Christel Gause

November 13, 1999

Post #984 – 19991113

I wrote asking for advice about a problem with a cat before. Now I have a different problem with different cats. These cats belong to my landlord. They just came over one day and stayed. Every night just after the lights go out they play this game they made up. It involves a lot of meowing followed by frenzied chasing, is very loud, and can last for hours before they get tired and try to sleep in our bed. As far as I can tell it’s something between Marco Polo and hide and seek. After they finish playing they crawl under my blankets and sniff my feet. I can’t sleep. I never hated cats before. What would you do?

Daniel replies:

I'd consider negotiating for a reduction in rent. By the way, you seem to be quoted on the back cover of 4 Fantastic Novels, forthcoming from Simon and Schuster.