Richard Upright

November 16, 1999

Post #989 – 19991116

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

When I was nine and in fourth grade, I was inspired…. no, that’s not quite the right word – I was haunted by your writings. Now, twenty-one years later, I’m a fourth grade teacher who relishes the moment when I can introduce my students to your books so that they may be haunted (I mean inspired) too.

My question is about Lizard Music. In 1976, Victor’s hero was Walter Cronkite. If that story had been written in 1999, who would his modern-day heroes have been? Any thoughts of a revision? I mean they did it with the Bible!


Richard Upright

Daniel replies:

In fact, I am supposed to hand in a sequel to Lizard Music in time for publication in, I guess, spring of 2001. And, no, I have no clue--I thought I did when I accepted the check. Now, no.