Wendy Wywrot

November 20, 1999

Post #993 – 19991120

hi daniel, i heard your show where you were talking about the delicious baklava in new york made by an iranian man.

well, in seattle there is a place with INCREDIBLE baklava, the best ever – not too sweet, green , and very rich. it is absolutely delicious and a taste sensation (haha)

if you ever come to seattle, you should consider going to the Sahara Restaurant in the U district – it’s on University Way NE in seattle (just 5 or 10 minutes north of downtown) , so check it out !!

now i am not an employee there, i don’t know the owner or anything weird like that. i am just a fellow baklava and pre socratic connoisseur.


wendy 🙂

Daniel replies:

The program you refer to is Chinwag Theater, heard in quite a few places. (Isn't it neat that I have what looks like a career, publications, fans, my own radio program, and all the trimmings, but none of it is planned or terribly profitable, or so big that it stops being fun for me?). I will keep your baklava tip in mind.