October 19, 1999

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O Mighty Pinkwater!

It seems a shame to ask such a banal question in this forum, but I couldn’t find anywhere else on the website that seemed more appropriate.

I’ve heard rumors of a sequel to Young Adult Novel. Sources variously give the titles Young Adult Sequel, and Young Adults. Neither, however, is listed in the pretty-darn-comprehensive bibliography here at T(so)ODPW. Does such a book exist? What’s it called? Is it in print? Why not?

This anecdote might interest you: At at retreat with some friends last weekend, I was in a room with about 20 people doing about 30 different noisy things on Saturday night. I started reading YAN to my girlfriend. By the end of the book, five people had taken turns reading alout, and the entire room was gathered listening to the story. For the next day, people were passing around the book, reading the chapters they had missed at the beginning.



P.S. I read your interview in Fat?So! In it, you use the word “dysfunctional.

You owe me ten cents.

Daniel replies:

In reverse order:

Things in interviews are the responsibility of the interviewer/editor. I know. I've been interviewed plenty. Assume 50% of what's there is wrong. So I can deny saying dysfunctional. Ha.

So, 20 people had a pleasurable reading experience, and one book was sold. Unless you got it from the library. This is why I have to take icky gigs, and write stuff for adults.

YOUNG ADULT NOVEL, original stand-alone children's book. Then a trade paperback, (Tor books), called YOUNG ADULTS, containing the original YAN, DEAD-END DADA, and THE DADA BOYS IN COLLITCH, plus Macintosh cartoons, and an afterword by Ken Kelman. Next, also from Tor, a mass-market paperback of YOUNG ADULTS, more or less the same, but smaller with the afterword left out. All out of print except the text of YAN included in 5 NOVELS from Farrar Straus and Gruesome.

P. S. T(so)ODPW ?