Jim Knapp

September 4, 2019

Looking for an NPR piece you did

Hello Daniel, greetings from Seattle.  I’m writing to ask you where I may find your piece you did for NPR, probably in the 1990s, on your thoughts about the lights on your appliances at night.  How you saw and felt about these glowing sentinels in your home while walking in the dark.  I loved it and would like to read or listen to it once again.  I’ve searching endlessly but have come up empty.  If you could point me in the direction I would be forever grateful.  Peace. JK

Daniel replies:

I can't be sure...I did 600 or 700 of those little pieces...so I may have done the one you mention, but I suspect it was some other commentator. Unless you remember it as being particularly good, and brilliantly written, in which case it was mine.