Cyndi Donelson

October 9, 1999

Post #950 – 19991009


I am a fourth grade teacher in Ceres, CA and one of my students wrote Mr. Pinkwater a letter. I sent it to the publisher (NAL Penguin Inc.), but it was returned. May I get an updated address so I can resend her letter?

Daniel replies:

Publishers are traditionally awful when it comes to sending along author mail, sending it without first opening it, sending it in a timely manner, and sending it with return address intact. One is usually about as bad as another in my experience--but, since I'm currently doing a lot of business with them, you may as well send me mail in care of:

Please Forward to Author
Daniel Pinkwater
Simon and Schuster, Children's Books
1230 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10020

Once I get mail, I try to answer it promptly--but there are times when I get swamped, and things lag. Best way to get a fast answer is right here--this forum. (You can also request that our friend Evan forward it without posting, if you so desire).