November 18, 1999

Post #992 – 19991118

will you pleeeease make a sequel to alan mendelsohn?also, whats your favorite ice cream flavor and cartoon show?


do you like to listen to weird al?

lauren.(yet again!) sorry, but im gonna monopolize the question board til my dying day.

if you like weird al, whats your fave song?

whats your horses name?


ps.once again i have monopolized your question board

pps what breed is your horse?

have you ever danced in a ballet?Im fritz, chinese,

mouse, snow, kid, angel, and several others in a local production of the


lauren.again. whoopee for you. i

laugh at your terror to see that ive asked a question yet again.

Daniel replies:

My favorite ice cream flavor is split pea. My favorite cartoon show is the NBC Evening News. I haven't listened to Weird Al for 20 years since I moved and didn't know what station Dr. Demento was on. Our horse is named Lokkur, he's a 33-year-old Icelandic horse. (Find, and read, Cloud Horse by Jill Pinkwater--a great horse book, maybe the best ever written). I had to leave the ballet...I don't want to talk about it.