Fat Camp Commandos go West

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Scholastic, 2002


In this sequal to Fat Camp Commandos, the fat-camp dropouts are back--ready to raise a ruckus at a western dude ranch!

It's not enough that Ralph and Sylvia Nebula along with their dear friends, Celtic and Mavis Goldfarb have absconded from fat camp. It's not enough that they've perpertrated pranks on the people of Pookooksie. Oh, no! These rapscallions, these anti-social tubs of lard, won't stop there. Now, they are primed to challenge the great traditions of our nation, the very things we have learned as children in dark movie theaters and in front of the TV during the four o'clock John Wayne spaghetti western. Yes, that's right, they're headed to the Great American West.
Don't their parents know better? Apparently not. They're letting loose the same three kids who sacked Camp Noo Yoo as if they were Attila and his Huns.