Sabine Lambert

August 30, 2019

What happened to Lulu?

    I have just reread with pleasure Uncle Boris in the Yukon, and wondered what happened with Lulu, and what other dogs you have had since 2001.

Daniel replies:

Lulu completed her assignment on this planet after a good long life, never a day of illness, never unhappy for a minute, her time spent with people and animals who loved her. Within a week, we met Kee, who had a rough early life, but spent 10 years with us, and just as good as Lulu's life. Kee finally finished up, and is gone, and we are getting used to Phoebe, also known as Peaches, who is a puppy, and very sweet. We also lost Maxine, a Labrador who was raised from puppyhood by Lulu, and went on to be Kee's best friend. Dogs don't live as long as humans, so if you like them, you're going to know a number of them. We are sad when one goes, but we make sure the time they have is good. Thank you for asking.