August 13, 2019

bushman lives: wow

Dear Daniel,

I just finished Bushman Lives!.  I liked the ending.  That book is dynamite.  The terrible art person way to say it would be the book is “successful”, I think.  I’ve been reading your books since I was small and Lizard Music had  a particular effect on my development.  So it is with great pleasure and joy that I encountered Bushman Lives!.

I am also studying the Diamond Sutra right now, and I have begun to notice that working through a lot of your books as a kid and youth prepared me on a certain level for that kind of study.  Thanks for writing a whole lot of great books that also serve as fine if somewhat abstract volumes of moral and artistic instruction. 



Daniel replies:

I sort of like Bushman Lives myself. Thanks for mentioning it. It didn't receive a lot of attention. The Diamond Sutra was always a little more than I was able to handle. I like the Heart Sutra, the one that goes gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi svaha.