Jeffrey Allyn

October 8, 1999

Post #948 – 19991008

Mr. Pinkwater,

So, I’ve been in the habit of calling my local Barnes and Noble every couple of months to find out what books you have available and if you have any books that are about to be published. The bookseller who answered the phone told me you have a book coming out titled, “I Snarked With A Zombie.”

I did a little dance of joy! A new Pinkwater book with “Snark” in the title! I was thrilled! Until she told me the expected publication date…It started off fine when the girl said, “December First.” Then she paused, and added, “Sir, the date the computer has is 12/1/2024.”

I almost dropped the phone. As an avid fan of anything Snark, my hopes had been pulsing through my veins and I experienced a rush I hadn’t felt since the 1980’s. But do we really have to wait 25 years? Am I doomed to be bothering my local bookstore every couple of weeks for the next 25 years, watching the days and months tick by? 25 years is a long time… But, heck, I’ll be along for the ride… Maybe I’ll get to read “I Snarked With A Zombie” to my grandchildren. Or, by then, maybe they will have to read it to ME!

Waiting for 12/1/2024,

Jeffrey Allyn

Phoenix, AZ

Daniel replies:

That's a mistake. The pub date is 2041. It's to be a centennial book. I can hardly wait to read it myself.