the Chris Kevin-Keith's retooling of Gus's: We Never Close. FLW. |

Jolly Roger 1. Leader of the dockside dogs of Hoboken. Half Alaskan Husky and half Chinese Chow Chow. Owned by the Kid. Born in Fairbanks. JR. 2. A pirate flag. NFSP. |

Jolly Roger: A Dog of Hoboken 1985. By Daniel M. Pinkwater. JR. |

Jonathan 1. Jonathan Quicksilver. SBBH. 2. Jonathan Harker. W. |

Joplin (Missouri.) Bigger than Neosho. Its courthouse resembles some Indonesian mansions. JJ. |

Jordan, Michael Not a personal friend of Bramwell Wink-Porter. AD. |

Joya, Bapak Budhi Buddhist teacher, longest lived of the five old men who saw the Maggasang treasure. Husband of Ibu, father of Munah, Sultan of Equator. JJ. |

Judaism Feared by Mrs. Macmillan. SBAD. |

Junah Bowie-wielding sailor on The Boogeyman. Learned English from American hippies in Bali. Plays guitar in the Bogeyman band. JJ. |

Juno Dedicatee. SP. |

Jutland Jed Sailor on the Matilda Magoo. JR. |