Nancy Morrison

November 18, 1999

Post #991 – 19991118

I’ve been in search of a copy of Borgel for 2 years now. No, that’s a lie. I’ve been in search of 5 copies. After passing a library copy around the car to read aloud during a lengthy road trip (a perfect story for this I might add), my 3 daughters, their father and I all fell in head over heels.

Aside from making us laugh so hard we hurt, it has such an incredible way of describing how love can’t be destroyed. Two years ago, I thought I might surprise them all (and myself) for Christmas with copies of this special book, but the surprise was on me. Not only was it out of print, but the few copies that could be found through used book outlets were priced beyond what I could afford.

With this being the case, is there any chance of another edition being printed? We’re not collectors of rare books, merely people who know a good read and don’t want to lose it!

Sincerely heartbroken,

Nancy Morrison

Daniel replies:

4 Fantastic Novels, which will appear in spring 2000 from Simon and Schuster contains Borgel, also Yobgorgle Mystery Monster of Lake Ontario, The Worms of Kukumlima, and The Snarkout Boys and the Baconburg Horror, all for one low price! So there! And the previously out of print Fishwhistle, and Chicago Days Hoboken Nights, retitled Hoboken Fish and Chicago Whistle, is available from Xlibris (order through or ), as is The Afterlife Diet. You may now do a little dance of joy.