Ben the librarian

November 16, 1999

Post #988 – 19991116

Oh Great One Oh Handsome One Oh Captain My Captain:

I am located at

I love your books you are indeed the one and by the way I found a Ribbon on a site (the address eludes me i shall send later)

it is indeed the Pinkwater Author of the Millennium Award it is quite nice

Yours in good health (which mine is decidedly not at the moment)

Ben The Librarian also known as Son of George

this is the address of the pinkwater ribbon i found it says it was placed there by captain shep nesterman



thought youd injoy this My Good sir

yours sincerely,

Ben the Librarian

PS I found it listed under the category free speech

Daniel replies:

I wear my adornments on my soul. Honors mean nothing to me, (except maybe the large gold-painted pot-metal medal with a bas-relief of some guy wearing goggles I was given by Bard College in May of 1999. I like this one because it is quite large, and you can wear it around your neck like Reverend Al Sharpton, and it might protect you from an assassin's bullet. Your father has a similar one, only his is first-class, and came with a certificate entitling him to a salami sandwich and a glass of beer).