Norm Hankoff

October 7, 1999

Post #945 – 19991007

D.P. –

I happened to surf into a brief synopsis of a piece you did on 8/1/95 for NPR concerning housekeeping. It included the virtues of over-the-sink-dining. Apparently, you would therefore be of the Sinkie persuasion. Given that assumption, at this time, we’re contacting certain Internet web sites to inquire as to promotional opportunities. Would you be interested in displaying a link to our site if we were to display a link to yours?

Thank you for your consideration.

Norm Hankoff, Founder

The International Association of People Who Dine Over the Kitchen Sink

* IN

Daniel replies:

It's not my website to link or not-link. However, I do not eat over the sink. Such a practice is depressing and may be unhealthy. Food should be enjoyed while sitting, and in pleasant surroundings, nice tableware, convivial companions, maybe some music. Like many another, you confuse a literary device with my own taste. I decry your sinkiness. Why bother to have a civilization if people are going to do that? I could say more, but I do not wish to disgust the decent people who come here.