TitleYear of first publicationIllustrator
4 Fantastic Novels2001
5 Novels1997
Adventures of a Cat-whiskered Girl2010Calef Brown
Adventures of a Dwergish Girl2020Aaron Renier
Alan Mendelsohn, the Boy from Mars1979
Around Fred’s Bed1976Robert Mertens
At the Hotel Larry1998Jill Pinkwater
Attila the Pun : A Magic Moscow Story1981Daniel Pinkwater
Aunt Lulu1988Daniel Pinkwater
Author’s Day1993Daniel Pinkwater
Bad bear detectives : an Irving & Muktuk story2007Jill Pinkwater
Bad bears and a bunny : an Irving and Muktuk story2006Jill Pinkwater
Bad bears go visiting : an Irving & Muktuk story2000Jill Pinkwater
Bad bears in the big city : an Irving & Muktuk story2005Jill Pinkwater
Bear and Bunny2015Will Hillenbrand
Bear in Love2012Will Hillenbrand
Bear’s Picture1972Daniel Pinkwater
Beautiful Yetta : the Yiddish chicken2010Jill Pinkwater
Beautiful Yetta’s Hannukah Kitten2014Jill Pinkwater
Big Bob and the Halloween Potatoes1999Jill Pinkwater
Big Bob and the Magic Valentine’s Day Potato1999Jill Pinkwater
Big Bob and the Thanksgiving Potatoes2000Jill Pinkwater
Big Bob and the Winter Holiday Potato1999Jill Pinkwater
Blue Moose1975Daniel Pinkwater
Bongo Larry1998Jill Pinkwater
Bushman Lives2013Calef Brown
Chicago Days/Hoboken Nights1991
Comic Cosmic Novel2001
Cone Kong : The Scary Ice Cream Giant2001Jill Pinkwater
Dancing Larry2007Jill Pinkwater
Devil in the Drain1984Daniel Pinkwater
Doodle Flute1991Daniel Pinkwater
Ducks1984Daniel Pinkwater
Fat Camp Commandos2001Andy Rash
Fat Camp Commandos go West2003Andy Rash
Fat Elliot and the Gorilla1974Daniel Pinkwater
Fat Men from Space1977Daniel Pinkwater
Fish Whistle: commentaries, uncommontaries, and vulgar excess1989
Goose Night1997Jill Pinkwater
Guys from Space1989Daniel Pinkwater
His Shoes were Far Too Tight: Poems By Edward Lear2011Calef Brown
Hobokenfish and Chicagowhistle2000
I Am the Dog2010Jack E. Davis
I was a Second Grade Werewolf1983Daniel Pinkwater
Ice Cream Larry2000Jill Pinkwater
Irving and Muktuk : Two Bad Bears2002Jill Pinkwater
Java Jack1980
Jolly Roger, a Dog of Hoboken1985Daniel Pinkwater
Lizard Music1976Daniel Pinkwater
Looking for Bobowicz : a Hoboken Chicken Story2006Jill Pinkwater
Magic Camera1974Daniel Pinkwater
Mrs. Noodlekugel2012Adam Stower
Mrs. Noodlekugel and Drooly the Bear2015Adam Stower
Mrs. Noodlekugel and Four Blind Mice2013Adam Stower
Mush, a Dog from Space1995Daniel Pinkwater
Mush’s Jazz Adventure2004Jill Pinkwater
Ned Feldman, Space Pirate1994Daniel Pinkwater
NORB1991Tony Auth
Once upon a blue moose2007Daniel Pinkwater
Pickle Creature1979Daniel Pinkwater
Rainy Morning2000Jill Pinkwater
Return of the Moose1979Daniel Pinkwater
Roger’s Umbrella1981James Marshall
Second-grade Ape1998Jill Pinkwater
Slaves of Spiegel : a Magic Moscow story1982Daniel Pinkwater
Sleepover Larry2000Jill Pinkwater
Spaceburger : a Kevin Spoon and Mason Mintz Story1993Daniel Pinkwater
Superpuppy : how to choose, raise, and train the best possible dog for you1977
The Afterlife Diet1996
The Artsy Smartsy Club2006Jill Pinkwater
The Big Orange Splot1977Daniel Pinkwater
The Blue Thing1977Daniel Pinkwater
The Education of Robert Nifkin1999
The Frankenbagel Monster1986Daniel Pinkwater
The Hoboken Chicken Emergency1977Daniel Pinkwater
The Last Guru1978Daniel Pinkwater
The Magic Goose1998Jill Pinkwater
The Magic Moscow1980Daniel Pinkwater
The Moosepire1986Daniel Pinkwater
The Muffin Fiend1986Daniel Pinkwater
The Neddiad : how Neddie took the train, went to Hollywood, and saved civiliandion2006Calef Brown
The Phantom of the Lunch Wagon1992Daniel Pinkwater
The Picture of Morty & Ray2006Jack E. Davis
The Snarkout Boys and the Avocado of Death1982
The Snarkout Boys and the Baconburg Horror1984
The Terrible Roar1970Daniel Pinkwater
The Werewolf Club #1: The Magic Pretzel2001Jill Pinkwater
The Werewolf Club #2: The Lunchroom of Doom2001Jill Pinkwater
The Werewolf Club #3: Meets Dorkula2002Jill Pinkwater
The Werewolf Club #4: Meets the Hound of the Basketballs2002Jill Pinkwater
The Werewolf Club #5: Meets Oliver Twit2005Jill Pinkwater
The Worms of Kukumlima1981
The Wuggie Norple Story1980Tomie dePaola
The Yggyssey2008Calef Brown
Three Big Hogs1975Daniel Pinkwater
Tooth-Gnasher Superflash1981Daniel Pinkwater
Uncle Boris in the Yukon, and other shaggy dog stories2003
Uncle Melvin1989Daniel Pinkwater
Vampires of Blinsh2020Aaron Renier
Wallpaper from Space1997Jill Pinkwater
Wempires1991Daniel Pinkwater
Wingman1975Daniel Pinkwater
Wizard Crystal1973Daniel Pinkwater
Wolf Christmas1999Jill Pinkwater
Yo-yo Man2007Jack E. Davis
Yobgorgle, Mystery Monster of Lake Ontario1979Daniel Pinkwater
Young Adult Novel1982Daniel Pinkwater
Young Adults1985Daniel Pinkwater
Young Larry1998Jill Pinkwater