Vyxsin Fiala Savage

September 2, 2019

Thank you for being you!….Any chance of some new Compilations?

My little ones are growing up with your books just as I did…..YAY! I started collecting your books when they were just toddlers.  Did you know some of your older books are really hard to find? 🙂  Is there any chance of a compilation of some of the shorter older rarer books in the future?  The way that you put together 5 Novels, Four Hoboken Stories, and 4 Fantastic Novels? 

The stories/artwork on some of the shorter books are/is/were super beautiful (I agonized over how to phrase this and finally gave up…LOL)…Seriously though, it makes me sad that more people won’t have the chance to see them.  Last week we were working on the letter *B* so we read “The Blue Thing”…this week is *C* so we are reading “The Magic *C*amera” and, one of my favorite books of all time..”The Big Orange Splot”  (*C*olor)  Thank you for being so fun and insightful.  The world is a better place because of people like you. 

P.S….I WAS able to find a copy of “Wizard Crystal” but “Terrible Roar” is pretty tricky.  Of course, all of your newer stuff is super rad and I buy it right away so I don’t miss out!  We have a new rescue puppy, so we also enjoy your thoughts about dogs.  Again…thank you! All the best to you and your family.

Daniel replies:

Anything is possible. That is to say, it's possible some publisher will come up with a good idea. Not likely, but possible. Myself, I am just tired of trying to teach them right from wrong, so it would need to be an idea the publisher itself generated. In the past couple of years Dover came out with two bindups of four of my shorter books each...proof it's possible. Meanwhile, isn't it kind of fun to turn up rare copies of this and that? I'm glad you like my stuff, and your kids are reading it too.