How you can join the Hoboken Chicken Emergencyclopedia project!

Putting together the Emergencyclopedia is hard work, but it can also be fun. Pinkwater geeks of all stripes are encouraged to get involved. Here are some current tasks that are just waiting for someone to claim them.

Disclaimer: The Hoboken Chicken Emergencyclopedia is a volunteer effort. None of these tasks will pay you anything except the satisfaction of participating.

Submit Definitions. Yes, now you too can add to the Internet's most complete Pinkwater refrence work. Complete instructions can be found here.

Review/Synopsis writer. Right now there are only two books with completed synopses. That's pathetic! The problem is, I have been so busy working on the index section that I have not had time to write any more. If you are interested in contributing little book reports that include a plot synopsis and explanation of how the book fits into the larger Pinkwater universe, this could be the thing for you.

Kevin Shapiro Archivist. I would really like to start an archive of chapters from the classic Kevin Shapiro, Boy Orphan, but I just haven't had the time (again). This would be a fun thing for someone interested in fanfic to seek out KS,BO chapters, and solicit people to write new ones. This idea is open for someone to take on and put together they way they would like to see it happen.

Art Collector. Another idea rattling around in the back of my mind is that it would be fun to use the Emergencyclopedia as a place to exhibit original works inspired by DP's books. These could be pictures, music, writing; whatever could be put into electronic form for the web. Again, this has only a nebulous existence in my mind. It could take whatever shape someone wanted to bring to it.

If these sound good, or if you can think of another kind of contribution you could make, write to me. After all, this thing needs all the help it can get!