Lydia Miliokas

October 17, 1999

Post #958 – 19991017

Mr. Pinkwater: Help!! I have a project to do for school and I need to know these things about you right away: 1. How long did it take you to write the Hoboken Chicken Emergency?? and 1. How would you describe yourself (2 things)?? I loved the book, by the way. I am in Grade 4 and we are studying it at school. We even get to dress up like


Thanks, Lydia Miliokas, age 9

Daniel replies:

I think it took about two weeks to write the Hoboken Chicken Emergency, (but that includes eating, sleeping, going to the bathroom, taking walks, and buying three pair of socks in Gimbel's Department Store in New York City). Two things about me that you might like to know are: I am fat. I am adorable. Do you dress like chickens every day? What do chickens wear in your community?

P.S. There is a new edition of The Hoboken Chicken Emergency just published by Simon and Schuster. It has brand-new illustrations by Jill!