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Daniel Pinkwater is no dummy

Daniel is appearing on the latest episode of Conversations with My Dummy, hosted by Steve Charney.


A new year’s gift to you!

Happy new year, dear readers and listeners!

A special announcement: you can now download entire audiobooks, in one ZIP file, from the Audio Archive. You’re welcome. Let me know if it’s not working properly.

Happy birthday, Daniel Pinkwater!

It is once again our great honour and pleasure to wish a very happy birthday to Daniel Pinkwater! May the coming year bring to us all health, wealth, happiness, good books, and tasty Chinese food that does not cause intestinal upset!

A special message from Daniel Pinkwaterpinkwater.com/podcast/podcast.php?showid=456

Blast from the Past: Jim Henson & Borgel

Did you know that the Jim Henson Company had a plan to adapt Borgel into a Muppetish production? It’s true, at least according to Muppet Wiki.

More interestingly, there are a series of production paintings made for the project by Wayne White. You can find them here (first 4 out of 19).



“Borgel” Production Painting, Jim Henson Company

Thanks to Jim Windisch from the Daniel Pinkwater Facebook group for finding this!

Happy birthday, Daniel!


New book: “Bear and Bunny”

bear-ad-bunny-cover-2015[1]A new, delightful collaboration between Daniel and illustrator Will Hillenbrand. Published by Candlewick Press and on shelves this December!

Here’s the trailer, and also a nice review of the book.

New: an organized list of NPR appearances!

Our friends at NPR have revamped their website, and now you can access many of Daniel’s old commentaries in one convenient location: http://www.npr.org/people/2101029/daniel-pinkwater.

Today’s #PinkwaterMonth special: Cloud Horse

The glory that has been #PinkwaterMonth winds down with one of my faves: CLOUD HORSE by Jill Pinkwater for .99 cents!





Today’s #PinkwaterMonth special: The Last Guru

How to become an insanely wealthy spiritual leader… kinda. THE LAST GURU is 99¢ #PinkwaterMonth