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New in the Audio Archive: Fish Whistle!

Yes indeed, you’ve been waiting for it, and here it is! You can now get the complete audio version of Fish Whistle, courtesy of a devoted audiophile and fan of Daniel P!

A new year’s gift to you!

Happy new year, dear readers and listeners!

A special announcement: you can now download entire audiobooks, in one ZIP file, from the Audio Archive. You’re welcome. Let me know if it’s not working properly.

Happy birthday, Daniel Pinkwater!

It is once again our great honour and pleasure to wish a very happy birthday to Daniel Pinkwater! May the coming year bring to us all health, wealth, happiness, good books, and tasty Chinese food that does not cause intestinal upset!

The Kurt Vonnegut Story

Two famous authors, only one fashionable necktie.

Two famous authors, only one fashionable necktie.

So, by now, many of you have seen the famous picture and have been clamoring to hear the story behind it. Wait no longer! The full story is on this week’s Pinkwater Podcast. Go and listen and be enlightened.

Superpuppy is back!

Now back in e-print — Superpuppy, Daniel and Jill’s classic guide to raising the perfect pooch for you and your loved ones. Click the cover for more info!



New Jill Pinkwater eBooks!

We are very happy to announce that a brand new selection of Jill Pinkwater’s wonderful novels are now available as eBooks through! Click the covers to purchase or find more information.

Mister Fred

Mister Fred

Buffalo Brenda

Buffalo Brenda

Tails of the Bronx

Tails of the Bronx

The Disappearance of Sister Perfect

The Disappearance of Sister Perfect

What’s new on the Pinkwater Podcast?

downloadWell, for starters, last week we aired a never-before-heard and previously unpublished story by Daniel, called “Kat Hats.” You should listen to it. Also, we’ve started serializing “Adventures of a Cat-Whiskered Girl,” Daniel’s recent novel about Big Audrey, a lovely gal from another plane of existence who just happens to have whiskers.

Alan Mendelsohn added to the Audio Archive

Need I say more? 🙂

Comments on the website

Hi all,

I’ve disabled commenting on all pages other than the Talk to DP Forum. While I originally meant the commenting system to be used for generating discussion amongst readers, it was being used more often for sending messages to Daniel Pinkwater. Just to reiterate, kindly use the Talk to DP Forum if you’d like to send the big cheese a message.


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Classic dog essays – now available for download

You’ve asked for it again — and here it is, the digital version of Canine Commentaries and Malamute Monologues, a compilation of Daniel’s dog-related audio commentaries.



Click here for more info and how to order. All profits go to Perfect Pets Rescue.