Bob Schultz

October 8, 1999

Post #949 – 19991008

Mr. Pinkwater,

My time on this Earth would not have been half as satisfying without the likes of Yobgorgle, the Last Guru, Lizard Music, and so on.

The Pinkwater Chronicles meant one hell of a lot to a certain fat, weird 10 year old from upstate New York. Why, without the influence of your stories, I might not have grown up to be the fat, weird 29 year old I am today.

Please quote me on your new book jacket.

Bob Schultz

Stephentown, NY

Daniel replies:

You have the same chance as everybody else to get quoted on the outside of ""4"" my excitingly-titled next collection of old stuff. Actually, that's not have a better chance than someone who hates my work. A slightly better chance. It's all up to Simon and Schuster.