Pinkwater books by title

This list of titles comes from Aileron's fantastic Daniel Pinkwater web site. Click on a linked title to go to the Emergencyclopedia entry for that book.

Five Novels (1997)
Goose Night (1996)
Wallpaper from Space (1996)
Mush, A Dog From Space (1995)
The Afterlife Diet (1995)
Attila the Pun : A Magic Moscow Story (1994)
Ned Feldman, Space Pirate (1994)
Blue Moose; and Return Of The Moose (1993)
Spaceburger : A Kevin Spoon and Mason Mintz Story (1993)
The Magic Moscow (1993)
Author's Day (1993)
The Phantom Of The Lunch Wagon (1992)
Guys From Space (1992)
Chicago Days / Hoboken Nights (1991)
Wempires (1991)
Aunt Lulu (1991)
Doodle Flute (1991)
Borgel (1990)
Fish Whistle: Commentaries, Uncommontaries and Vulgar Excesses (1989)
Fat Men from Space (1989)
Blue Moose (1989)
Uncle Melvin (1989)
The Frankenbagel Monster (1986)
The Moosepire (1986)
The Muffin Fiend (1986)
Young Adults (1985)
Jolly Roger, A Dog Of Hoboken (1985)
Ducks! (1984)
The SnarkOut Boys and the Baconburg Horror (1984)
Devil In The Drain (1984)
I Was A Second Grade Werewolf (1983)
Slaves of Spiegel : A Magic Moscow Story (1982)
Young Adult Novel (1982)
The SnarkOut Boys and the Avocado Of Death (1982)
Roger's Umbrella (1982)
Tooth-Gnasher Superflash (1981)
The Worms Of Kukulima (1981)
The Wuggie Norple Story (1980)
Java Jack (1980)
Yobgorgle, Mystery Monster of Lake Ontario (1979)
Return of the Moose (1979)
The Last Guru (1978)
Alan Mendelsohn, The Boy From Mars (1979)
Pickle Creature (1979)
SuperPuppy: How to Choose, Raise and Train the Best Possible Dog For You (1977)
Fat Men From Space (1977)
The Blue Thing (1977)
The Big Orange Splot (1977)
The Hoboken Chicken Emergency (1977)
Lizard Music (1976)
Around Fred's Bed (1976)
Three Big Hogs (1975)
Wingman (1975)
Fat Elliot and the Gorilla (1974)
Magic Camera (1974)
Wizard Crystal (1973)
Bear's Picture (1972)
The Terrible Roar (1970)