Catie McLey

November 14, 1999

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It’s me Catie Mcley. Here are the questions my class and I came up with.

  • How did you get your website?
  • How many sculptures did you make?
  • Which story do you like?
  • Where do you get your characters’ names?
  • Did you like sculpting alot? Why or why not?
  • Have you ever had a caldecott? If so what was the tittle of it.
  • Do you have any children? If so, how many, and how old are they?

    When is your b-day?

  • How many books have you written?
  • How do you get your tittles so they don’t tell too much?
  • Do you have anouther job beside writting?
  • Are you working on anouther book right now? If so what’s the tittle?


Catie Mcley & my classmates

Daniel replies:

Here are the answers, in order:

  • It isn't my website. A fellow named Alieron started it, and Evan runs it now. I like it, don't you?
  • 3I like all stories, except maybe ones by me.
  • I ask them.
  • I liked making sculptures, but people who saw them said I stunk.
  • Yes, I have bought several books that won Caldecotts.
  • No.
  • Nov. 15
  • 80?
  • I spend hours and hours on it.
  • Nope! Just write!
  • Just finished one: The Magic Pretzel. It's about werewolves.