Dawn Barclay

November 21, 1999

Post #994 – 19991121

Being fans of PDQ Bach, Douglas Adams and other smart-ass, sarcastic-type artists, it was no surprise that when my five-year old daughter brought home Ice Cream Larry, we would fall in love with Daniel and Jill Pinkwater’s work!

Your childrens books are a welcome relief from the cloying sweetness of most kids books and yet are endearing in their own right (to smart-ass, sarcastic readers like us :). We look forward to reading more and more and if you are ever a little further south in the Hudson Valley (like Rockland County), we would love to have you read at our school!

Thank you for the laughs!

Dawn Barclay

West Nyack, NY

Daniel replies:

I must take exception. I am not a smart-ass sarcastic artist. I am a sweet and engaging artist. I am a smart-ass sarcastic person.