The Werewolf Club #3: Meets Dorkula

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Atheneum Books for Young Readers, 2001


Even a child who is pure of heart
And does his homework neatly
May become a wolf when the wolfbane blooms
And the moon is full completely
Henry Count Dorkula, the geeky new kid, claims to be a vampire. Mr. Talbot, faculty sponsor of the Watson Elementary School Werewolf Club, insists that vampires don't exist (being a werewolf himself, he should know about such things), but the members of the club aren't so sure. Henry seems to have Billy Furball, the most unsanitary member of the club, under some sort of spell. Billy's been following him around, calling him Master. Pretty soon stranger things begin to happen. There are no overripe tomatoes to throw at the annual Festival of San Irvingo. Then Mrs. Mildred Papescu's prize-winning Hubbard squash the size of a Volkswagen disappears. Before you can say papaya, there's a serious fruit and vegetable shortage all over town. You wouldn't think there'd be a connection between a vampire on the loose and a fruit and vegetable crisis, but then, you're not one of the intrepid members of the Watson Elementary School Werewolf Club. They know Henry is at the center of the mystery, and they're going to get some answers -- or else.