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September 10, 2019

I Do Not Like It Here

Hello Pinkwater,

I miss the Hudson Valley and New York and the East Coast in general. I am in LA….or a little east of LA. I do not like it here. How do I change that? Is there anything I should look for? I am looking for beauty or something weird like that. How do you make the places sound so perfect in your books? I am somewhat young and trying to go to many places. What are the best places in your opinion?

Help is appreciated.



Daniel replies:

I don't know. Have you read my books set in LA? It was a cool place to be a kid. I don't know about now, but what I wrote described the place as I experienced it. On the other hand, if anyone were to move to Poughkeepsie prompted by reading what I wrote about it, they might be disappointed. It's not where you are, but how you are where you are.